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  • Interesting Cover Article in Time Mag

    The March 24, 2008 issue of Time Magazine has a Cover Article of "10 Ideas that are changing the world."

    "IDEAS CHANGE THE WORLD, THE POWER of a new idea is the engine that transforms the way we live and think."

    Hmmm, that sounds familiar. "Energize your Mind, Transform your Life."

    Why I am I posting about this in the Project 1 World forum?

    Because the FIRST of the 10 Ideas in the Time Article is about WORLD PEACE.

    Even though it is entitled ""Common Wealth" and is purportedly talking about economics, the real subject addressed in the #1 Idea is "ending our misguided view of the world as an enduring struggle of 'us' vs. 'them' and instead seeking global solutions.."

    It is all about cooperation and the absence of violence and war, the replacement of the foundation for conflict with the IDEA of cooperation and peace!



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    That's awesome Kevin !!

    I am so ready to move on from us vs. them and finger pointing mentalities

    Here's something I find inspiring on that topic :

    YouTube - OneVoice Movement: Eye-Opener!

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