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  • Originally posted by Danny B View Post
    Ummm, a vaccine that is 95% effective protects 95% of the recipients. The other 5% are not protected.
    NO vaccine is rated for effectiveness based on how many people it infects. That isn't supposed to be part of the equation.
    So, are you now saying, or implying, that 12,400 Israelis were infected by the vaccine?


    • "with 6.6 percent getting a positive result, according to ministry data reported by Israeli outlets. The majority were apparently infected shortly after receiving the first jab of the two-part vaccine"
      That's how I read it.


      • There is an emerging alternative to all this dangerous vaccines.
        "A major drawback of the RNA vaccines now being pushed upon wary Americans is that they pose the problem of antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) – – your own antibodies attack your lungs and other internal organs. ADE is usually a delayed reaction. And ADE is beginning to occur among vaccinated populations."

        Researchers suggest one answer to the problem of ADE is to design therapies that target T-cells rather than antibodies. RNA vaccines largely activate antibodies.
        T-cells are known to protect against severe infection and re-infection. T-cell memory provides lasting immunity. T-cell directed vaccines stimulate clearance of viruses and avoid antibody-dependent enhanced disease.

        These same researchers reveal there already is a proven safe and effective vaccine that protects against COVID-19 via activation of T-cells – – the Bacille Calmette-Guerin (BCG) vaccine for another infectious lung disease — tuberculosis. It is derived from a mycobacterium (mycobacterium bovis) found in cattle. It is a “live” but attenuated bacterium.
        BCG vaccine and cancer

        Worldwide, TB kills more people than COVID-19. Now “two birds could be knocked out with one stone.”

        Vaccine makers must inoculate many thousands of people with their unproven COVID-19 vaccines while population studies already show BCG to be superior and more affordable.

        Upcoming BCG vaccine trial to be completed soon

        A large BCG controlled trial of 3626 participants that compares BCG vaccine versus placebo and is expected to be complete in April, 2021 and reporting by July, 2021


        • Originally posted by Danny B View Post
          "with 6.6 percent getting a positive result, according to ministry data reported by Israeli outlets. The majority were apparently infected shortly after receiving the first jab of the two-part vaccine"
          That's how I read it.
          That is how I read the report also. And no mention of anyone being infected from the vaccine itself.


          • I'm not gonna take you take it. My 79 year step Mom just got it and suddenly went to the hospital with a huge blood clot. Go ahead, make my day. Don't listen to me, I know you won.t so I'll say BYE now.




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              • Pfizer plans to raise prices and profit annually from their experimental vaccines after “pandemic” is rebranded as an “endemic seasonal illness”

                Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney: ‘We are in World War III. We did not have a pandemic… we had a biological attack’

                Situation Update, Mar 26: Vaccinated people are walking biological time bombs and a THREAT to society

                40,600 People Likely Contracted COVID-19 While in Hospital for Another Condition, NHS Figures Show

                3/27 Nation’s first covid ‘vaccine passport’ coming to New York – NY Post
                Fake CDC Vaccine ID Cards Being Sold Online In Illinois


                • Better be ready to check into the hospital. When they come for you guns you might need to hide also. Fear and panic will consume the masses because they have no faith. Sad isn't it?

                  If you get the vax fill the tub with water and put a pinch of laundry detergent, next place alfalfa pellets in tub from the pet store. You will see the Nanites stream out in favor of the pellets. Wash up and repeat as needed


                  • 100,000 blood clots reported in one tiny location and the news says only a handful step right up.


                    • "The Russian Federal Medical‑Biological Agency is working on a coronavirus vaccine that develops cellular immunity, as the latter may hold for up to 13-17 years, whereas antibodies provide immunity to the virus for only months"
                      NB, posting this erased everything

                      Russian Vaccines Effective Against COVID Mutations 'Scaring Everyone in Europe', Putin Says

                      Venezuelan President Maduro banned from posting on Facebook for talking about Covid-19 remedy
                      Carvativir, reportedly derived from thyme, has been long praised by the president. “Ten drops under the tongue every four hours and the miracle is done,”

                      UK Supreme Court Judge Expects People Will Be Forced To Wear Masks, Stay Home For Ten Years
                      “It’s politically unrealistic to expect the Government to backtrack now,” commented Sumption,

                      Welcome to the COVID Testing Industrial Complex — Already a $90 Billion a Year Industry Just in the US
                      That's bigger than Boeing, Intel, Facebook and Lockheed Martin. A lot of people stand to lose a lot of money if the obsession with the Plague of Death goes away

                      Coronavirus Certificates Could Be Needed for Work, Weddings, Theatres: Report
                      Heart Attack And Brain Stroke Main Causes Of Death After COVID-19 Vaccine Shot

                      March 27, 2021
                      After analysing the cases of death post COVID-19 vaccination, it was found that most of the hospitalized vaccine recipients suffered from heart attack and brain stroke after getting the jab, which led to their death.


                      Power crackheads
                      The Left know their window of opportunity is closing quickly as citizens increasingly aren’t accepting the COVID-19 lockdown and panic. So to keep the panic and thus the power orgy going, they’re hoping to sustain it permanently by scaring the public with “climate crises”.
                      Like crackheads, the enviro-leftists have gotten the taste of real power from the COVID lockdown, and now they intensely crave a lot more of it.

                      Armstrong, "this declaration that was supposedly signed by more than 1 million medical professionals.

                      OK, to summarise, covid was used as the justification for lockdowns. The real aim was, destroy the economy to cut back on fossil fuel consumption.
                      The "warmers" are gradually losing ground to scientific reality. They aren't going to let this stop them.
                      The lockdowns will continue. Partly to continue destroying the economy. Partly to forestall revolution.
                      The UK talks about 10 years of lockdown. OF COURSE. The covid continues to mutate and , present variants.
                      If Russia does indeed perfect a vaccine that blocks the variants, that would change the equation.
                      There is already much resistance to the Sputnik vaccine because domestic BIG pharma is making $billions.
                      BIG pharma now claims that covid is endemic, rather than pandemic.

                      The Fauci flu
                      seems to be a wonderful vehicle for endless profits.


                      • Warning: DON’T TAKE THE VACCINE! – General McInerney

                        ................bit chute


                        • Notes
                          Critical Informed Consent Questions You Must Ask Before Taking A CV 'Vaccine' Injection FORWARD TO ALL AND PRINT IT OUT - pdf

                          Maniac Fauci's Orders - Children Can't Play Together Unmasked Until They're All Vaxed

                          Europe - Now Almost 4,000 Dead and 162,610 Injured By COVID-19 Kill Shot 'Vaccines'

                          Biden-Obama WH Working With Companies To Develop 'Vaccine Passports' In America

                          Dartmouth-Brown Study Documents Media's Stoking 'Vicious Circle Of Fear' On COVID

                          MNPLSDH reports 89 'breakthrough' cases of COVID-19 after becoming fully vaccinated

                          Here Come The Global Vaccine Passports

                          Don't be fooled. ALL of this is designed to accomplish TOTAL control. "They" don't care about any stupid disease. This is ALL about taxing to keep the behemoth State well financed.

                          Armstrong, The Greens in Australia want to tax Billionaires 6% Wealth Tax annually (in addition to INCOME) as a property tax on everything this own from art right down to the watch they wear. They claim it will raise $11.2 billion over its first two years, it will cost the Australian Tax Office an extra $110 million to implement the policy and enforce compliance. But it does not stop there. It would apply to Australians who hold more than $1 billion in assets, no matter where they live, and non-residents who hold Australian assets worth more than $1 billion."


                          • More good news for Asztra Zeneca.
                            More bad news for humans

                            AstraZeneca Launches Four New Collaborations to Feature CRISPR in R&D


                            • They are getting more desperate every day to keep the narrative going.

                              Doctors who prescribe (hydroxy) chloroquine or ivermectin against covid-19 will now receive a fine of up to 150,000 euros imposed by the inspection. This may also include other medications that are prescribed outside the guidelines.

                              "Right Now I'm Scared" - CDC Director Chokes Back Tears As She Fearmongers "Impending Doom"



                              • Doctor not a vax, big liability 4 companies, insurance system failure, knowingly, 4 the past 40 yrs