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power strip loop free energy help

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  • power strip loop free energy help

    I tried the electric power strip but it didn't work with me. I used the lighter spark generator the cord length was 5 meters and I made more than 8 turns maybe 15 turns. The electric power extension I have is the 3 poles plug type. Help


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    From what I have read, this is a hoax or trick by the presenter on YouTube. I have not met anyone who has successfully reproduced the results.


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      This is fake, it doesn't work.


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        Clearly a fake as all such air coils will need something to make them oscillate. If I was to fake this I would attach an induction heater to the underside of the table and that would probably do the trick.

        You can also get it to work by bringing the coil of wire close to a power cable. If your not paying for what is going through the power cable then you might say its free, but the truth is, its stolen. In this and the induction heater example the extension chord is acting as the secondary of an air transformer.

        Air coils can pick up electrical and magnetic fields that are not created by man, and it that case it is what we would call free, but generally the amount of power available will be in micro or pico watts which isnít going to power anything substantial. A good example is a crystal set.

        While what they say in the video is fake the principal I explained is real. Everyone has to start somewhere.