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  • Edmund Jacobson | Progressive Muscle Relaxation

    This thread is for the purposes of compiling resources, articles, links and other references for Edmund Jacobson, MD, PhD, the founder of Progressive Muscle Relaxation.

    I have posted other links, articles, etc... about his work elsewhere in the forum but this thread is what I'll use as a "master" thread.

    Here are a few links to some relevant sites to learn a bit and I'll post more little by little:

    Edmund Jacobson
    Progressive Muscle Relaxation
    inauthor:Edmund inauthor:Jacobson - Google Book Search
    Edmund Jacobson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    edmund jacobson - Google Search
    Aaron Murakami

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    Edmund Jacobson references

    Hi everyone,
    If anyone has a copy of this article, I would love to get it! Or, if you know anywhere online this is posted publicly, that would be great too!


    Science. 1927 Oct 28;66(1713):403.

    Jacobson E.

    Here are other articles and references to Edmund Jacobson. I would love to get a copy of any of the published articles. Most of the books I already have.

    10. Jacobson, E.: Treatment of nervous irritability and excitement. Illinois Medical Journal, March, 1921, pp.243-247.
    11. Jacobson, E.: Action currents from muscular contractions during conscious processes. Science, 66:403, 1927.
    12. Jacobson, E.: Electrical measurements of neuromuscular states during mental activities: imagination of movement involving skeletal muscle. American Journal of Physiology, January, 91:567-608, 1930.
    13. Jacobson, E.: Evidence of contraction of specific muscles during imagination. American Journal of Physiology, 95:703-712, 1930.
    14. Jacobson, E.: Electrophysiology of mental activities. American Journal of Physiology, 44:677-694, 1932.
    15. Jacobson, E. The Physiological Conception and Treatment of Certain Common "Psychoneuroses." American Journal of Psychiatry. 98:219-226, 1941.
    16. Jacobson, E.: Cultivated relaxation for the elimination of "nervous breakdowns." Archives of Physical Therapy, 24:133-143 & 176, 1943.
    17. Jacobson, E.: Electrical measurements of mental activities in man. Transactions of the New York Academy of Science, June, 1946, pp.272-273.
    18. Jacobson, E.: Neuromuscular controls in man: methods of self-direction in health and disease. American Journal of Psychology, 68, pp.549-561, 1955.
    19. Jacobson, E.: You Must Relax: A Practical Method for Reducing the Strains of Modern Living. New York, McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc., 1948, p.170.
    20. Jacobson, ibid., 1948, p.85.
    21. Jacobson, E.: Progressive Relaxation. Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 1938, p.xv. & p.218.

    Aaron Murakami

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      I just wanted to say thank you for posting this. Progressive Relaxation is a brand new knowledge to me. I really spent so much time reading all about this after you had posted. Thank you so much! I would greatly appreciate any1 else posting more information