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    The other top voted project for applying Project 1 World to is for the generally raising consciousness and light in the world on a global level.

    There are many other topics voted on and any ideas, discussion, suggestions, comments, or questions should be posted here about potential future projects.
    Aaron Murakami

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    Hi Aaron,

    Thanks for starting these threads.

    I would like to see a project to address economic corruption globe-wide.

    We could even keep our current topic and add some specific instructions about overcoming economic (and maybe political and infrastructional) obstacles in relation to environmental technology.

    XO Jessica
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      On economic corruption :

      YouTube - Illuminati New World Order - THINK About It !!!

      XO Jessica
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        Jessia, I think you are the Queen of u-tube links!!! LOL


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          A different Project 1 world Idea/

          Howdy folks,

          I have an idea for a different project one world topic/focus.

          I propose that instead of project 1 world focusing on such topics
          as renewable energy, rain forests and what I refer to as "macro" and subjective topics -subjective because we'll never really be able to measure the effect of the efforts put in, why not first focus on "micro" and small scale topics whose impacts can be felt and measured, and perhaps even more appreciated by the immediate end users.

          For example we can start by having sort of a wish list that active PATHS users fill, it can be a wish for a personal problem or to help someone you know in need, and at the end of a certain period, there will be a vote to determine which project or wish to pick from the list.

          As said before, the general idea is that the impact can be measured, which when everyone involved hears about what and how their efforts has helped touched a life, they will be more inclined and motivated to do it again. And because of the 'micro' nature of the projects, and the power of PATHS, I believe it won't take that long for each project to be reasonably concluded, paving way for the next project or group of projects.

          I personally think you/we should have started with such small scale measurable projects, before moving onto bigger ones.

          Whaddaya all think?



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            Kanayo, I think you make a great point

            I think the idea of focusing on a PATHS user's personal 'project' or on someone they wish to help is a great idea, although I'm not sure it falls under the 'world' description and intention that PATHS had in mind for Project 1 World.

            While I don't mind 'lending' my subconscious to work on the projects that Project 1 World chooses, I was under the impression that we were supposed to suggest projects for which the effects of our intentions would be *measurable*.

            With that in mind, I think smaller, or at least, much more focused 'targets' would be a better idea. I think that would make it easier to see results than with larger, more general targets where we can't really determine what effect our intentions have had for sure. My suggestion is that instead of 'renewable energy' as a general target, perhaps we could choose something more specific under that large umbrella to focus on. Maybe a promising piece of renewable energy technology that could use a little Project 1 World boost?

            Being able to see measurable results was a big draw for me when this Project was first suggested. But I'm still happy to lend my subconscious to the Project even if the focus remains on larger targets.

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              I couldn't agree more about the measurable effect thing. I lobbied hard for it.

              I think others felt the need to heal the globe was too pressing to put it off.

              How about we do . . .BOTH!?!?!

              Possibly the best way to get this started is for anyone interested to post a proposal for a regional project. . .

              XO Jessica
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                city council

                Enlightening the city council of my town would be a great test
                Aaron Murakami

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                  I like the idea of doing both.

                  I like the wish list idea. How about if we make it a multiple wish list where people can add (privately if they desire) what is they want and then report on the progress and/or when it has come to fruition. Then we can really measure how effective we are and also provide a lot of wishes to a lot of people. Plus it would be really fun and interesting to see if we affect many things at once.

                  On a grander scale, how about targeting saving the rainforest, Aaron's city council, the homeless rate in the US or the foreclosure rate in the US (currently 1 in 7).

                  Blessings on the journey, Glenn
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                    I vote we make the regional project as scientifically measurable as possible.

                    I think the first step would be to find out how many people are on project 1 world.

                    Then we can go for a population that we are the square root of one percent of.

                    PATHS staff, would you be able to give us a current count of those who are active on the project 1 world module?

                    Keep your mind on the aether


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                      # of People

                      There are currently 327 people helping the Planet with the Project1Word Module.

                      However, that number is probably going to be jumping significantly beginning next week.

                      Happiness & Health,

                      PATHS, S.A. Staff



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                        Wow, that's great!

                        And you are suuuuuuuch a tease!!

                        So now what will be our proper calculation for any of you interested in regional projects?

                        If we use 300 for now, do I have this equation right :

                        300 = the square root of one percent of X


                        300 = the square root of .01 times X

                        Is that right?

                        We could figure this out now, as our current maximum of the population we wish to target.

                        I think this is going to be pretty large number as it is. . .

                        XO Jessica
                        Keep your mind on the aether