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    I thought it might be fun to share some of our favorite healthy recipes. I'll sart with one of my favorites. This one is quick and easy, no cooking required.

    Two slices of toasted bread (%100 whole grain. I like Ezekiel bread as it is made from sprouted grains and very good)

    Thinly sliced tomato

    Thinly sliced cucumber

    Alfalfa or broccoli sprouts

    Half an avacodo (yes I use that much, its SOOOOO good)!

    Put it all together, I like to sprinkle it with cayenne pepper, and eat it. (Side note, did you know that cayenne pepper is a natural analgesic)? Also, avacado is very good for you. Your body needs fat. When you are eating healthy non processed foods, you don't need to worry so much about your fat intake, only that you are getting enough.
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    For your sweet tooth

    This may not be "good" for you, but when you have a sweet tooth, and you love chocolate, it's a wonderful alternative and it's simple.

    Take one cup of pure maple syrup and mix it with six tablespoons of organic cocoa powder. Mix it together. Wala. You're done. Now take some fresh, sweet, juicy strawberries and dip them or bananas or whatever your heart desires.
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      Oh yeah baby!!!! I can make that kind of chocolate! And I've been eating a ton of strawberries since they're in season. This sounds right up my alley Flatlander! Thanks!