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  • PATHS Mood Elevation Module

    I was talking to a customer today about the PATHS Mood Elevation module. The conversation stirred up quite a few experiences some of my customers have had, and research I have done, and I thought I would share a bit here.

    The Mood Elevation module is one of the most radically beneficial modules that PATHS offers.

    Most mood disorders (depression, bipolar disorder, etc) are traditionally traced to a lack of serotonin, or an insensitivity to it. (there are scads of references on the web to this, Wikipedia is a good reference tool)

    Allopathic medicine cannot give a person serotonin, nor can it make what serotonin a person has work better (without some serious "side-effects").

    The nice thing about the Mood Elevation module is that it puts the individuals serotonin production and utilization levels at the optimum, or healthy level.

    But there is more to it than that. The Mood Elevation module addresses all hormonal and chemical levels and puts them at the optimum, not just serotonin.

    Here are a few powerful things to know:
    • Mood disorders can be a result of a genetic predisposition

    • Mood disorders can be the result of a "negative spiral" that was triggered by a traumatic event
    • If one is in a negative spiral, they can usually use the Mood Elevation module for 3-4 months and break out of the spiral and not have to use it anymore.
    • If one is genetically predisposed to produce a less than optimum balance of hormones and brain chemicals, then they will probably have to continue to use the Mood Elevation module to continue experiencing benefits.

    • Bipolar is also known as Manic Depression.

    • Most people (who complain) are on the depression side most of the time. The Mood Elevation will help them and they will like it! This is because it will balance them out and their mood will be elevated!
    • Those who are on the manic (high flying) side tend to complain less. Although the people around them might now like it so
      The Mood Elevation will help them too, but chances are VERY STRONG that they will NOT like it. This is because it will balance them out and they will actually feel depressed (relatively speaking)-because they are no longer manic. The fact is that they are much more healthy, and those around them are much more comfortable. HOWEVER, you will find that most of them will not stick with it...they simply do not want to be "down", they like flying high!

    • A strong "Type A personality" will experience the same let down, and therefore will NOT like the mood elevation module.

    I am NOT a medical doctor, I give no advice whatsoever about medications, nor do I recommend anyone do anything that contradicts what their health care professionals tell them to do. (doncha just love our current legal climate? )

    I have had many of my PATHS customers, who were using different antidepressants, start using the Mood Elevation module and end up feeling so good that they are no longer taking their medication, and they are feeling MUCH MUCH better! They were all diagnosed with either Depression or Bipolar.

    Here is a testimonial of one of my customers that can be seen on the Testimonial page on the PATHS website.

    I have been plagued by depression for more years than I want to think about. I have suffered, those around me have suffered. Nothing ever seemed to get better.

    The different prescriptions only dulled things and made me more lethargic, then I would quit taking them and feel better for awhile and then crash.

    A couple of months ago my boyfriend convinced me to give the PATHS depression module a try. I did so out of desperation not to lose him.

    What a difference! Within the first week I was feeling much better, during the second month I realized that I felt better than I had in years!

    I do not know how you do it, sitting 6 minutes a week watching the Theater presentation has made all the difference in being able to deal with stresses that before I just ran away from.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Please do not ever stop with this.

    Hope this was helpful!

    Have Fun!


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    Hi Kevin, I wanted to give my experience on the mood mod.

    On Jan 3rd, 2007 I first viewed my mood elevation module. It is now March 20,2007. I will never forget the immediate sense of joy I felt. It was astounding! I had no idea I could feel this happy. I have always been a happy person, but never like this. People have always wondered why I was always happy, I would always say because Life is good!

    What was amazing to me was that I had no idea that I was feeling so below par before this module. As the days went by, I kept checking into my mood and attitude to see if anything had changed. It was still great and getting better and better. My kids were commenting on how happy I was. It was very noticeable to my friends as well.

    It hit me after the first full month I was on Paths that I had still been grieving the loss of my mother in Dec 26th 2004. I had not been able to let her go. She is in my heart and soul, but the Mood Elevation Module just helped me to think clearly and feel deeply what was also within me , and that was the utter joy of LIFE!!

    I am so incredibly happy now that I almost daily burst into tears of JOY!! I am so happy and grateful now that I feel this Joy from within me. Because of this Joy, I have noticed especially children wanting to be near me and talk to me. It is so divine! I get more hugs and kisses now than ever before in my entire life.

    Even if you think you are happy, if you have ever experienced any type of trauma such as losing a loved one. I highly recommend Mood Elevation. It is amazing.

    People are still asking me why I am so Happy, and of course now I tell them because "LIFE IS FABULOUS, ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS"
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    • #3 certainly are skipping ahead, aren't you. What a fabulous adventure PATHS is enabling in your life.

      Thank you for your sharing. What a lovely generous nature you have.
      It's been a reat treat following your threads on PI.

      It's been 4 years since my mum died and I still find myself conscious of painful undercurrents at times.

      I too am utilising the mood module, and I am glad to recognise this will provide further release for me in this area of my life as well.

      The sharing of the growth journey is certainly where much of the power lies, so I understand.

      warm regards



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        Thank you Roz,

        When I think of my mother there is only Joy. No grief at all. Only Joy at having such a loving and caring mother. She is still the person I Have loved the most deeply in my life. Because of this new awareness of how I loved her, I see and feel that the people I love now, I love deeply, truly, and unconditionally. The best is yet to come for us Roz!

        Life is fabulous!
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          Excellent Insight!


          Excellent insight. We are complex beings. But in the end it all comes down to Love.

          Thank you for sharing.


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            Kevin you are a MASTER!

            Thank you Kevin,

            So Simply Beautiful! "it all comes down to love" Life is SO FABULOUS!

            xoxoxo to you Kevin!

            Much Love and Gratitude GRACE
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              Was wondering if this module would help people in the "dark nights of the soul"? It seems like those are due to spiritual/karmic consequences and might not be helped with physiological means, but maybe it can? Any experiences or stories from people here?




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                I don't know if my story can help, but I'll try: I started the Self Esteem module about a month ago, and although I noticed some changes, on the whole they weren't good ones! In some ways I even felt worse than before. However, I took this to be a sign that some much-needed work was being done on some very deep self-esteem issues, and I committed to doing the module for three whole months. I'm not a person who expects instant results, I was okay with that.

                Then I read this about the Mood Elevation module. The explanation implies that the Self Esteem and Mood Elevation modules work best in tandem. You see, one of them works on the thought patterns, and the other on the actual body chemistry.

                So a couple of days ago I added Mood Elevation as well. And bam! Today I woke up feeling actually quite good - the first time in weeks that I've felt this good. I just know that the Mood Elevation module has kicked in by correcting some chemical imbalances, and I also know that the Self Esteem module is working behind the scenes to create lasting changes in my negative thought patterns. I'm going to continue using both of them at the same time, and see how it goes. I only wish I'd done this from the start! It would've saved me a lot of misery.

                By all means, give the Mood Elevation module a try. If it's not going to work for your particular situation, then you'll probably know it within days. It seems to kick in pretty quickly from what I can tell.


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                  Hmm another question,

                  If I just use self-esteem without the mood elevation, will it eventually bring about the same results? i.e., it would cure the thought patterns and then the body chemistry would automatically adjust itself?

                  Because I find that using the mood elevation tends to make me feel less happy at times, so I stopped using it, but I really wish to cure my self-esteem issues



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                    Mood Elevation

                    Hi Ethereal,

                    I believe the reason you were experiencing the "less happy moments" while on Mood Elevation was due to Cognitive Dissonance. Resisting Change so to speak. I think your best bet would be to get back on Mood Elevation and increase your water and spirulina intake. How much were you/are you taking?

                    I would try mood elevation alone for a month, and then add self esteem. You need to have the chemical imbalances in the body corrected first before you can really utilize the effects of Self esteem etc. I would also be interested in knowing what other modules you are on, if that is ok with you.
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                      That's great advice, Grace. I really wish I'd done it that way first, instead of the other way around.

                      By the way, only three days into my Mood Elevation module, and I feel great! They should add a mood elevator to every module, like they do the sleep one! It would definitely encourage people to stay the course.


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                        Is the mood elevation module appropriate for kids, specifically for a nine year old female?
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                          I just started this module yesterday. I probably should have started it sooner, since I have suffered from depression for about six years now. I have tried various medications, but I absolutely hated the way they made me feel: numb. I have been able to somewhat control the depression with exercise and keeping myself busy, but that "black cloud" has never really lifted. I am probably the perfect candidate for this module, and I can't wait to report back with my results.


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                            No More Lexapro!

                            My two-cents worth: Since starting the Mood Elevation module, I have not used my Lexapro, and I have felt just fine without it. Before PATHS, if I went off of it for a few days, I became very negative, depressed, and quite b*tchy!
                            I know it's made a big difference for me.


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                              To Ryan

                              Please let us know your progress. I started this particular module only a few days ago, and it works so well that I now realise that I have been suffering from mild depression for much of my adult life. Suddenly it's as if a cloud has lifted, and I'm thinking "oh, so this is what it's like to be normal!" Previously I have only had this nice "normal" feeling with anti-depressant meds that gave me horrendous side-effects.

                              Don't get me wrong, I don't feel "bouncing-off-the-walls-happy" or anything weird like that. If anything, I feel both upbeat and calm at the same time, if you can imagine that. It's a very, very good feeling!

                              I really think that some form of the Mood Elevator should be automatically built into every module, it would save a lot of hassle in the long run!