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    Hi Alan,

    I'm not sure if you seen this, but on this page: John Bedini
    I have a youtube video at the bottom of that page. I built
    that motor that draws 1000ma (miliamps) at 5000rpm
    but by the time it hits 10,000rpm (twice the speed),
    the motor only draws 200ma or 1/5th the power to go
    twice as fast. Faster it goes, the less it takes to run it.

    You can also see the
    Lindemann Rotary Attraction Motor
    on youtube towards the very bottom:
    You can see that by lighting a bulb with
    it, it causes it to draw LESS power than
    without lighting a bulb... total opposite
    from what is thought to be possible.

    Thought you might like these if you haven't seen them.
    Aaron Murakami

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    current powerful technologies

    There are a lot of "non-exotic" energy technologies that are available in the here and now and just need more recognition. Here are a few:

    vacclaisocryptene - was classified during the war. closest thing to a friction free oil additive for engines, etc... so good it went to the moon. Improves engine life, boosts performance and reduces emissions.

    New Quest International has a fuel additive that has over 30 years track record. Florida dept of transportation did a 1 year test on multiple vehicles and it gave them over 12% boost in fuel mileage. Reduces emissions. I got almost as good of results with this compared to the pills below.

    BioPerformance - used to have gas pills now is only powder. Attorney general in Texas closed them down claiming it was a scam. They are now back in business because through strict EPA testing, they proved it works. Reduces emissions and improves mileage. I personally went from 300 miles on a tank to 400 miles on a tank in a Honda Civic with 1 pill in 10 gallons of fuel.

    Brown's Gas torch - a welding torch that uses only water for fuel. plug into the wall and you have an amazing device. the flame can neutralize radioactivity on contact by over 95%. Eagle Research makes the best ones commercially available. Go check out what it can do.

    Hy Tech - Ceramic paint additive. Developed by NASA. Can reduce heating and cooling bills in a home by up to 70% in some cases.
    Hy-Tech insulating paint products are based upon our exclusive blend of insulating ceramic microspheres or "vacuum beads", that are designed specifically for mixing into paints, coatings and composites to form a tight interlocking matrix which reduces conductive heat through the painted surface. The ceramic barrier reflects up to 90% of the heat back to the source. My personal feeling is that every city should make ordinances required that this additive MUST be added to every gallon of paint that goes on the outside and inside of every home and especially commercial businesses. SPACE HEATING is about 33% of the average home energy bill...the single biggest expense for energy. Having the insulating additive with interior paint will lock in the heat and will be the single most reduction this expense.

    Radiant Heating Panels - One of the most cost effective ways to heat a room without wasting energy warming the air. Eheat seems to have the most efficient and best priced panels. 3 cents per hour to use.

    Marathon Hot Water Heater - world's most efficient hot water tank. Have it holding hot water at a certain temp...24 hours later, it only drops 1 degree. Also lifetime warranty...put one in and good for the life of the house. Never needs replacement like the junky metal ones that are so popular. Check out this video on its constructions... very very nice quality.

    Geothermal Heat Pumps - one of the most efficient ways to heat or cool a home and it a very conventional technology but outrageously expensive right now. These prices need to come down to affordable levels for average homes.

    Staber Washing Machine - the only horizontal axis top loading washing machine made in the states. Uses 67% less water, 50% less energy, 75% less detergent.

    Pulstar plugs - not a spark plug...a plasma plug CURRENTLY AVAILABLE but about $25 each. Need these prices to really come down!
    Enerpulse is headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We're a 10-year old company that specializes in developing environmentally friendly ignition products through the application of pulse power technology. With the assistance of Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, we developed Pulstar™ to increase the peak power of the spark by 20,000 times and ignite gasoline in the engine's cylinder more completely, with less cycle-to-cycle variation. The result is more engine torque, more horsepower and better fuel economy. Sandia labs...need I say more? These are the real deal!!! Not as good as Robert Krupa's firestorms, but those aren't available.

    Solar Light Tubes need to be used more to bring those prices down too even though they are reasonable...they should almost be a standard piece on a home to reduce lighting costs. They cost a few hundred bucks a piece up to more depending on size.

    LED Lighting - this is WAY MORE EFFICIENT than fluorescent bulbs. Not sure how the light quality compares yet for the screw in led bulbs meant to replace incandescents. I've been involved with the led industry for years mostly for healing applications but in the past... a screw in bulb using led's used to cost about $70-$90. Now less than $10. The brightness isn't as much as an incandescent but can be... just matter of time. but they do cost probably about 25 cents per year to use. They aren't practical yet for normal lighting but closets, hallways, etc...

    Sunfrost - world's most efficient refrigerator. Some say it is nice some say junky. Either way, these prices need to come down and more fridge makers need to use thicker foam and should paint both sides of it with the insulating paint additive. Keep the heat from moving into the fridge and the compressor will hardly ever have to kick on!

    Save Gas - free common sense things anyone can do.
    Learn 16 tips on how to maximize fuel economy. PDF

    Basically with all the above, bring down prices by boosting volume of use.

    Aaron Murakami

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      I just wanted to say I watched my PATHS for the first time since the Project 1 World was added and I REALLY FEEL it!!

      There have been a few modules that I feel a vibrational change right after watching it the first time. This absolutely is happening with Project 1 World and it feels amazing!!!!!!!

      Aaron wrote

      Radiant Heating Panels - One of the most cost effective ways to heat a room without wasting energy warming the air. Eheat seems to have the most efficient and best priced panels. 3 cents per hour to use.

      I currently have 2 rental properties using e-heat panels. One is a larger house and also has a gas furnace. The other is a 2 bedroom apartment which only uses the e-heaters (at a savings). Here in Pittsburgh we get stretches of 20-30 degree weather in the winter and it occasionaly goes to 0 degrees.

      Keep your mind on the aether


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        Another good tip is using ceiling fans in the winter. It saves energy and money. I put ceiling fans in the apartment with the e-heaters and they were already in the house.

        From Wikipedia :

        Most ceiling fans can be used in two different ways; that is, most fans have a mechanism, commonly an electrical switch, for reversing the direction in which the blades rotate.

        In summer, when the fan's direction of rotation is set so that air is blown downward (typically counter-clockwise, when standing under the fan and looking upwards), the breeze created by a ceiling fan speeds the evaporation of sweat on human skin, which is experienced as a cooling effect.

        In winter, buildings in colder climates are usually heated. Air naturally stratifies--that is, warmer air rises to the ceiling while cooler air sinks to the floor. A ceiling fan, with its direction of rotation set so that air is sucked upward (typically clockwise, when standing under the fan and looking upwards), takes cool air from lower levels in the room and pushes it upward towards the ceiling. The warm air, which naturally rose to the ceiling, is forced out of the way of the incoming cool air: it travels along the ceiling and down the walls, to lower levels where people in the room can feel it. This heat-reclaiming action allows for cost reduction, by making it so that less fuel needs to be expended in order to heat the room to a comfortable temperature and keep it there.

        Keep your mind on the aether


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          Energenx, Inc

          And of course John Bedini's technology, which through his Energenx company is now publicly traded. eenx.ob is the symbol in the nasdaq.

          Although their is no solution to reconstituting a shorted battery cell, a severely sulfated battery can be "Radiantly" charged back to a near new condition. Conventional chargers cannot break through the sulfated layers that normally occurs through conventional charging and discharging cycles. When the level of sulfation becomes extensive, the effect is that you think you have an unchangeable battery that is ready to be discarded or recycled.

          Our innovative new process now makes it possible for you to recover these unchangeable batteries, with replacement costs typically between $60.00 to $6000.00 depending on your battery type. We have recently developed several different charging systems which are unique and available to different market segments for industry and consumer's alike.

          Using Radiant charging technology will ultimately save you money by providing a more powerful charge and increased productivity. With all of us now looking to help the environment, Radiant charging greatly reduces the amount of wasted energy, normally consumed in conventional charging. This is all due to the constant sulfation build-up that normally occurs through the battery's cycling process.

          Whether your are a fleet operator or consumer, Radiant charging is the next evolution in battery maintenance that makes a difference.

          Aaron Murakami

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            Hmmm perhaps I will put some money into that stock. . .

            I was just checking over some of my spreadsheets I used for tax purposes.

            I have one electric account that is only for the lobby and outdoor lights in an apartment building. There is a photosensor that turns the lights on when it is dark and off when it is light.

            In 2003 (when I'm sure electricity was less expensive) I was paying $40 or more on that account.

            I now have all of those light bulbs, including the outdoor ones, switched to florescent. My last bill on that account was $12.44!!!!!!!!!!!

            So don't let the price of those bulbs fool ya

            Also I have 2 of the e-heat panels in my place. Last winter was the first time I had both of them and used the ceiling fan. I'm looking at my gas and electric bills. Although the budget amount on the electric account went up, the budget amount on the gas went down. It looks like I am saving about $20 a month from when I did not use the 2 e-heaters and the ceiling fan.

            Keep your mind on the aether


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              I also want to say how MUCH TIME the florescent bulbs save.

              I used to feel like I was changing light bulbs all the time. Some of the places were not so easy, like in stairwells and/or requiring a ladder.

              The florescent bulbs really do seem to last for years. And I would save receipts in case you get a dud. I believe most of them are guaranteed for years, often 5-7 years. What I did was just started buying those bulbs instead of the regular ones and whenever one I had going went dead I replaced it with a florescent one.

              I'm glad to know about the paint Aaron posted about. Blown-in insulation is a good idea, but it can be pricey. If you are handy you can rent the machine at some Home Depots and do it yourself. It's more important when your home is siding or something not as well insulating as say brick.

              Another one I want to get soon is a solar powered attic fan. That seems like a great idea.

              They say if your refridgerator is over 10 years old it will be very worth it to upgrade. You will save a lot in your electric bill and it pays for itself quickly. If your fridge is well over 10 years old you will save even more for upgrading.

              I've looked some into solar powered roof tiles. They replace a section of roof tiles and are very durable, I think stronger than regular roof tiles. In Germany they have like football fields full of solar panels and Pittsburgh gets a little more sun than there so it's gotta be worth it.

              If you have a flat roof and ever need to replace it, it will pay to go with a green rooftop. It insulates better and absorbes water.

              In Chigago all new roofs are required to either be green or reflective because of the city heat problems caused by other roofs.

              Keep your mind on the aether


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                "Since Chicago installed a 20,000 square foot "green roof" atop City Hall five years ago, the city has saved about $25,000 in energy costs."

                Green roof saves green in Chicago - Nightly News with Brian Williams -

                In Pittsburgh our mayor is turning all city deisle vehicles, starting with the trash trucks, to biodeisle. Apparently it is not costly to convert and is a step in the right direction even if it's not the ultimate fuel solution. I'm proud of our mayor. He's the youngest mayor in the country.

                Keep your mind on the aether


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                  ecocircle farming

                  The Ecocircle® Programme:

                  Please read the letter below, from my Remarkable brother, regarding the Project for Sustainable Organic Farming in Africa (which uses 75% LESS Water and produces three times the crops per metre than conventional methods), Ecocircle®.

                  p.s. the above is the project Odille's brother is working with.
                  seems to save water, etc...
                  Aaron Murakami

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                    Water Fuel Cell - powerful gas from tap water

                    Hi everyone,

                    Check out this youtube link:

                    If you like it, please give it a 5 star rating!

                    I am turning tap water from my kitchen sink into a powerful gas on demand.
                    Aaron Murakami

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                      What an encouragement to see attitudes shifting regarding the planet, renewable energy and taking care of the planet that is our home!

                      We receive emails daily, and see things in the news showing an ever growing awareness of the need to change, AND actions being taken to do so.

                      Here is an excerpt from one email we received recently:

                      I am very interested. I live in the Canadian Western Arctic. Seven minutes walk away, and easily viewable as I look out my window, is a research institute that is funnelling scientists northward to study the Arctic for the next 12 months to check the pulse of global warming. The institute also has an active interest in researching alternative energy resources.

                      It's a small town - I am friends with some of the admin people. Project1World sounds perfect. What is the first step?

                      Happiness & Health,

                      PATHS, S.A. Staff



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                        I received an email with the following words almost 2 weeks ago. I don't know why I didn't think to post it sooner, but here it is!

                        "August 4th was a good day for the planet as the House of Representatives passed a landmark national Renewable Electricity Standard by a vote of 220 to 190 and then went on to pass the energy bill itself on a final vote of 241 to 172. This marks the first time in recent memory that, instead of simply blocking harmful legislation, Congress has passed a proactive energy bill.

                        The bill approved Saturday requires that 15 percent of every utility's power be generated by renewable energy by 2020 and includes tax incentives for wind-energy production and plug-in hybrid purchases.

                        This fall, House and Senate conferees will have the opportunity to marry the renewable energy standard passed by the House and the increased fuel-efficiency standards approved by the Senate. That would mean significant progress on building a new energy economy and on cutting global warming pollution."

                        This is an excerpt from an email received from Sierra Club Home Page: Explore, Enjoy and Protect the Planet.

                        Project1World at work?

                        The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to sharpen.
                        -Eden Phillpotts




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                          Are We There Yet?!?

                          You guys HAVE to watch this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                          He said Aero is launching this week and it was 8/20/07.

                          I believe we helped like wind in his sails.

                          PATHS Staff PLEASE can you add some specific instructions to help this project :

                          Steve Greer 2007-08-20 Presentation

                          "Dr. Steve Greer discusses Advanced Energy Research Organization on August 20th in Bethesda, Maryland."

                          Keep your mind on the aether


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                            energy breakthroughs

                            Hi all, I posted that big message! lol

                            Last couple weeks, very compelled to bust out my water fuel cell and start examining the conditioning process very closely. Posted some youtube vids with reference to the renewable energy forum. Looked around and subscribed to some youtube vids by Went to their website saw a webring, etc... and have bee on a lot of boards and was thinking of networking with this one.

                            I called Peter, a friend of mine who is a very well known researcher in the field of "free energy." Asked him about h2earth and they contacted him about 9 months ago to let him know at one conference some comments on Stan Meyer's wfc (water fuel cell) technology really put some people on the right track. 6 months ago they opened their site. I told him I just subscribed to their vids and he thought that might be a good group to network with.

                            I get off the phone with Peter. Email message from in my email through youtube. Get the youtube message and it says:

                            "Sent: August 22, 2007 Subject: Synchronicity! Message: I almost flipped when I got the YouTube email that you had subscribed to our videos, because, at that very moment, I was in the middle of reading a two year old .PDF of YOURS, entitled "Bedini Sg - The Key to Meyer's Circuit!.pdf", consisting of posts you made to some forum back in 2005.

                            I couldnt identify which forum it was from, and had never seen your nick before, and was looking for an email or some way to get in contact with you. And, 'voila!' here you are!

                            Our team of over 60 research associates in 16 countries has spent the last six months studying the WFC, and has independently reached the same conclusions you appear to have in 2005. The WFC electronics are doing the same thing as Bedini's Tesla Switch and other FE/OU devices; not just in general, but in the specific.

                            When optimized, the WFC should not only consume no current, but should produce a net current output in direct proportion to its gas production. Stan was good, but he didnt have the benefit of the last 10 years of ZPE/QVE technology development and theoretical extention to work from.

                            I'd like to invite you to join the H2earth Institute's realtime collaboration system, using the Skype platform. Email me at xxx or Skype me at xxx and I'll link you in.

                            What is your current gas production in wh/ltr?

                            I look forward to talking with you.

                            David L. Wenbert
                            Executive Director
                            The H2earth Institute
                            Washington, D.C.

                            I talked with David later. He just had a computer crash. Over 2500 docs he was putting on a computer. Out of all those, he just opened mine. While reading it, that very sec, he sees my subscription to his youtube vids come in and at that moment he was wondering how to contact me.

                            There is a LOT of other stuff but just know that if you are not active in the renewable-energy field that you might not notice immediate benefits of the Project 1 World module, but YOU ARE DEFINITELY CONTRIBUTING TO causing these synchronicities to happen to bring these things together faster and faster...THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU...

                            I chatted with a LOT of people in their skype chatroom and "mysteriously" over the last 2-3 weeks, there have been some exponential breakthroughs in the wfc technology and understanding of various components of it

                            Like I said, there is a LOT going on and I can only post so much. Please do whatever you can to get the word out about Project 1 World because together we are truly experiencing the power of collective intention!!!
                            Aaron Murakami

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                              It is either quite a coincidence , or Project1World is having the desired effect regarding renewable energies etc.

                              Jessica (aka future pather) encouraged me to watch this video:

                              Steve Greer 2007-08-20 Presentation

                              It is rather long, 53 minutes, but fairly interesting.

                              What really got my attention is the


                              that was mentioned in the video!

                              Check out their "About AERO" page which I have pasted below. It is like it was taken straight from the current Project1World Module!

                              About AERO

                              Advanced Energy Research Organization (AERO), LLC was founded by Steven M. Greer, M.D., in July 2007. AERO is a new research and development group which will develop and strategically protect new energy and propulsion technologies that will completely replace oil, gas, coal, and nuclear power

                              AERO is the group that is most strategically ready to develop, disclose and establish the long-suppressed technologies that will enable us to establish a truly sustainable civilization on Earth.

                              It is time that humanity move on to its next level of development. This cannot happen with the internal combustion engine and fossil fuels. Time is short. Indeed time - and obscurity - are elements that must be overcome for success to occur.

                              Advanced Energy Research Organization - About Us



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