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    Food for Thought

    Originally posted by dannyboybell View Post
    I don't believe in a conscious god separate from us that has "given us" this planet and that sheds a tear when a tree is pulled from the ground, and that's just the way I see it and I respect ppl who have a different view than mine.

    I see the universe & this planet more like a piece of art that is constantly a painting where the artist changes the pattern and the colors and shapes daily and no day is better or worse, they just are...all in the eye of the observer...

    So this planet with plants or without, with ppl and animals or without, this universe with this planet or without...doesn't really bother's just evolution...

    And since I don't believe in that type of god I probably don't understand but to me it seems like a conscious god with the power to create a planet has the power to restore this planet to whatever state he/she'd wish if that was desired...

    Just some thoughts...

    Yes the planet is evolving and it is up to us to shape that evolution. Whether it disrupts the essence, structure, or harmony of our planet or our universe may be inconsequential in the moment, but who knows in the long term?

    Personally, I just think it more practical to reuse what waste we can to perpetuate the resources we have now for our future (our children and grandchildren).

    While I believe that we will always be able to find the resources to maintain life, it is the quality of life that concerns me. Already millions of species of flora and fauna are extinct. Our soil, and therefore our harvested goods, have been depleted of vital nutrients. Humans destroy significant areas of sensitive land (the rain forest, tundra, rivers, streams and estuaries, etc). Each time we kill off a species, or waste resources, or destroy a large and important piece of the planet, or even be unkind we alter a part of ourselves in such a way that may leave a permanent scar on many different levels.

    Just in the time between my childhood and adulthood I have seen so many natural places - wildlife habitats, farms, fields, woods - destroyed so that people could build on the land or pave it. These places are changed and will never be the same again for possibly hundreds or thousands of years, if ever.

    My son will not see those places as they were and as time goes on, there are fewer places of natural beauty left available to us.

    Also, think about how you feel when you create a poem, artwork, or song. Now think about how you feel about those same pieces of art some ten, twenty, thirty years later. Going back and fixing rarely occurs. Most of the time you simply move on to bigger and better things. The same may be true of the powers and forces that created our planet. What if they were simply passing through and saw a good opportunity or we were just in the right place at the right time?

    I would rather see as much natural land be preserved for me, my son and hopefully my grandchildren. If that means I take the time now to conserve water, recycle, pick up trash when I'm outside, etc. - so be it. It is a small and humble gesture amongst the myriad number of other small and humble gestures that contribute to a greater good.

    Whether these attitudes and gestures contribute to our evolution and whether it matters if the planet is inhabitable, or not, only concerns me in how and what we create as our coexistent future. Any picture can be on the canvas we create, but are we creating a thing of beauty or just something to keep our eyes busy?
    Blessings on the journey, Glenn
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