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David vs Monsanto-- BAN GMO's

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    The power of the press

    many years ago I ran a under funded grass roots election campaign in a major city. We lost but some of the observations I'll pass on and how to possibly use them.
    General disconnect of people: directed at the major media, focusing only on the sports, business or real estate pages or watching only the weather on the evening news. (seems like a major disconnect for a lot of people, possibly a distrust)
    Addiction to sound bites: For most people life is so busy with things they (think they) need to do or the distractions inherent in our society, their eyes glaze over when given large chunks of information, basically conditioned to the 10 sec flash on screen.
    People feel powerless: With the "Machine" relentlessly rolling over the want's and needs of the common man and a corrupted voting/representation process in place. Most feel its a waste of time or theres nothing they can do any way so why bother. (apathy)
    It's not my problem: Unless an issue directly effects the individual most won't bother to take action to change it.
    I don't know what to do: Most haven't a clue on what actions they can take.
    I don't want to know: If I recognize or admit a problem then I'm obligated to do some thing about it.

    These are general observations of the human mechanics of "reasons"

    out of time for now back later with some possible how to use to topple Goliath


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      Originally posted by mbrownn View Post
      Its not so naive as you might think, a small percentage point drop in sales makes the directors of such corporations chase the money, before they loose their jobs. Their bottom line is money.
      Perhaps you are correct. I just don't think one or two percent will do it. However, the world has awakened to see the monster that Monsanto has become. Time will tell. I do everything I am able to do.

      A corporation is a soulless entity. If a corporation acts differently then another larger soulless corporate entity will eat them.

      The larger the corporation, the more evil the people at the top have to be... ie. Dick Cheney Haliburton.

      I had forgotten the reality of the bigger players selling off stock from a losing situation. Perhaps you are much more correct than what I had earlier surmised.


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        Originally posted by Tarkus View Post

        These are general observations of the human mechanics of "reasons"

        out of time for now back later with some possible how to use to topple Goliath
        The leaderless, peaceful methods of public protest used by the Occupy Movement will prove to be a game changer. The unreasonable use of force and unconstitutional trapping and detainment that was witnessed by the whole world has awakened many to the fact we have fallen into a corporate run police state.

        Occupy Monsanto


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          Methods to effect change

          As I stated above, the reasons people don't do things differently are a wide assortment from individual to individual, but fall into a few basic categories, overall.
          Fear: Probably the main underlying block, fear of: change, not knowing what to do, reprisals or the unknown.
          Indifference: It's not me or doesn't effect me so why bother, not my problem. A self isolation, may be based on a societal overload (mental,emotional) or someone in self preservation mode.
          Apathy: I can't make a difference, it doesn't matter what I do, so why bother
          Ignorance: I don't want to know, and will ignore or deny any information that rocks my apple cart.
          (most of these relate back to fear in some way)
          A large percentage of people will hold on to these things tooth and nail, but a large number can be prodded in to action on many things by addressing the above categories with, accurate/verifiable information tailored and presented in a way to negate the preconceived reasons/blocks.
          The next issue is how to get it into the notice of john Q public and have them put it on a higher priority level?
          Maybe tomorrow Good night


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            It seems there is more and more real evidence surfacing against GMO

            Scientist that discovered GMO health hazards immediately fired, team dismantled -

            It would seem to me there are two major groups here, first People who want to make money including corporations, farmers, lobby groups, lawyers and politicians. The second group are us who have a product forced on us against our will due to a lack of choice. That is since GMO products are not labelled we do not have the choice to reject it outright. I find it beyond offensive that I should be forced to support something I do not believe in which may do harm to me and my family.
            It is a crime in my opinion and the people responsible belong in jail.

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              Taking Action

              Imagine an uninformed John Q sitting in the waiting room at a hospital or clinic waiting to see a doctor or for a loved one to get done. Looking down, a flier asking "Do You or A loved one suffer from C.O.P.D." catches his eye wondering? because he or his loved one is there for just that, he picks up the pamphlet and starts to read. Inside said pamphlet is information on the 10 year study done at the university of norway on GMO's and the disorders that they are linked to as direct causes of, including COPD.
              John Q will most likely ask the doctor about this, since most doctors are as ignorant as the general public or brain washed by big Pharm. the answer may be an "I didn't know about that study" or a BS dismissal of or maybe a "I don't know" what ever it is, the seeds have been planted in John Q's head and since most MD's don't have a clue as what cause these diseases the information of such a study and it's conclusions will carry a lot of sway.
              Include: why you won't see this in mainstream media, links to studies, reports and what they can do to start helping themselves or loved ones, i.e.... what foods to be aware of and stop buying any natural foods that might be helpful.

              If this kind of thing was done (printed & distributed) by a few volunteer self motivators in every city in the U.S. ??? We might get some interesting results.

              Just my thoughts


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                The Tide is Turning

                The restaurant chain Chipotle has decided to remove GMO ingredients. Apparently, people like the idea because their stock soared even with the reality of having to charge more.

                Watch the video "Scarecrow" and read about their decisions here!

                You are right mbrownn! I didn't think about the reverse of what you were talking about. People buying stocks in companies who refuse GMO. This is the best news on this front to date.