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    Theta level healing requires a careful level of application. I would not suggest moving into Theta healing without taking some precautionary and directed educational steps.

    I am an avid runner, and also have severe joint pain in my knees, hips, and back. In an effort to combat the obviously detrimental effect of those pains on my running, I began to research Theta healing. My initial attempts were unsuccessful as my mind was still focused on the pain and the fear that it would get worse, of which it did... I was about to undergo knee surgery which would have debilitated me for no less than 6 months.

    I had to backtrack my focus to alpha level states in order to ready myself for Theta level interactions. One of my focuses was developing the ability to enter a lucid dreaming state, which would allow for greater control when entering Theta meditation, as opposed to allowing my fears to take control. Controlled use of Theta meditation is important to generating any level of success.

    A positive and controlled mental attitude is important to develop any level of success in Theta healing. Over the past 5 years, I have basically overcome the joint and back pain (it still resurfaces every now and then), avoided knee replacement surgery, and have successfully improved my 3-mile run time from >30 minutes to 19m 54s. I can now run 6 miles in about an 50 minutes.

    Be careful and knowledgeable about what you decide to do and let me know how it goes for you!

    Alpha Level of Mind And Meditation | Silva Life System


    • There are lots of ways to learn Theta Healing from afar. We are working on lots of new Theta teleclasses that anyone from any where in the world can participate in (at a very low cost as well). Follow Theta Healers on Twitter and Facebook for daily and weekly advice and downloads.

      Find the right Theta Healer and process for you. Experiment and ask questions!

      Heal well

      Karen Abrams
      Theta Healing with Karen Abrams - Move Easily and Confidently Toward Your Goals