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    need trigger wire

    Originally posted by ET-Power View Post
    I have been into this for over a decade but only recently getting into the electronics and building systems myself...

    Am I CORRECT with the belief that the hall sensor, opto isolator, and/or reed switch ARE NOT NECESSARY as long as there are transistors for the energizer coils?

    Is some additional switching (opto/hall/reed) beyond the transistor required, or does it only add greater efficiency with more accurate timing/switching?

    Hoping to start out with just transistors and no additional switching.

    You are correct as long as there is a TRIGGER wire on the coil that triggers the transistor.
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      Thank You!

      Originally posted by Aaron View Post
      You are correct as long as there is a TRIGGER wire on the coil that triggers the transistor.
      Thank you Aaron!

      1) When running magnets N - S - N - S (alternating), does anything special need to be done with the coil configuration? For example, do the coils need to be opposite poles to continue switching properly (as in the all N motor/generator)? Or no changes are needed when producing AC from an SG circuit and motor/generator... everything is the same?

      2) Has anyone on here ever tried multiple trigger coils on a multi coil system? Is there an increase in switching time and overall efficiency? I would think that is a possibility.

      I am about to experiment with the multiple trigger coils;
      + stacking transistors in parallel to ease up on the current running though them and hope they switch at a greater efficiency with higher gains;
      + adding a PNP (MJL21193) to the NPN (MJL21194) and try multiplying out the circuit to see greater gains (I intuited this concept, but looked online and found out it's called a "sziklai pair"...

      Anyone experimented and care to share any comments on the above?


      P.S. I'll finally be buying the complete Bedini Trilogy! ! ! YAY! ! ! God Bless His Soul & His Family!
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        Confusing drawing

        The schematic is not really helpful to me because it is not WITH the rest of the ssg circuit.
        What are the values of the items?
        Diode no value
        Coil wire sizes
        Capacitor values, not backs faced away from the camera.
        Please, just post more.