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Anybody tried to loop SSG

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  • Anybody tried to loop SSG

    Hi All,

    Anybody tried to loop SSG ? One battery is charging one or many others with cold electricity, right ? After a while why not replace batteries battery by relay and uController. So the source battery and charging battery could be automaticly reverse and system should be running from it's own.

    Is it possible ? Somebody already tried that ? If not somebody know why ? Can we use cold electricity battery for supplying bedini motor and charging others battery ?

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    I found my answer:

    Bedini - You CANNOT, use a radiant charged battery in the SG circuit as the primary.
    For those interested in the question "Can a radiantly charged battery be used as the primary in the SG circuit?"

    Here is John himself stating that "No, you cannot use a radiantly charged battery as the primary in the SG circuit."

    John Bedini - You cannot use a radiant charged battery in the SG circuit as the primary. - YouTube

    Video is private, for Forum members only. Video is from Energy from the Vacuum Volume 6 INSIDE RADIANT ENERGY
    with John Bedini. This DVD is available at DVD List

    Thanks to Tom C. for his hard, tireless work on the Forum.


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      You didnt quote it complete.
      Bedini - You CANNOT, use a radiant charged battery in the SG circuit as the primary.....after a rest period..
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        guys currently i am conditioning my two new 33ah battery for my battery swapper to run the ssg. how long is the rest period before using the charged battery?
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          Hello, just use a capacitor that you charge and switch instead of batteries.
          If your goal is to oscillate back and forth between input/output then use large farad caps and watch how they become conditioned by radiant energy pulses.
          Over time they become more efficient.
          Use both caps as outputs since you have battery swappers.


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            Will it work?

            I wonder if this circuit will work?
            I suspect BroMikey can wholeheartedly
            without a doubt say either yes or no.
            I wait for anyone else to positively post yes or no.

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