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Bedini & The Lockridge Device

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    Not heard anything from mbrownn in long also. But I'm not on this or the other forum hardly anymore.

    Here in South Carolina they just closed all nonessential businesses. We thought we would close too. But we sell something that people need and we're still working.
    If we had shut down , I was thinking to revisit the ole shop and stay out of the wife's hair.

    But all is well here and want this thing over with and gone.


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      Good to hear from you again. Keep safe down there. If and when you start working on the motor project again contact me. Thanks Hiwater.


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        Thanks Hiwater,
        I will contact you. After this crisis (whatever it is) I may start really small or go back to full scale motor/generator size.

        I still can't understand if the coil and capacitor are the stored power source, or just the capacitor. One idea was that shorting a high voltage charged multifilar coil into the capacitor would build up enough stored energy to keep the motor running.

        Any who. I've tried many many different setups with plain coils and multifilar coils. Capacitors of many variations.
        The list is long.

        Like we may have said at one time, maybe we are looking at this unit the wrong way. It may be very simple.

        Take care be safe.


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          That's the same place I am hung up on. If you look at what this device was. It was a 6 volt generator doing what was designed to do light 2 6 volt head lamps in parallel.
          With enough amperage left over to run a small heater. (your car heater) In my opinion the one generator coil works on reactive power. But then there very little magnetic field
          or none at all. For the tri coil to work as has been described here and else where. So either one wire from the tri coil has to act as the primary or the tri coil uses the case as the iron core like a transformer does.
          If one wire is the primary it needs to connect to the in put wire to the motor section. This would give a magnetic field on the tri coil or connected to A coil.(generator coil)

          But to me A coil is all reactive power. The tri coil I think needs to act like a step up transformer big enough to charge the capacitor up then switched to the motor side, 60 times a second. for it to run like it supposed to. Still all in the experimental stages trying to figure it out. That all for now chores to do.


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            My original coil was a trifilar coil like Bedini described in the video. I built a Plexiglas spool big enough to fit my 12 volt 1955 generator. Wrapped the coil around the spool and wrapped a large capacitor on top of the coil. I used aluminum foil with was paper in between the positive and negative sheets. There wasn't any reaction between the cap and coil. Which was my first thought that was totally wrong.
            ​​​​Then the LC tank idea. Way above my pay grade. Could not get residence of the coil to the cap.
            I did try several different transformer ideas because I thought the casing of the generator acted as a core for the transformer. But that was difficult to do and little results.

            Even tried my generator as an amplidyne that was invented before WW2 by Ernst Alexanderson ( Google) . I was amazed at the power output that I got. The coils were primed with a 9 volt battery!! But the gen had to be turned by a belt pulley setup.

            It's amazing I'm recalling all this that was over two years ago.

            Take care.


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              Hello to All,
              As most know here in South Carolina we had major tornado damage hit us Monday 3:20 ish am. We are ok, but some didn't do so well. Got power back Wednesday night. So it has been a challenge for many in this area. Thanks to time / interest in alternative energy our home had some solar power until utility was restored.

              Dave Turion was generous to give me a disk with 2" magnets on both sides. Plus I still have plywood pieces and electronics from the 3BGS generator
              ​​​ project which was disassembled.
              After much thought and mostly just guessing, I'm thinking to build this as a Bedini ssg but bigger. My thought is that the SSG is what the Lockridge device is but without the means to power itself. The 2" flat disk magnets are super strong and may cause problems . I did build a terrible version of the ssg with ceramic mags that worked very good. So there will be adjustments.

              If this setup will motor and generate like the SSG, then I'll try to understand the capacitor/coil configuration in the Lockridge device. As this has been a great mystery to my understanding.

              If you've advice please present it with a demonstration of your own build with instructions. Please be kind.

              This is only a hobby and will get limited time from me. Yes my shop is still standing through that huge storm.
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