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    Dr. Castillo believes in combining the best of two worlds in order to help his patients obtain optimum health. "I am truly blessed by having the opportunity of having one foot on regular traditional medicine and my other foot on natural, complementary medicine," said Dr. Castillo.

    Dr. Castillo believes it is his obligation to provide his patients with the benefits attained from both areas. "Many times you can come up with very nice combinations of both medicines." Very well informed on the latest medical and complementary medicines available, Dr. Castillo travels throughout the many parts of the world including The United States and Canada giving seminars on the benefits of his medical treatments. "A lot of people are dying of heart attacks and strokes without really knowing that they had another chance" said Dr. Castillo. "We try to improve the overall system with our treatments. Itís important to let the patient know that there is hope when all else has failed."

    According to Dr. Castillo, improving the circulatory treatment is essential for the heart and overall body. "It is extremely important to get the body in the best possible condition so it has the strength to fight the disease." The objective of the therapies that Dr. Castillo administers is to prolong and improve quality of life as much as possible by putting into remission, or stabilizing the patientís conditions.

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