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    My letter to Eric dated 24 Jan '15 and his response...

    The following text is my letter to Eric sent on the 24th of January 2015. The JPGs attached are his response dated the 10th of February 2015.


    Thank you for instructions on what to tell my electrician on how to disconnect my neutral and isolate my live wires from the utility grid's.

    And thank you for your explanation of how the disk in the watt-hour meter is able to revolve.
    I think I have an idea why my watt-hour meter experiments failed to produce the same result as William Lyne says he is still capable of achieving.

    I think he still has three phase power coming into his apartment complex, while I have mere single phase. This would explain why all of the handbooks on watt-hour meters display a 60 degree phase shift between the voltage and the current whenever the disk in the meter stalls and hums (William calls this "snoring" via quoting Mr. Dort). 60 degrees would equate to one-third of a half cycle if three phase was still in vogue. But if it is no longer being supplied to us consumers, and if instead of three phase, we're merely getting single phase, then I suspect that 90 degrees is the point of stalling the disk in a mechanical meter. Which would imply that the old meters won't work with the new hanky panky taking place? Nor would William Lyne's method work of spoofing the meter into thinking that we're not consuming any power, or producing any power greater than our consumption (if the utility meter were to be spoofed into receiving a degree shift of less than 60 degrees feedback from our loads and if we were still getting three phase power from the utility company). So in a sense, giving us single phase power instead of three phase could be born of a desire on the part of the utility company to block any possible spoofing coming from the consumer?
    A coil of wire must create a dielectric field? So, hanging a quartz crystal within the interior of a coiled winding may initiate a dialogue via loose coupling between these two components? Especially if I wind the quartz with bare copper wire and parallel connect it to the coiled winding? It "feels" like something is happening... It feels as if a focus has been imparted to my bio-Earthing experiments.
    The one thing about a myth is that there is generally a kernel of truth tucked away somewhere in the midst of the morass of fable. And I was intrigued that I might learn something from my bodily Earthing experiments with iron cored copper windings and then proceed from that experiential kernel. What I suspect is the following scenario to the Tri-Metal myth...

    1. Since iron can absorb a magnetic field, and...
    2. Since more iron could increasingly (by way of the factor of speed: how fast could it) demagnify the magnetic field surrounding the poles of a permanent magnet { Homemade Magnetic Amplifiers. - see, attached printout }, and ...
    3. Nature abhores any imbalance which we create and will want to make up the difference somehow at Her earliest convenience - especially if we set up a solution nearby the source of the imbalance. Hence, what if...
    4. An electromagnet were to be placed near a permanent magnet whose magnetic field is so nearly totally absorbed by a huge mass of iron attached to the permanent magnet on its side opposite to the electromagnet that an imbalance is created within the vicinity of the poles of this permanent magnet?
    5. Would this create a vacuum of magnetism near the poles of the permanent magnet? And...
    6a. Would the production of electromagnetism emanating from the electromagnet (placed nearby the poles of the permanent magnet) have its electric or magnetic or both fields "accelerated" such that, by all appearances, the overall synthesis of energy has been magnified giving the semblance of producing a potentially unlimited excess of energy from a limited source, namely: the inherently limited capacity of an electromagnet driven by a finite mechanical force (reciprocating piston driven by compressed air in William Lyne's Tri-Metal myth)?
    6b. Would this *not* violate any rule of thumb regarding the so-called speed of light? Or in the alternative, does this exhibit an instance of accelerating the apparent speed of light constant?
    6c. This certainly does not violate any conservation law of physics so far as I can imagine - seeing as how this is still just speculation anyway...
    I suspect that causation is invisible and that its effects are visible but also a mirage. Effects don't exist independent of causation. Effects do not become the cause of new effects. Rather, they become a link in a chain of further effects emanating from original causation. There appears to be a distinction between cause and effect, because only cause is real. Yet ironically, only effects are visible. I believe the irony stems from our organs of sensation along with the physicality of our existence plus our surrounding environment are all effects stemming from original first cause. So, we can't tell what is real, because all of our sensory references are just as false as is everything else which we perceive in the concrete world around us.

    But studying the gunas and the doshas has led me to suspect that the doshas are a mirage stemming from the causation of the gunas interacting with each other. Yet in Ayurveda, pulse diagnosis is taking a look at the doshas in the pulse and getting connected with each of the doshas using the metaphors of: snake, frog and swan for vata, pitta and kapha, respectively. Intuition supplies the remaining insight into the present circumstances of an individual's physiology and what, if any, imbalances among the doshas are existent there.

    In dosha theory - prior to being taught how to take the pulse, we were told that the doshas exist in the gap between the gunas. No one ever explained what that meant except by drawing a chart of six points arranged as a sort of hexagon with the three gunas at the vertices of one triangle and the doshas at the vertices of its inverse triangle. I think my explanation, above, maps out the reason for this strange definition of the doshas, because the doshas do not exist. They are a mirage and are merely the complicated overlay of interplay among the three gunas which themselves are invisible yet are the foundation - so we're told - of every activity within the boundaries of Creation. So, we see doshas, but they do not exist. We can't see the gunas, but they are why we have any doshas which can be seen.

    All of this may be the consequence of living in a world which is thoroughly encased in duality? A friend says that this duality is actually a triplicity in which there is a divider between the opposites. When he said that to me, I added that there is a fourth component which transcends the three. So, there are really four gunas, but the fourth is a standin for what cannot exist in Creation, because - like duality - it too is separated from Creation across a two-way gap which tugs in both directions: one directional tug is for the transcendental to come out of itself and manifest more variety of expression; the other tug is for manifestation to dissolve into the unmanifest and experience itself as itself apart from expressing itself into the field of variety, namely: the field of Creation of cause and the reverberation of their effects.

    ‎Saturday, ‎January ‎24, ‎2015
    02:00:08 PM
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      My latest letter from Eric dated 26 May 2017

      I sent him a bionic circuit to try out. See his response attached below.

      I didn't understand at first what he meant by 'Corolla life prohibits material possessions' until I remembered that his car is a classic Toyota Corolla and I presume he must be living in it at the moment.

      He's not getting any more funding for his projects and will terminate them.

      He's stressed and is giving no more presentations nor interviews, but will still respond to letters.


      I see from Aaron's latest newsletter that Eric might be presenting after all and give Aaron an interview. That's good news.
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        Response from Eric dated: 5 April 2018

        I sent Eric a letter in which I attempted to make a mild allusion to his Four Quadrant Theory of Electricity by pointing out how similar is my four definitions of division by zero. Then I felt inspired, after sealing the envelope, to add additional material to the outside of the envelope. Thinking that in poor taste, I cut out the doodles and reinserted them into a new envelope. See scans below. Thanks, Eric.
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          Harmonics of Ring Capacitance

          Originally posted by Vinyasi View Post
          I sent Eric a letter in which I attempted to make a mild allusion to his Four Quadrant Theory of Electricity by pointing out how similar is my four definitions of division by zero. Then I felt inspired, after sealing the envelope, to add additional material to the outside of the envelope. Thinking that in poor taste, I cut out the doodles and reinserted them into a new envelope. See scans below. Thanks, Eric.
          Gene Lmao-reaux You planning to actually build one context to see how the sims compare to reality? I knew a guy, went by the name silverhealtheu, all he did was push simulation after simulation and they all showed some sort of gain, but the guy Never built any of the circuits he simulated, expected others to build for him... I did build a few of his circuits before I got tired of his neverending ideas that had no method of calcination applied to them, in effect I did the benchwork on several of his sims to prove them non-functional. I no longer am willing to do that as it wastes my time.
          Gene poses an excellent insight which begs a thoughtful response. Yes, I don't build anything until I'm certain I already know what I'm getting myself into. Surges of electricity kill. I've been electrocuted before and don't want to do it again. No, I don't know everything, but am willing to question the established line of reasoning regarding energy: Is its quantity user-definable over any span of time?

          The engineers of Micro Cap simulator may have decided that it is not safe to allow an infinite summation of series capacitance by suppressing the following iteration from continuing, recklessly, without limit .... ?

          C{total} = 1 C1 + 1 C2 + 1 C3 + 1 C4 + … ∞

          For an indefinitely lengthy calculation of the above summation may lead the simulator to the further conclusion that an infinite electrostatic saturation will occur – over time – to neighboring components, such as: transformer coils of large mutual, or self, inductance, or both? Which would lead the simulator down the Rabbit Hole of suggesting to us an infinite reduction of resistance to these neighboring components? Allowing for an equivalent presumption of super-conduction at room temperature? And all due to the engineers of LTSpice and Paul Falstad's electronic simulators failing to “pull the plug?”

          The above summation implies an ever-diminishing C{total} shrinking from an attempt made by the simulator to manifest a capacitant ring whose summation of series capacitance is without limit …

          Rather than limit this calculation to a simple summation of four inverse capacitances …

          C{total} = 1 C1 + 1 C2 + 1 C3 + 1 C4

          … of definitive C{total} value per unit time?

          Is this a simulator error of judgement or an error of our theory or both or not an error at all?

          Each ordered harmonic of dielectric lines of force reduces the resistance of nearby wire as it summates within a ring of capacitance. Each of these harmonic orders exceeds its prior scope of how many capacitors, in a finite ring, does each harmonic span across? As the harmonic order extends its reach across greater and greater distances per growth of resonance, more and more capacitors are subsumed since a capacitor ring has an infinite potential for resonance. Although energy is finite at each moment in time, and finite within each capacitor in time, energy over time is another matter since the resistance of nearby transformer coils keeps decreasing and resonance of a capacitor ring keeps increasing as ever increasing orders of harmonics extend their reach across a finite, reusable number of ring segments. {Each capacitor, in a ring, is one segment of that ring.}

          These dielectrical harmonics impose resonance upon an ever increasing number of finitely available capacitor elements (within a ring) by over-extending its reach beyond that of the fixed number of capacitors available through the artistry of repetitive reuse per harmonic cycle.

          In other words, there are several factors at work -here- contributing to the outcome, all due to a ring arrangement of capacitors appearing to become progressively infinite in its number of segments, because the “top dead center” of this electrical engine keeps shifting away from its fixed position of measuring angular motion giving the illusion of an ever-expanding breadth of cycle. A year becomes a second. If a year's worth of energy could become compressed into a second's duration, how would this impact its Joule? {I have to thank Aaron Murakami for that last thought. Thanks, Aaron!}

          The horizontal caps – at the top and bottom of this cap-ring – assist the surge process in its fledgling moments when it is so tender and vulnerable to becoming snuffed out. They can be removed once you've reached whatever level of surge is your target/goal. {Compare this to Eric Dollard's LMD analog computer in Longitudinal Magneto-Dielectric mode}. The vertical caps – on the left and right sides of this cap-ring – store the built-up energy so that there is something to bank on, aka: draw from, to sustain the surge leveled out over time. Thus, I find it useful to use the right-most capacitor as part of an oscillating, drainage-oriented subcircuit once I've reached my target pursuant to my prior phase of surging upwards to whatever level of energy I desire to achieve.

          The artifact of resonance derived from a capacitor ring is its ever changing energy-state. The consequence of resonance is masquerading as the synthesis or decomposition of energy derived from two potentials: magnetism (magnetic field) and the dielectric (electric field; electrostatics), plus time.

          Harmonics over time bridges the gap between one energy state and its change to another energy state without recourse to any input or output directly affecting the outcome. This is parametric excitation.

          Growth or decay of resonance is the consequence of harmonically bridged, capacitive rings. A change in energy-state is its side-effect.

          Please see...

          Here are some diagrams (attached from the previous post) scribbled on the outside of a letter I sent to Eric half a year ago on March 30th, 2018. His response ignored these questions answering, instead, another question inside the letter on Math theory. I've also included a few links to videos which are the steps to derive this archetype from Bewley's text.

          Dielectric Lines of Force Tied to a Ring Structure of Capacitance
          Harmonic Lines of Dielectric Force
          The Derivation of Bewley's Archetype, download MP4 video
          The Derivation of Bewley's Archetype, download Flash video

          Enjoy free energy!
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