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Thomas Joseph Brown Arrested for Tax Evasion in New Zealand?

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  • Thomas Joseph Brown Arrested for Tax Evasion in New Zealand?

    Thomas Joseph Brown arrested in New Zealand for tax evasion...

    Looks like a trial may be pushed to November. Some people that knew Tom Brown said that getting away from the IRS is why he left to New Zealand to begin with. He was a serious drug runner in Chicago quite a while back - cocaine, you name it. I'm not sure if that was before or after Borderland though. That is the story many of you have never heard.

    Also, In the Matter of the bankruptcy of Thomas Joseph Brown | Matters of Trust looks like he filed bankruptcy at some point and tried to also pull some sovereign citizen business, again, playing lawyer that always gets him in trouble. No matter how valid common law is and should be the law of the land(s), he gets himself in trouble because of it and others.

    "The unreported decision of Associate Judge Doogue in the Matter of the bankruptcy of Thomas Joseph Brown (CIV-2010-404-3740), which was delivered on 19 December 2011, confirms that a natural person trustee is not a separate entity to that person in his or her “personal capacity”."

    Thomas Joseph Brown's wife killed herself because she couldn't take it anymore. Supposedly the New Zealand tax department came after them so hard over an alleged bogus tax debt. Maybe that is true that it is bogus, but why would Tom Brown want to be the receiver of some trust that was started by someone (Donald Morris Rea) that got busted for defrauding investors? Look it up.

    This is why Thomas Joseph Brown goes ballistic every time someone mentions his wife. Perhaps he feels responsible for getting his wife caught up in what looks like some financial scams.

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    Donald Morris Rea

    Just found this old newspaper article.
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      Where did the purchase money for Camp David go?

      $25,000 deposited into that trust by Thomas Joseph Brown?

      Originally posted by t-rex View Post
      (I) There seems to be considerable confusion regarding the Alexanderson Network as a high frequency antenna for radio communications. I constructed the first version of such a network at the “Camp David” Installation on 450 Overlook, Bolinas, CA. This was done from 1990 to 1994. This installation was obliterated by the County of Marin as a service to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Pictures of the Alexanderson network, or array, can be found in the “Barbera Boxer Report” by E.P. Dollard. Camp David, named after its owner David Franklin, was conceived as a civil defense facility for the Town of Bolinas.
      EDIT: There is a claim that Tom Brown pocketed money that was due to David Franklin's family - the man whose family owned the property where the "Camp David Antenna" was located.

      Eric stated that there was money from a Mexican industrialist but he said that money went to where it was supposed to go.

      The other issue however is a different story. I'm going to get more of the details when I can but it seems the property went up for sale or something happened and Tom Brown convinced David Franklin's family to put the property in his name so he can "take care of everything." Famous last words.

      Seems that Tom Brown was practicing his common law ordeal in court over the whole matter and this didn't help anything. Tom Brown had scared David Franklin's family so bad that they never wanted to speak to him again - he really freaked them out. Eventually, someone did put up $50k or it might have been $25k to purchase the property and sent it to Tom Brown. Tom Brown sent this by mail to David Franklin and it was returned to sender because nobody wanted to talk to Tom Brown because of everything he had done (the taking care of everything). I heard Tom Brown did honestly try to give this money to David, but when it was returned, David Franklin didn't know what was being sent to him.

      Thomas Joseph Brown got fed up and literally pocketed this money as the story goes! And this is the truth. He felt that it was owed to him for "all that he had done". When Tom did this, a lot of people cut him off and didn't want anything to do with him including old Borderland people and others. This looks like the source of the money that Tom Brown squandered and then escaped to New Zealand where he has since remained. Is the IRS here in the states looking for Tom Brown? I don't know, but interesting that this is all coming up and there is a high probability that this $25k mentioned in the newspaper article was the $25k (in whole or part of $50k??) that he pocketed, which belonged to the Franklin family!!!


      And as birds of a feather flock together - Thomas Joseph Brown became good little bosom buddies - Techz (Ray Azab Youssef aka Ray Savant aka Mohamed Youssef) owes the IRS over $50k!

      $57,321.08 to be exact...

      Mohamed Youssef Aether Force 4 - Funny Videos at Videobash

      Name: RAY SAVANT *
      Date: To Current Date
      Party Type: All Parties
      Borough/County: All Boroughs/Counties
      Document Class: All Document Classes
      DOCUMENT ID: 2012072501192007 CRFN: 2012000306817 COLLATERAL: N/A
      DOC. DATE: 7/19/2012 RECORDED / FILED: 8/3/2012 10:31:16 AM SLID #: 882504212
      MESSAGE: N/A

      PARTY 1
      1776 BROADWAY FL 8

      NEW YORK




      PARTY 2
      135 HIGH STREET, STOP 155




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      Aaron Murakami

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        Thomas Joseph Brown

        Tom Brown wants to comment here, but I will not approve another membership because of the trouble he caused here before. I told him he can email me his rebuttal and post it - I will post the rest of the emails to document the delusional state of mind that he is suffering from.


        Mr Murikami,

        I couldn't help but notice that you have posted some incredible lies, slander and distortions about myself and my family on your energetic forum. This is actually a criminal act on your part and must be remedied immediately.
 (BTW I was never arrested for tax evasion. The article you posted and misquoted was scanned and put online by myself, I have nothing to hide.)

        To be kind I'll suggest that perhaps you have been misled by veteran liar and slanderer Eric Dollard and got all overexcited like you tend to do.

        It is only fair and honorable that you either take that material down immediately or allow me to respond therein. I have signed up in my name on your energetic forum but have yet to be approved. I hope you are not censoring me (like you have in the past) so that you can broadcast false information for some unfathomable reasons known only to yourself.

        Please show you are capable of acting in honor at least some of the time and either take all that slanderous material down immediately or allow me to respond so that readers may know the facts of the matter rather than insane distortions and falsehoods made up by yourself and the mentally unstable Dollard. What good is free energy research promoted with dishonor?

        I'm not sure what you think you are getting out of this, but I know for a fact that people are turning away from your projects because you are wasting vast amounts of your time on malicious ad hominems everyone knows to be false. There is a world outside your head. People think you are losing the plot, and it certainly appears that way. Here's a chance to prove them wrong and do the right thing for a change.

        You've done some excellent work getting energy information out over the years, I once had respect for you. Why are you destroying yourself with this madness? There is space to heal.

        You have a link on your pages "SIGN THE PETITION TO HELP DEFEAT TYRANNY!" so I trust that you will not continue to act in a tyrannical manner towards me in this matter, or the irony might be too much to bear

        Thank you.

        Tom Brown
        Aaron Murakami

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          response to Thomas Joseph Brown 1

          Here is my response filled with FACTS, documented evidence on links in archives, etc... emails he sent, etc... many items that he is incapable of dealing with..




          Tom, you don't have the courage to watch the second one and admit what is in it. I see you griped about pornography in some youtube post, but your buddy techscumbie is a cartoon pornographer showing a girl from his highschool getting raped...same girl on his motorcycle, but he drew up all the comic books...raped by large Muslims... and one is reading the Quran while the other one rapes her. PROOF - WARNING CONTAINS TECHZOMBIE'S PORN: Ray Savant Techzombie's Porn - Album on Imgur

          @All, Tom Brown's buddy Techzombie (Ray Savant aka Rayam Azab Youssef aka Mohamed Youssef) of Aether FARCE is not only a pathological liar, but is a psychopath, avid racist and a pornographer. Tom Brown knows all of this, gripes about porn in youtube comments, but hides the fact that his own buddy is a pornographer. Hypocrite?

          Art by Techzombie: 2 pictures of Roxy on there.

          Motorcycle Info Pages - Featured R1200GS's > Crazy Pink R1200GSA

          "This is my R1200GS Adventure, she has many names. 'Roxy' when she is bad, the moniker I gave to a character I created and now serves as the female representation of the bike. 'Noones' when she is a good girl, the dominant nickname of our deceased mutt Heidi, who we loved very much." Ray Savant (Techzombie)

          Post below is Maldoror - another one of Ray Savant's (Techzombie / Mohamed Youssef) nicknames...

          Moderator Group

          Joined: 04 May 2006
          Location: United States
          Online Status: Offline
          Posts: 153
          Topic: Comment on Page 21
          Posted: 06 Jun 2006 at 12:16pm Page 21 - Quran This is where we learn just how hardcore a muslim Mac really is. This scene might be highly offensive to some people, especially muslims. Mac angry at Ras's request to have vaginal intercourse with Roxy seeks to paint a clear picture for Ras of the war they are in and that their struggle to maintain their identities and purity through this war is paramount. He does this by first having Roxy tell Ras how her parents, rich whites view blacks and muslims. Her answers while true still infuriate Mac and he takes out his frustration on her ass hole, busting deep into her until she screams in intense pain.
          Ras still confused asks what the still severe racial inequality of the USA has to do with him wanting to **** her. Mac makes it all clear. First by quoting from the Holy Book of Islam, the Quran. The quote he reads speaks of how Muslims must fight for their purity and not associate with the infidels. Mac makes it clear that he views vaginal intercourse as an equal association with the infidels but anal as "OK" His reasoning is that children cannot be made via this method and we can glean that because of the demeaning nature of it to the receiver it further purifies the action of anal intercourse.
          He makes very clear that to mingle with "the enemy" as one of them in anyway is to lose your identity and Ras's statement that he is not Muslims affirms this. Mac makes sure to remind him of his Muslim name and that him being black and Muslim makes him the worst thing for white america. He then asks him to make his choice ala the Matrix Movies.
          The real Mac did indeed share this view and bragged that he never had vaginal sex with a white woman after he became muslim, instead going straight to oral and anal sex. He was very proud of this and especially proud of how he conditioned Roxy to like this kind of sex. Notice that she cums as he stuffs his cock completely into her guts. He did this to her many times and she grew to crave it immensely. So much so that she was most well known for her love of anal sex. It is a little known thing that among blacks anal sex is seen as more accepted than among whites. Roxy clearly adopted this social mandate and he bragged that everyone of his friends hit her ass and that he made sure all his muslim associates adopted his creed with his white girls. Reality can be stranger than fiction.

          The master of controversey


          1. I removed Mohamed Youssef (Techz of Aether Force) because he is a self-proclaimed Jew Fighter, claims that Adolf Hitler is the greatest man of the last century, etc... PROOF - in the 2nd zip file, but from how you acted so far, I don't think you have the courage or integrity to look at it unbiased. That is who you have been supporting! You've done nothing but make excuses for his pink motorcycle with porn that actually represents an underaged girl from his highschool that was raped and sodomized "willfully".... and you haven't seen anything yet. That 2nd zip in that link shows supporting documents, etc... that your buddy Mohamed is the most prolific Adolf Hitler loving Jew hater that you have ever seen in your life but you proudly befriend him with your arm around his shoulder as you both slander all of us. And Michael Theroux did an interview with that piece of gutter trash. WOW

          2. I removed Sterling Allan because he is a pedophile - a self-proclaimed one at that who claims he is the Heavenly Father in the Flesh. until 5:00 - look around the net, Sterling exposed himself on Peswiki admitting he may be serving time in jail because of molesting a lot of little girls. And it was all his part in fulfilling his role as the Heavenly Father in the Flesh.

          3. I'll leave Michael Theroux because I do know who he is and at the moment don't have a reason to dislike or distrust him and he knows all of you. Evidently, you have been lying about me to him and everything else and Michael doesn't actually know what kind of lies you have been spreading and games you're playing. I saw he did an interview with Techscum, but doesn't know who he really is. Everyone that associates with that piece of gutter trash will regret it later.

          6. I'll leave Peter's email in - he is the only one who had the decency out of all of this not to say anything bad about anyone even though it was YOU that spoke quite a few defamatory statements against him throughout all of this. This is just keeping him in the loop, but I'd actually rather not bother him with this garbage because he is too busy actually being productive with his life and not trying to start a battle with everyone that comes along.
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          Aaron Murakami

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            response to Thomas Joseph Brown 2

            Tom Brown, you are completely complacent in the lies by Mohamed the psychopath. Claims Eric ran off with $136k of everyone's money, etc... and you sit there and allow that garbage to continue. Why? Because it attacks Eric who you like to attack even if what Techscum says about him is a lie. As long as someone is getting attacked that you don't like, you stand by and let the lies roll on. How holy of you. Wittekind was paid almost $50k recently by Eric Dollard to help pay off the bldg and they are officially purchasing it from him - already been thru the title company run around, etc... yet you still associate with Techscum, you're little pathologically lying pornographer buddy.

            Tattle telling should have ended in early elementary school, Tom... you're whining is getting old.

            Emailing Jerry Decker, the revolution-green gang, Gary Hendershot...if any of them have any integrity whatsoever, they'll look at the facts - if they're interested in the truth and not your whining. Gary's defense of Techscum included how good Hitler was at financing, etc... but he has never seen that Who is Wad video. for your convenience, the most prolific Jew basher I have ever seen... claims he is a level 98 Jew Fighter and Arch Aether Mage! LOL and Techscum claims Hitler is a Level 99 Arch Wizard or some crap.

            You have a bad sense of character, period... pedophiles, racist psychopaths, pornographers, etc... and so does anyone else that associates with those people. It has already been admitted by Sterling and others that quite a few of his associates have known he has been molesting little girls for a while now and none of them spoke up! WOW - all of that is TRUE so is not slander/libel or any form of defamation whatsoever. If you think you have anything to say in their defense, you have been warned.

            First of all Tom, you actually don't know the law as well as you think you do. Libel (written is not slander) is a CIVIL matter if it is indeed libel so don't quote this "Criminal Act" nonsense to me claiming remedies are due when you don't even know the difference with such elementary distinctions. You will receive NO remedy because you have NO valid claim. Unless you go to court and a judge finds in your favor, you get no remedy - and any court will laugh at you and turn you down if you don't even know how to communicate a VALID cease and desist first to show that you have tried to solve it amicably outside of the courtroom. You don't seem capable of doing that as is evidence by your little tirades here that you are emailing to everyone. All I have to do is show any judge the facts that you are the one who initiated a slander campaign against me in my forum, but it wouldn't make it that far for obvious reasons. You are acting as an intellectual diode where all you do is claim I'm doing something against you but no possibility of you doing me wrong inside of your mind. I would expect that from a scumbag like Mohamed, but you? It is a disappointment to many people - more than you know. You haven't even shown the ability to fess up to your own misdoings with your own defamatory tirades against me, which were completely unjustified.

            What are the FACTS? You sent me private messages demanding that I remove some of Eric's posts but you never even told me who you were, where the posts were at, etc... any anonymous message like that will not be acted upon because I get them all the time from people who are too insecure to sign their real name. Had you told me who you were, I would have asked David Webster who was posting for Eric at that time to edit the posts...not because it is you Tom Brown, but because it would have been someone who was interested in actually communicated with me person to person instead of hiding behind some pseudonym that nobody has heard of. You claimed I knew what the posts were because I followed all of it, but you are WRONG. Why? At the time, I didn't understand any of Eric's work because the Four Quadrant paper from Borderland, etc. that I read - I didn't understand it so in my mind, I wouldn't understand what Eric was trying to teach so I NEVER read his thread back then. I wouldn't have understood it and with the amount of content in my forum, there is no way I can keep up on it all. I focused mostly on my own work, experiments, open sourcing what I could, etc... Eric happened to choose my forum as the place where he wanted to post his work and I was thrilled because so many people like Peter and you, etc... all spoke highly of his work.

            You accused me of all kinds of things, called me names, posted libelous accusations against me, etc... and you wonder why you were banned from posting any more? You are complaining about someone else doing what you in fact were doing yourself to me! What is that kind of person called?

            Here is the string of emails you sent me:
            We can see who has a level head and sees things as they are and how you are twisting and contorting the facts to meet whatever distorted illusion you are choosing to suffer from.

            You admitted, "I thought I had actually signed that message, so I forgot."

            So the whole time that you were getting outraged that I didn't just bend over backwards and start deleting Eric's posts at the snap of your finger, you had it made up in your mind that you had signed the message and that I knew it was you! You admitted that you thought you signed the message. But instead of acting with integrity and apologizing to me for overreacting, calling me names, posting defamatory messages in the forum against me, etc... you simply claim I have an answer for everything.

            Thought you still would have checked. You have an answer for everything to avoid responsibility, don't you."

            Here is where the inconsistency comes in... and reveals the mind of a liar... If you thought you signed the message, then in your mind you would have been speaking from the frame of reference that I knew who you were.

            However.... "Thought you still would have checked." - Ummmmm.... You thought I STILL WOULD HAVE CHECKED??? Explain how you STILL thought I would have checked IF you thought I knew it was you... there is no STILL too it because to STILL thought I would have checked means that you knew at the time that you would have believed I actually didn't know who you were. You are essentially stating that SIMULTANEOUSLY you thought you signed it and thought I knew it was you yet knowing that I didn't know it was you, you thought I would STILL check? LOL - that is beyond ludicrous and shows your intrinsic disingenuous nature. You have demonstrated yourself to be someone that does not operate with integrity even though to the public you try to act like some warrior for truth, but you can't even get your lies straight that you post about me. You are suffering from some serious cognitive dissonance - all stirred up for some reason. You thought you signed it therefore thought I knew it was you, yet you somehow STILL thought I would check meaning at that time you realized I didn't know it was you? Which one is it Tom? You are suffering from the same inability to maintain continuity of thought in the same way that the pathological liar Techscum suffers.

            Aaron Murakami

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              reponse to Thomas Joseph Brown 3

              His cause for lack of continuity is that he is nothing more than a reptilian brain with 2 legs. He only wants to eat something to satisfy his hunger no matter what and will do and say anything to make that happen - even though his entire string of lies has no consistency - so he has to pile one more lie on top of another and another and another. You are doing the same thing but what you are doing presents a LITE version of what he is doing.

              I am not misled by Eric and I will do my own thinking. If you're able to comprehend what is in that post, I stated that I don't see a reason to believe you embezzled any money from the Mexican. I talked to Eric about that recently and he even said that he believes that money went to where it was supposed to go - so if I edit anything in my own post, I will change it so that Eric actually isn't claiming you embezzled money from the Mexican. The issue is with Franklin's money as far as I can gather.

              You have not acted fair and honorable in anything so far Tom. You slandered me as indicated above without reason - just because I didn't jump when you said jump to delete messages when the requests came from an anonymous user. You have spread lies about me through Facebook, Techscum's website, etc... if you want to be fair and honorable, try cleaning up your own garbage first before approaching me about something you don't like. Cooperation is a two way street so honor goes both way. You are the instigator here, not me. I only defended myself and you only spread lies about me.

              Stop with the censorship claims, it's getting old. You were banned from posting in my forum because you kept posting defamatory messages against me for not deleting Eric's posts as requested through some anonymous message. That is not censorship and your posts are still there. Learn the difference.

              If you want to respond, email it to me without acting like a 5 year old tattle tell who needs to tell all their friends and teachers and I'll post it. Anyone is free to discuss claims against you. Someone posts about you, I respond and I'm free to discuss these claims against you as well and that is not slander when anything stated is true.

              The only ones who have dishonored this entire field is YOU and YOUR relationship with Techscumbie.

              The one who needs healing is yourself. You are projecting your own issues on me. Your association with Techscum has caused many people who used to respect you to turn away. If you could see the letters that pour into Eric's mailbox in Lone Pine, you would see who is really running away from who. More and more people are waking up to the facts that virtually everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie and you are supporting those lies.

              Someone posted in YouTube about Techscum doing something with Eric's paper on his youtube channel without permission and you said you would have to check it out. Who are you trying to fool? You're going to state that as if you have any intention of seeing if Techscum is actually lying and illegally using copyrighted material that doesn't belong to him? That thief took one of Eric's papers and put it through a text to speech editor and made a youtube video called Energy Defined without Eric's permission and he didn't even give Eric credit - 100% outright plagiarism and you support that? You have supported quite a few of his other lies as well as is evidenced by many youtube posts. He was selling Lone Pine Writings - a collection of Eric's papers on his website for $50 a copy and Eric never got a dime. As soon as he received the copyright takedown notice, he started to give it away for free to sabotage Eric's ability to earn money from his own book. 100% of all the lies that Techscum has accused me of is EXACTLY what he is guilty of himself. That is who you are supporting. A liar, thief, psychopath and a pornographer. You support someone who draws comics of an underaged girl from his highschool who he claims was concentually raped over and over and over and he is so obsessed with it, not only did he draw comics, but he drew her on his motorcycle - THAT is where that character on his bike came from. A white Catholic underaged girl from his highschool and he admits he has photographs of these rape is all in the archives!

              That is who you have chosen to align yourself with and evidently, you know about all of this yet you continue to keep him close to you only because he continues to attack Eric and I. People sometimes get into relationships because of convenience, but this is ridiculous. This is why so many of your long time fans absolutely no longer support you and many people who believed you and Techscum early on have turned about face and are back donating money to Eric's work, etc...

              Let's see if you have the intellectual honesty to answer to any of this as you have failed to do over the last 1.5 years or so but you now have a chance as everyone is watching.

              Retract your lies, denounce Techscum and apologize. Again, you instigated the defamation against me in the forum because of what is stated above and you were banned for getting out of emailed me with your insults, profanity, etc... and claim you're being censored? Get real.... the only thing I have done is defend myself and all these facts are public record on my site, in emails, in the archives, etc...

              Again, email me like a grown up what your rebuttle is to the posts in the forum and I'll post it, but I will not approve your membership because you are not welcome to disrespect the community, period.

              Aaron Murakami

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                Gary Hendershot

                Gary Hendershot, Jerry Decker, and a bunch of others were CC's with the delirious babble of Thomas Joseph Brown - here is Gary's response:


                You understand of course that these are the ramblings of severe insanity ??? I have seen this type of nonsense from Ray also but to his credit, he seemed to step back from the brink and change direction … mostly …

                If you continue to engage, I fear you will succumb … it’s as addictive as any drug … with each perceived slight it builds and builds until it becomes the most important thing in your life … that is the path Murakami has chosen … so much of his life energy is wrapped up in this nonsense he cannot see beyond it … for him, there is no solution, no end, no redemption … he is obsessed …

                it would seem your path is much more rational … but if you allow yourself to be dragged into a pissing contest with a skunk, even if you win, you will still smell pretty bad …

                But it’s not for me to judge and certainly not for me to advise on paths to enlightenment … I have my own tortured path to follow …

                Be well …



                MY RESPONSE TO GARY -

                Gary - you are part of the problem by giving those clowns a full hour to slander us and you refused to give us an equal opportunity to defend ourselves and present facts. You have a problem with facts.

                My response has FACTS with documentation linked to in archives, etc. that you cannot refute and shows who you, Tom Brown and others are associating themselves with. You defend Techscum with your claims about Hitler being good with finances, etc... yet you ignore that he prolaims himself to be Jew fighter and is a pornographer, which Tom Brown claims to have a problem with pornography, yet his buddy techscum is a pornographer.

                My email are not ramblings - they are facts, which you do not have the integrity or guts to analyze for what they are and neither does Tom Brown.

                Your buddy Sterling is a self-proclaimed Pedophile and you pretend he is not evidently. He admits it in multiple videos.... your close partner for a long time on your show. Are you one of the people who knew about this the whole time, but chose to ignore it?
                Aaron Murakami

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                  Ken Lebrun

                  Ken Lebrun says this in response to being CC'd...



                  This may sound like a dumb question....but.... Does this sort of discussion get us anywhere closer to solving the worlds energy, poverty, hunger, or pollution crisis? I'm not interested in who is right or wrong in the this discussion but it would seem that this could have been handled in a less confrontational way.

                  If you claim something, the burden of proof is on your head. You should be willing to take on the responsibility of showing the proof before you make the claim. As Mark would say, "Show me the Data!"...I would add "Or be though a fool". That being said... There are ways to shed light on something you feel is wrong and you have every right to expose these things. We point out hundreds of fallacies, bad science debacles, scams, and delusions every year; but do it in a manner resembling the old adage, "Speak softly, carry a big stick". Personal attacks can be considered slanderous or defamation by the other party. When things get to this stage, it's nothing more than a snowball fight with big rocks.

                  I would suggest all parties just agree to disagree and as Tom puts it, clear the astral drainpipe (LOL), and clear the sewage so we can make progress towards the end-goal.

                  Warm Regards,

                  Ken Lebrun, CEO
                  Revolution-Green LLC
                  Salt Lake City, Utah
                  Phone: US-801-391-3015
                  Aaron Murakami

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                    Thomas Joseph Brown

                    Here is Thomas Joseph Brown's reply to my email - obviously incapable of dealing with documented evidence:


                    Dude, are you on crack or just totally insane?

                    Your ramblings are getting more incoherent. Nobody gives a **** about your wild claims about others. The only one "exposed" through your actions here is you.

                    All I asked was fair space to counter the falsehoods you have posted about me. Do I get it? Simple question.

                    You appear incapable of honorable action and clarity of thought so I'll leave it at that. I should have known better from experience than to expect honesty and fairness from you, my mistake.

                    As Gary so aptly put it, if one fights a skunk they'll come out smelling. So I'm getting away from the stank you are emitting from the pores of your being and leave you to your obvious characterological dysfunctions. People who know me know better than your lies anyway, I have nothing to hide, and certainly nothing to fear from your shoddy yellow journalism.

                    Hope you don't crash too hard on your fast spiral downwards, you used to do good work. Maybe you'll heal and act human again someday. That would be nice.

                    However, do get back if you want to approve my forum membership in order that you may honor an ethical approach to posts on your forum with right of reply. That shouldn't be that much to ask, any honest, honorable person would do it without being asked.

                    Aaron Murakami

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                      Thomas Joseph Brown

                      My response to Thomas Joseph Brown:


                      If you don't have enough common sense to comprehend basic English, then you are wasting everyone's time.

                      Wild claims? I posted links to documented evidence - the very thing you are incapable of dealing with.

                      Fair space? I said email me with your rebuttal and I'll post in on the forum, but that escapes you as well.

                      Of course you want to ignore those above stated facts and continue your delirious tirade - your choice, not mine.
                      Aaron Murakami

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                        Thomas Joseph Brown & Aether Force

                        So, as it stands, my original email response to Thomas Joseph Brown's email asked him to email me his rebuttal to what is posted in this thread and I'll post it.

                        You can see his responses ignore this and he focuses on nothing but the irrelevant. Gary Hendershot does the same thing - incapable of focusing on the FACTS, which is that he supported Techscumbie in giving those clowns an hour to slander Eric and I and refused to give us equal time to defend and present the evidence. I have all the emails to prove it.

                        Anyone with common sense can look at the links I provided and the evidence in emails, online archives, etc... to see that I have presented nothing but the truth since the beginning and Thomas Joseph Brown, Techscumbie, and company are completely incapable of dealing with anything that resembles truth, facts, etc... oh well.

                        The very things that Thomas Joseph Brown is accusing me of, all the evidence in the archives and in posts here in this forum from about 1.5 years ago shows that it is he who is the one doing those things to me. A classic example of projection where the person is in such denial that they accuse others of doing that they themselves are doing... he is a LITE version of Mohamed Youssef (Techscumbie of Aether Farce.)
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                          Originally posted by pentarbe View Post
                          Just found this old newspaper article.
                          That is what I have been trying to explain to the average person for the last 40 years. Men chose their direction early in life and as they travel this road of life with their friends and family things begin to take on new meaning.

                          First the wife notices what her man is becoming then the friends. The moral values of one are not the values of another though we all consider it to be close to the same. But as the fork in the road widens the ones with evil intentions are made known as their friends and families reflect the opposite.

                          Judges, Lawyers, political figures, school teachers, Engineers and many more condone elicit/immoral dealings. Drugs from the Pharmacy or off the streets are from the same supplier.

                          Sex rings or even just a pinup in your garage are all the same thing as lewdness/nakedness/perversion has taken over the hearts of men at one time or another.

                          This is about men. Men who will have no law or moral code whatsoever, but the wife killed herself because she finally saw her man for what he is. Big shock.

                          As men grow older the widening fork in the road reveals their inter most desires. Young men pick this up from the older men and lawless behavior is past down from generation to generation. This is the will of GOD to make HIS test with man.

                          To know GOOD and to know EVIL. We all have free will so we can make up our own minds what we want most. This is called free will. So to KNOW good Johnny becomes a good boy and to KNOW evil Johnny must be evil at some point.

                          This is the will of God. Testing man who is offered EVIL and is offered GOOD. Which one will he choose? These facts are what establishment with it's Laws are built upon.

                          "Don't do this and don't do that and don't interrupt and don,t tease the cat." So Johnny learns all of the ups and downs of life.

                          Techolizard with his cohorts are a product of sociological evolution in a world where children grow up on the streets watching the police run drugs and many other crimes.

                          Expecting sanity from such people is a joke, all you can do is lock them behind bars. If these individuals have enough money they can get out of anything. The reason these people use others materials to sell behind the others back such as we see with Eric's work are many. One reason is so they can make a dontation or a connection anyway and everyway they can to entangle others into their web, as they spiral into the gutter. I am saying this as a possibility. It does make one wonder.

                          They can't explain their income of $250,000 so they must use others as way of covering up their dirty laundry. This is a process known as "Money Laundering" Money is a tricky thing and if others who sniff out that money can provide a means of escape legally for these rogue individuals they will. Such as an unscrupulous Lawyer will do even though he knows the man is guilty of poisoning the lives of others, he will try to get him off for money.

                          Some Judges will do the same thing.

                          If TechnoLiz can slither into a courtroom with evidence that shows he is a noble free energy salesmen this might put him in the clear of any suspected lewd involvement.

                          The other folks defending him are simply getting some of that money or favors. Whatever you want to call it, they are on the take. Taking money that is easy to make pushing drugs when all they need do is front the money. If this is how he is getting him money. Hypothetically.

                          These people live in a world where their eyes are kept closed, they don't want to know. Expecting sanity out of the people in charge of the world these days is a misconception.

                          I went right to the Attorney Generals Office one time and he laughed me out of the room because I was putting the finger on a man who had raped, stolen money, robbed people of their pensions who is a preacher to this day.

                          That Attorney General was very nervous in my presences as I wept telling him the various stories surrounding that case. The bottom line is that these people put up 1/2 million dollars and get some of that back later to get out of jail. The courts keep some and the beat goes on.

                          What needs to be done is to continue to reveal the master plan and then all of the cockroaches will scurry away in fear. Don't forget the roaches.

                          The line of reasoning in court is that everyone does it and they plea bargain crimes down to almost nothing, slap on the hand/pay and go.

                          There is no judgement in this land, only who has the most money and who is keeping it a secret for money. The morality that did use to inhibit men in the USA is no longer welcome.

                          Look at the money laundering aspects of why these guys are involving themselves with internet scams that seem legit. The way this works is tie up the courts with dozens of lose ends where money may have been made above board. A free energy paper or a set of plans and the next thing you know with enough of those documents the Jury believes the criminal is just an ordinary businessman that people are trying to take advantage of.

                          Drugs and Porno links that lead to other links and to other links produce billions of dollars in revenues that people can not explain on their tax forms so these leaders with money have to depend on others to buy them things so they can not be traced as spending so much money.

                          It is an unending web of lies.

                          MikeyKeep doing the right thing and when THE KING shall appear you will receive a crown of Glory that never fades away.
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                            Tom Brown's Response Part 1

                            Tom Brown wants an opportunity to post a response to this thread so here it is with full message header and all so you know it is really from him. Tom Brown is unable to email me on his own without including a dozen other people in the emails, involving others who have no business with this, etc. I replied to all of them with links documented in the archives with Techzombie's anal rape comics of an underage girl from his high school, etc...

                            The reason it is relevant is because if Tom Brown is associating with him and others who are admitted pedophiles, etc... what does that say of his character? Why would he be defending Techzombie for so long? I think it matters.
                            Sadly, some of those that received these emails like Jerry Decker emails support for Tom Brown as being such a great guy but completely ignores the facts about his accomplice (Techzombie) in the online defamation campaign against Eric and I.

                            Now, I find a post on Youtube by Techzombie, that Michael Theroux, a former Borderland members, claims that Eric stole all the seismic research from him and never gave him credit. I emailed all these people below in response and asked him if this is true, but he has not responded yet. From all the documentation we have on the subject, all this seismic research done at Landers had no contributions from Michael Theroux as far as I know.

                            Anyway, here is Tom Brown's comments in response to this thread:

                            -------- Original Message --------
                            - Sat Mar 21 19:35:42 2015


                            Sat, 21 Mar 2015 19:28:58 -0700
                            from (envelope-from <>) id; Sat, 21 Mar 2015 19:28:58 -0700
                            by wgs2 with SMTP id 2so12232124wgs.1; Sat, 21 Mar 2015 19:28:56 -0700 (PDT)

                            by with SMTP id; Sat, 21 Mar 2015 19:28:55 -0700 (PDT)
                            by with HTTP; Sat, 21 Mar 2015 19:28:55 -0700 (PDT)

                            Sun, 22 Mar 2015 15:28:55 +1300
                            Re: Thomas Joseph Brown - Re: Fwd: energetic forum signup
                            Thomas J. Brown <>
                            A & P Electronic Media <>
                            simon derricutt <>, Ken Lebrun <>, mark dansie <>, mark dansie <>, Jerry Decker <>, Michael Theroux <>, TecZ ombie <>
                            multipart/related; boundary=e89a8f3ba5e3a1d74fb4

                            Mr Murakami,

                            You've posted some wild and erroneous claims about what Eric now calls "Camp David" and that I somehow ripped off the Franklin family; for what was it $25K or $50K?

                            Substantiate that claim or retract it. Get a copy of the land contract from David Franklin and you will see that it was he who is in default and caused significant costs and problems being evasive, obstructive, dishonorable and probably seriously stoned 24/7 (which is how I usually saw him).

                            Josh Reynolds was going to purchase that piece for Eric for $10K. Josh called me, he was ill and heading to the hospital. He asked me if I could organize to hold the land in trust till he got out and was able to organize it properly through his lawyers, since Eric was whining frantic as he had the County of Marin ready to shut him down for running his outdoor radio lab there in the middle of a residential district.

                            I reluctantly agreed, jumpting into the breech of a long smoldering local feud, only as a favor to Josh, as I had enough on my agenda without taking that on. And while I was into helping Eric promote his science, past experience led me to believe that unless everything was set up properly Eric would somehow cause ruin and blame it on me, as it eventuated. Marin County was already moving against the Franklins because of Eric's project when I got involved, but the full story wasn't disclosed at that time. I expected it would be simple to sort, just work through whatever problems so there was no claim by the County.

                            Josh loved Eric, considered him a friend, appreciated his work greatly, but didn't trust him with money (which is why he used Borderland and an East Coast non-profit to handle money for him). Josh told me he was setting up a $10 million foundation and asked me if I would be the head of it, where the proceeds from investments would go into projects such as Eric's and others we were working on. I agreed and understood it was in process and would eventuate when Josh got out of the hospital.

                            Back to Bolinas; the three surrounding plots (making a square) with houses were owned by a US Park Ranger who obviously didn't want Eric there running an outdoor antenna farm, sleeping in his car, and drinking and smoking with the locals. The County Commissioner (who was a former Coastal Commission lawyer from an uber wealthy family) had just sold the US Park Service some nearby Petaluma farmland for $8 million or thereabouts. There was obviously corruption afoot, and Eric had many people against him locally, for whatever reasons.

                            The Franklins had been noticed by the County to abate the lab, considered an eyesore and in violation of local regulations. Eric refused, the Franklins were just looking to toss the hot potato as quickly as possible, since Eric wouldn't lift a finger to help his supposed friends who had let him stay on their land for free. This is why Eric was so frantic to lean on Josh, because he wouldn't help his so-called best friend with the basic obligation of keeping the peace and protecting their property and was hoping Josh would somehow save him with money. Eric just wanted someone else's money instead of acting in honor and quieting the situation for free.

                            Aaron Murakami

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                              Tom Brown's Response Part 2

                              Dave Franklin and I made a short term land contract based on Josh's word, that Josh would pay the $10k in a set amount of time, was 90 days or so if I recall, that I would hold the land in trust.

                              (my files on this are in the states and it's been 21 years, but I will put all this in the public domain when I get a chance, to counter Eric's insane fantasies of oppression)

                              The contract was clear, if Josh did not pay the money for any reason in that timeframe then the land would revert striclty back to Franklin, simple, normal, straightforward agreement. I was in no position to purchase, and didn't want to. As I said, I was a reluctant standin for a friend on this, with the expectation that the extent of my involvement would be just as trustee/holder.

                              Unfortunately Josh passed away in the midst of this, a great loss on many levels. A true gentleman and scholar who would trust me with $10 million but not trust Eric with $10,000.

                              Marin County pressure got heavy on me as soon as the land went in my name, so I had to go to abatement hearing after abatement hearing, every one an 8 hour round trip from my home and work. Every one of which could have been avoided if Eric would have simply taken down his equipment for a bit so we could regroup and re-sort when Josh resurfaced.

                              Eric refused, he was ornery and obstructive to me, saying they'd have to bulldoze him off. He put me in a very difficult position and acted like it was a holy mission to stand against the County. The whole episode is Eric's fault, period!

                              The matter finally went to a full hearing of the County Commision, only because I was holding my ground at law. I was assisted by the late Kirby Ferris (who I connected with through the late Philo Farnsworth III, who put me in touch with him to help watch Eric's back) and others in the community (including my friend Frank, who by chance looks very similar to Eric). The Commissioner, Gary Giacomini, told me directly that he didn't care what the law said, if we didn't abate the project on the site they were coming in.

                              So I filed an ex parte applicationto stay the County's actions. As I was walking into the Superior Court with my friend (who I mentioned looks like Eric) we were surrounded by sweaty, agitated Sheriffs, with hands on guns. They thought Frank was Eric, which was quickly cleared by by ID, and they told me that Eric had called 911 and said that if the County came in there would be "another Waco" (this was six months or so after Waco, late 93, early 94, the Sheriffs were significantly worried). I had to assure them there were no guns and there would be no violence, that Eric was emotionally overwrought on the issue but did not have any means to fulfill his malignant threat to the peace. Naturally the court was electric, the judge angry and scowling, he just rejected the application and said the County was coming in.

                              What a reliable backup Eric can be when you are making great efforst to defend him, NOT!

                              Frank and I tried to get Eric to move stuff off site to save it. Frank brought a truck to move important gear, but Eric wouldn't budge. He insisted on leaving everything up. This whole episode could have been avoided if Eric wasn't such a selfish idiot about everything and had just been honorable to the Franklins to save their land.

                              So a few days later the County showed up with gear, cut the fence lock, and trashed the equipment. The County was corrupt and out of line, but Eric was no better as far as acting to alleviate the situation.

                              Then I tried to get Franklin to settle on our contract. He said he didn't want the land back, for me to sell it for him. I noted we had a witnessed legal contract he had signed which was filed with the transfer and he was obligated, that it was not my responsibility to sell it for him. From that point on he avoided me and put me in a difficult position. Couldn't find him anywhere, wouldn't return phone calls. This went on for many weeks, the guy is a dishonorable flake. I don't care what he thinks, he was just as bad as Eric about failing in fundamental obligations.

                              BTW, I turned down a very good offer for the land from the Park Ranger as Eric was freaking out that I would, that the other side would somehow win over his local battles.

                              Then Eric said that he had a local woman friend who would purchase it and let him stay there.

                              As Franklin was still on the dodge I agreed. I left messages with Franklin about it, in case he wanted to handle it locally, since it was by law his obligation. He never got back.

                              So I sold it to the woman Eric suggested. Then Eric started calling me frantically screaming at me that I had to cancel the sale, that she was a white witch and had tricked him. I noted that it was a legal matter and the title irreversibly transferred. Eric was freaking out, saying I had to cancel, I had to get the land back, he seemed unable to grasp the simple fact of a land transfer and expected me to magically reverse it. I finally had to stop listening to him and put him off, he was in total loony tunes mode. And that was the last I've ever heard directly from him.

                              Because of expenses related to charges against the land by the County, sales, etc I netted $7K to send to David. I phoned him and left a message that I would be sending a certified bank check, which I did by registered mail. I got it back marked "Refused" (still have that envelope in my US files). There was no legal obligation on my part to do any of this, Franklin is in egregious default; in fact liable for countersuit for default and expenses; legally I owe him nothing and would win hands down in court with him owing me for costs.

                              At that point it was many months into dealing with these Bolinas loonies, who reminded me of the collective of local Salinas bums from Steinbeck's Cannery Row, who would make things worse by trying to help. David had refused numerous times to honor the land contract, was clearly avoiding me to avoid contracted responsibility, and had left me in a difficult position. Eric went ballistic when I did what he asked on the sale.

                              Then David refused the payment saying he thought I was trying to "trick" him. What sort of trick would I even want to pull at that point? The only thing that makes any sense when considering these Bollinas evaders of responsibility is that he must have thought that if he signed for the envelope with the check he would have to take the land back, as he had a contractual obligation to so do. What he feared most of all was having to deal with Eric on the land again, his "best friend."

                              I had a new child, was moving overseas, transferring business, and dealing with major unrelated matters including a sibling's failing health. I figured I'd sort the clowns out in the future when I had a chance. They were obstructive and dishonorable, but I figured do it for good will.

                              Then after moving to NZ Tom Valentine got in touch and asked me what was up, that Eric was slandering me on his radio show claiming it was my fault the land was lost and I had ripped off the Franklins. Tom was a longtime friend and fellow researcher and knows me well. I told him the above and he never let Eric back on his Radio Free America show (of which I was a regular guest for years before my move, I introduced Eric's work to him). He was already familiar with Eric's dysfunctions, but like many of us he still understood that Eric has interesting and potentially useful insight into the electrical sciences.

                              As for embezzling the money from Mexico, that has already been answered by Peter who held the checkbook on that account. It was all done properly with strict accounting. Peter has always acted as honorable man in my dealings with him over ten years at Borderlands, and his silence just shows he's past these scurrilous Dollard claims as he knows they are nonsense. For all I know the accounting records for that period may still exist at Borderlands, all paper ledger entries. The only worry there was Eric not accounting for money given to him as we needed receipts for expenses.

                              It was Eric who blew that deal, when the kind benefactor called from Mexico to see what Eric had done with his $60k over the year or so it came in, Eric told him it wasn't enough money to do anything and he needed more. He got cut off, packed up the lab without telling us, and fled. And blamed us!

                              It was my mistake to try and help Eric again years later.

                              If you want to promote Eric's science then do so. I appreciate the insight gained from his scientific perspective, that is appreciated. Howeever, he's also caused significant problems to me and others with his slanderous insanity. Stick to the science.

                              Aaron Murakami

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