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    Ever since the Project 1 World project changed from Renewable Energy to Peace , it seems that the synchronicities are rapidly lining up. I "just happen" to turn on the radio and almost every time, there is some discussion on peace . This has happened quite a few times in just the last 1 week! I usually don't listen to big commercial radio stations, just local college stations, and other independent stations, NPR and stations like that so it isn't rare that there are discussions about peace.

    Yesterday, I turned to 95.3FM Thin Air Radio - an awesome local LPFM station (support your local Low Power FM stations - 100 Watts or less - it is a whole movement on its own that give a real voice to local communities)...

    Anyway, there was an interview with Kathy Kelly. I was not familiar with her but it was a very inspirational and touching interview. I looked online and there is quite a bit about this amazing woman. She has dedicated her life to
    being the peace that she wants in this world in a very big way! Not only was it an incredible window into her world and experience, I found myself very emotionally moved.

    Anyway, here are a few links about Kathy Kelly that I think you might be inspired by: (please don't confuse her with the singer)

    Kathy Kelly (Google search - keywords Kathy Kelly Peace)
    Kathy Kelly Bio
    World Dreams Peace Bridge
    Kathy Kelly Youtube Videos

    Aaron Murakami

    Books & Videos
    RPX & MWO