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My perspective on what the law of attraction is and how to use it

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  • My perspective on what the law of attraction is and how to use it

    Excerpt taken from a blog, the whole thing can be read at:

    My Perspective On What The Law Of Attraction Is And How To Use It - The Meditating Cat

    So since we are powerful creators of our own life, and of the fact that this universe is made up of energy and so are we, and we can use our intent to bring to us whatever we decide to focus on, then it goes without saying that we can consciously focus upon things that we want, that we perceive as being favorable and those things will then come into our life situation.

    I have had many a time where I was getting to grips with this and wasn’t sure if I 100% believed that it was possible, and in those times I decided to test it. I distinctly remember one time when I was feeling pretty downtrodden, and went for a walk. I decided to test if I was really that capable and powerful of creating what I wanted in life. So I though to myself – ‘I want to see a Ferrari 360 Modena, or an F430.’ I focused on what it looked like with my eyes open for a few moments. I carried on with my stroll and entertained other thoughts.

    Literally one minute later, I hear an engine rev and turn my head. I see the Ferrari logo out of the corner of my eyes and make a full turn. Staring me in the face is a yellow F430, stopping at a red light. I remember saying ‘Holy ****!’ aloud and shaking my head in disbelief.

    For the rest of the walk I moved through the world like I was neo when he is seeing everything in code.

    Sure, it could have been a mathematical coincidence. However, what are the odds that it really happened randomly? That of all the thoughts that I could have been thinking, that I would have been thinking the thought that I want to see a Ferrari in a part of town that is not exactly teeming with exotic cars, and for it to happen just 1 minute later. Unlikely, in my opinion!

    Experiences like this and many others like it have basically proved it to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that we can create our lives with our intention.


    It’s all well and good knowing we’re super powerful creators and we can intend things into our life, but just how does one go about the intention process so that the thing we want can show up quickly and easily?

    Well again, I’m glad you asked. The answer is a tad bit more complicated this time, but still easy to get your head around.

    You have to close the gap between the vibrational signature of, for example, the new Ferrari that you want and your own vibrational signature. You do this by creating a bridge between that Ferrari’s energy and your own energy.

    You can create this ‘bridge’ in a variety of ways, and this is where it gets a tad more complex.

    Personally, I have found great success in visualization. This is the process of imagining the Ferrari as much exquisite detail as you can, so that you actually feel like it is right there in front of you in reality. So this means that you might smell the cars interior, you will feel what it’s like to run your hands across the rear view mirrors, you will see how the light reflects off the yellow finish, you will hear what the engine sounds like when it revs, you will observe all it’s details; the grill, the engine, the windows, the seats, the exhausts, the skirts – as much detail as you can muster!

    What we’re trying to do here is to really believe that you are experiencing whatever it is you want right now. So belief plays a huge part in here. Your beliefs about exotic cars, being wealthy, whether you deserve the car, your financial situation, how you think other people would react to you having it – all these things must be aligned in a general positive direction in favor of getting what you want. It doesn’t have to be 100%, you don’t have to be a robot that doesn’t feel fear or doubt, because that’s actually ok and even healthy, but just bear in mind the stronger your conviction the easier it is.

    Carrying on with the bridge analogy; this visualization serves to create a very strong, sturdy bridge and means that the yellow Ferrari you’ve always wanted can zoom right over there with no problems. Great!