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    PATHS Breakthrough With New Module

    Mind Travel~Retrocausality~Time Synch

    We did something a bit different when developing this Module!

    10 PATHS Affiliates were the Test Subjects for it and they did NOT know what the Module was about when they were testing it.

    They also did NOT know what it was about when they reported results.

    (we did this to avoid any "placebo" effects)

    What is very exciting is that we are posting the actual communications between PATHS and the Test Subjects so that you can see how the test progressed.

    This first link is the actual communication soliciting Test Subjects.

    This link is the initial reporting of the Test Subjects when they still did not know what the Module was about.

    This link is when we told the Test Subjects what the Module was about. There are also continuing reports from the Test Subjects of what they are experiencing.

    This final link shows a bit more communication in the final stages of the testing.

    As you will see from reading through these links there are significant themes attesting to the efficacy of the Module in producing:

    An Increased sense of Calm

    Living much more "in the moment"

    Experiencing Synchronicities

    Experiencing Life in a More Beneficial Order

    This is a powerful Module that can also be a Lot of Fun!

    The Synchronicity Module comes in a standard format, or you can request one of 4 options to the standard.

    It is available now on the PATHS Product page.

    Happiness & Health,

    PATHS, S.A. Staff


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    Time Travel Worksheet

    Hi everyone,

    Attached here is a worksheet for this module. It is based on some meditation techniques I have used for a long time.

    You can read a bit of this concept here:
    Attached Files
    Aaron Murakami

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      Aaron, I'm lost. I don't understand the flow here. Could you explain this again, please?

      The worksheet states:

      "1. After waking up, meditate with focused concentration on you receiving information about the daily events from your future self later that same night that happens to be meditating on sending information about the day to you at that very moment. Also, receiving info from yourself though the day as events happen."

      I think this means that:
      I wake up and meditate on receiving information from my future self throughout the day. I also meditate on knowing that in the coming evening, I will mediate on sending thoughts backward to myself (which I will then receive throughout the day which in the morning is still in the future).

      Or did I miss something?

      Sorry, don't mean to be dense.



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        what to focus on

        Hi Carol,

        It is a tricky concept to get used to but you basically have it.

        When you wake up, focus on receiving info from your future self throughout the day (non specific info)... just focus on the concept that you are receiving info from yourself through out the day after you get out of bed.

        And, specifically focus on receiving info from your future self who is laying in bed sending info to it's past self, which happens to be you in that morning.

        When you are going to sleep, focus on sending info to your past self in specific moments throughout the day that you think were very key points in the day.

        And specifically focus on sending info to yourself about the days events to your past self, who is just waking up open to receiving from your night time self.
        Aaron Murakami

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          YAY!!! My future, past and present selves are all grateful that this module has finally been released! I have already requested it. Maybe even benefited from it already!!??

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            I'm on the Increased Synchronicity module and after reading the above information I have to ask....If we don't request direct information from our future self, how are we going to know it came from our future self? This is all very challenging to understand. The same goes for information going back to our past self which would be a moment ago to 3 months for the module. Why would the answers just not come from our higher selves that live in a timeless reality. Where does all the information about our lives being holograms and not real fit into these modules? There is so many theories and so many more questions. Heeeeeelp! I'm hangin in there because life as I know it is sooo interesting and good in spite of the challenges. I wake up in the morning and I ask, "Well Lord, what do you want to experience in this vessal today? How about some joy, some creativity? Some financial abundance is good. So is peace."


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              timeless self

              Hi Rhozzi,

              Our past and future selves are timeless as well as they are both only probabilities. Even our past is only a probable past of what we think happened. If we see something different in the past, our entire recollection of the past can instantly change from our perspective.

              There seems to be quite a few different definitions of a higher self. To me, it is the innate self that existed before we fabricated our illusionary personal individual identities. That self is definitely timeless in my opinion. All the information is available in the collective unconscious (the matrix).

              We can get the data from our higher self who lacks judgment and is in a state of pure beingness...the data we get is by our subconsious mind retrieving it from the matrix. The synchronicity module is asking our subconscious mind to give us data in a very specific way. There is a very powerful concept.

              For example, I'm naturally clairvoyant but the data I naturally receive is very out of order sometimes and it is up to my imagination to make meaning of it. Unless I have a non-symbolic dream which needs to interpretation of something that will happen in the future, it is sometimes challenging to decipher.

              With TRV for example, the subconscious mind is being trained to feed our conscious reasoning mind data from the matrix in a very ordered and systematic way. This modules basically trains our subconscious mind to do something similar...get us to download data in a precise way rather than just "tuning in" to general information.

              I'm not implying we don't have need for our natural intuitive ability and that it isn't has served me profoundly well throughout my life as countless others experience with their own intuition.

              Through the science of quantum physics, time - retrocausality concepts, etc... when we can put a name to something, we are empowered. When we can apply more knowledge and understanding to natural processes, we are empowered. By using this module, we become more empowered.

              There have been so many more profound synchronicities lately and very specific word for word premonitions of people saying something, etc... that I just blurt out that it is really like having a free sweepstakes in a toy store. At least that is how excited I get about it.

              A lot of this is based on a hypothesis or just plain old untested ideas but things that seem to make sense, some is based on very reliable and tested theories, and some is based on various principles that are strongly natural law.

              By mentally experimenting with these principles...I believe an outcome will be that people will suddenly grok in the very fullest sense of the word grok, the realization that the past, present and future are happening simultaneously.

              Many people intellectually are fine with that concept but to really know it experientially is another thing.

              If you take a rope and pull it tight, you can't tug on one end without it instantaneously affecting the other end. That is the reality of time even though we perceive it as a wave...take the rope and whip it so it makes a snake like ripple down the rope where it takes time for the movement to reach the other end. The 2nd example is the illusion we perceive.

              The clock only ticks because the aether is decompressed enough so that light can move through the aether. We see the movement of light and therefore that is evidence that there is entropy.

              To keep it simple, the module helps to unify our future and past probable self. I think it is a very fun module and it is definitely very, very effective.
              Aaron Murakami

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                Time Travel/Dreams

                I really like the idea of the time module. For purposes of doing the exercises for this module, Iím sort of following Abrahamís idea of an Inner Being, connecting to a part of myself as non-physical who is a part of the Matrix and can access any point in it.

                Iíd like to share a dream I had, which maybe could be a dream about me in various life stages, sharing information with myself. I had a session with Moria yesterday, which felt very emotional and profound to me. She said that information would come to me in my dreams. Well, today Iím on antibiotics that make me feel a bit woozy and sick, and I fell asleep this afternoon on the couch. I had the following dream, which I recorded when I woke up

                Dream on July 29, 2007
                It was in the countryside, an old house, perhaps a boarding house. I was young, a young adult, and there was also a very young girl, perhaps 7 or 8, and an old woman, perhaps 70 or 80. We were each of us all alone, that is, without family. I knew that somehow. We were wearing old-style clothes, dresses with aprons. It was a bright, sunny day. The young girl came to me and asked me to introduce her to the old woman. ďBut I thought you knew her? No, you were here last year and left, and then the old woman came in.Ē So I went into the little room, which had French doors opening on it and a window at the end. It was a long, narrow room just a bit longer than the double French doors. The little girl was happy and excited, bouncing up and down. She finally crawled up on the daybed and sat down. The old woman tried to get on the daybed, but couldnít. I tried to lift her, but I couldnít do it. Finally I helped her step up on it. I introduced them, and the little girl said to the old woman, ďYouíre Jewish arenít you? Iím Jewish too. Letís talk.Ē The old woman smiled and said, ďYes, but first we will dance.Ē I went to the landlady, who was a nice middle-aged lady, and said, ďMrs. Lesko, they are both Jewish.Ē Mrs. Lesko just smiled. I then somehow realized that Mrs. Lesko knew and had arranged it so they would both be here at the same time and meet each other. But she didnít say anything. Then I woke up, still hearing ďbut first we will dance.Ē

                If anyone can do dream interpretations, Iíd love to hear it. I think the ethnicity part may have come in because at my job Iíve had several meetings lately on how to best record ethnicity/race in order to meet federal mandates. Iím not Jewish, and Iíve never heard the name ďLeskoĒ before, but I looked it up on the Internet, and see that itís actually a name of a village with a Jewish temple. Iíve had many dreams that take place during a war, and have often wondered if I lived through one in another lifetime. Could the information passing back and forth from the module actually pass information back from another lifetime?



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                  I don't know about interpreting your dream but I am 1/2 Jewish and have always been curious about if/when that is considered a "minority."

                  You wrote

                  Iíve had several meetings lately on how to best record ethnicity/race in order to meet federal mandates

                  Are they proposing to create a "race" category for Jewish people on race forms? In the past, any race form I've seen that makes any mention of anything close to Jewish tends to be in the middle eastern category and in that case instructs to check "white." That seems a little strange to me. . .

                  Being Jewish is bit strange in that many people don't register it by looking at you (and man because of that I've heard people say very bigoted things to me) and in that many Jews are successful today although they are possible the most persecuted group in history.

                  Another interesting thing about this topic, your dream, and your current work issue is that countless Jewish babies were smuggled out of concentration camps and placed in Catholic families and orphanages. (see )

                  That means there are a ton of people alive today who think they are Catholic and they are actually ethnically Jewish.

                  Keep your mind on the aether


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                    Thanks Aaron for the reply. It helps a lot.


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                      Wow Carol, what an amazing dream!
                      I see a lot symbolism in your dream. First all the women are you. Most likely you brought the ethnicity part into your dream because it would make you pay attention. The ethnicity is grouping, so your dream would be telling you that the little girl and the woman and Mrs Lesko are a part of the same group (You). You then went on to introduce the little girl to the old woman. (As a little girl, we don't know yet who we will become). But, if we knew when we were a little girl who we would become, don't you think it might make life a bit better? Now, for the really good part, the old woman said that first we need to dance I think that is just about the best advice you could possibly give your self. Dance i.e. JOY!!! Then you spoke to Mrs Lesko, (also you), who is a very knowing woman that brings the little girl to meet her future self and the little girl gets to see, how joyful she will become!!! The advice to you all of (you) in your dream is to like Nobody is watching

                      Blessings with Aloha Keoi
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                        Originally posted by future pather View Post

                        Are they proposing to create a "race" category for Jewish people on race forms? In the past, any race form I've seen that makes any mention of anything close to Jewish tends to be in the middle eastern category and in that case instructs to check "white." -Jessica

                        Hi, Jessica ... I should have been a bit more clear. Part of my job, a new assignment, involves being in charge of a management information database that tracks clients who are served by a federal grant. The database is mandated by the federal government. Last week I reviewed the requirements and was shocked to see we are mandated to ask one ethnicity question (Are you Hispanic/Latino) and a race question, Are you American Indian, Black, Asian, White and something else, I can't remember now. I guess it's been like this for 10 years or so, but I didn't know it and I was pretty shocked and angry and just can't imagine why we are asked to separate out one ethnic group. I didn't like it. One of the guys in the office who is Latino explained the history and dynamics to me. My boss told me not to bother with it, because we can't it.

                        In my dream, discovering those two people were both Jewish was exciting, because then that meant they weren't alone any more, they could be like family to each other.

                        I was mostly wondering if since the dream had some vivid parts (the ethnicity, the name "Lesko" that I'm pretty sure I've never heard before, the boarding house) and my history of having war dreams, if it could all possibly mean that I was connecting to a past life experience.



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                          Well I thought Keoi's interpretation of your dream was pretty brilliant

                          It would jive with the feeling in your dream because you knew you were not alone anymore since you connected with yourself

                          I heard the reason why they make Hispanic/Latinos separate by whatever they call it is because if they grouped them all together people would realize just how large of a group they are.

                          I believe 2000 was the year whites ceased to be the race majority in the state of CA but funny how you never heard that one make the headlines.

                          I went to college in Hawaii and one very refreshing thing about Honolulu is that you honestly can not tell what ethnicity most people are by looking at them because of all the blending. I figure that's how it will be everwhere one day.

                          XO -Jessica
                          Keep your mind on the aether


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                            Jessica and Carol,
                            My background is 20 years as a Mortgage Broker/Banker. We have pretty much always had to ask the ethnicity question and just aprox. 2 years ago they changed them a bit. What they changed was the category you fall in has to do which continent of origin your ethnic group originally hales from, so now East Indians are considered white because of how the land masses are. I had an East Indian Loan Officer working for me. He saw the new rule looked at his hand, look up and me and said, "WHITE?????????", I said yep you are now white. he laughed so hard I though he was going to choke himself. He then told me in whisper that he thought he would not explain this to his parents, they wouldn't like being white much.

                            The reason we had to ask these question was not what people really think. It was to prevent, block busting, steering and the like. What the fed's did with the information that was gather was take a look in a general region that had higher groups of different ethnicity and gender, to see if the Lenders and Realtors were not treating these groups fairly, ( You know, you can't buy in that neighborhood, because you don't qualify, oh but you qualify for this neighborhood )...yal right!
                            I will add over the years that they did find many in my industry, that were shady and discriminatory. For us the "lenders", those are
                            Do not pass go, GO directly to jail words!!!!!
                            If you read some of the court filing the things that were done to different groups in some area were pretty nasty.
                            Asking this has helped in reality.
                            Also, for people in the Mortgage industry, we are required if a person refuses to provide the info, to guess what their origin is. Can be pretty difficult when you are talking to someone on the phone.
                            I have talked to men that sounded like women and women that sounded like men on the phone and if their first name is, Terry, Dale, Chris...oh can you be in trouble if they don't want to tell you the info I have been lucky no one has ever refused when I explained why the question was asked.

                            Blessings with Aloha Keoi
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                              What if

                              What if you sent messages to yourself about LOA related things that you are trying to manifest, that they have already manifested or that they will manifest? What do you think about that?
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