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Mealworm Farm - efficient protein in a small space

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  • Mealworm Farm - efficient protein in a small space

    Soy is currently one of the cheapest protein sources available for backyard farmers. The Mealworm Farm changes that. Mealworms can produce quality protein at a fraction of the cost of soy, and they integrate well with other animals, like herbivores, where they convert manure into protein for omnivores, like chickens, fish, pigs, and dogs.

    The Mealworm Farm can produce 1.5 lbs of protein from 1.5 square feet of space, all from waste products. The farm is modular, you can add more as your protein needs or waste sources dictate.

    We separate life stages in this design to optimize production and use the mealworm's natural tendencies to sift eggs, frass, and self-clean before harvest. The whole thing can fit in the corner of a spare room. To harvest, just pull out the harvest tray and grab a bunch of mealworms!

    How To: Mealworm Farm