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Important Update...please read.

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  • Important Update...please read.

    We have made a website modification today in regards to Project 1 World.

    There has been some confusion on how to sign up for additional Modules when someone already has a Project 1 World Account/Theater.

    In the past it was possible to log into your Project 1 World Account/Theater and then go to the "Product" or "Add Module" pages and click on some products to add, it would then take you to the shopping cart but would not let you buy the additional Modules.

    This is Correct, but was confusing.

    The reason it is correct is that the Project 1 World is its' own Theater. You CANNOT add any Modules to it. If you want other Modules you must log out and create another Account/Theater.

    The reason it was confusing is that there were no instructions on how to proceed at the shopping cart page.

    Now, if you are logged into your Project 1 World Account and try to add Modules, when you get to the shopping cart page you will see the following message.

    Your Free Project1World Account cannot hold Paid Products.

    There is an Easy Solution!

    Simply Logout before adding products

    and create a new account.
    Happiness & Health,

    PATHS, S.A. Staff