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Multiple Trigger Coils & Transistors

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  • Multiple Trigger Coils & Transistors

    Has anyone experimented with running numerous trigger coils with no hall/opto???? Did it require specific geometric angles to get the timing right?

    Has anyone ever had too many energizer coils to where the base of each transistor wasn't getting 0.7V or whatever base voltage needed for your set up to trigger?

    Has anyone stacked transistors in parallel (one on top of the other) to ease up on the energizer coil transistors and allow them to work less hard? Any gains?

    Any input on the above situations would be immensely appreciated!

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    If you parallel the coils for an ssg you get better performance when the wheel is very large. More powerful neos over each coil allows for better running because the transistors run cold. I never used any trigger resistance.


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      I run all my boards in parallel putting the outputs onto a single battery load.
      The boards run from the same power source.
      The triggers are parallel also.
      If necessary I also employ capacitors across the inputs and outputs.
      This helps with stability.