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Schematic for machine that generates health?

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  • Schematic for machine that generates health?

    I've read in posts from people on this site about machines/circuits that generate health.

    Instances of healings similar to reiki or other laying on of hands/intention methods. Also I've heard of how one of these devices was set next to a plant and the leaves next to the device got HUGE, compared to all the other leaves.

    If there are any devices known about please post em here. I would like to build one and test it on stuff. I got some rabbits and I would like to tinker.
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    How about some of the names of these devices?

    I'm trying to find what the device was called but I can't remember which post it was in. I believe Aaron is who's post I read it from about the device which generated health. It was the one that was set in a room on one side of a plant. And that side of the plant became very healthy and was growing vigirous while the area that wasn't in the energy field of the device just had regular looking growth.

    My brother told me of such devices too. He was basically telling me how he could go to Mexico and get one, yet you cannot purchase one in the US because of the laws. "Laws to keep everyone on the down slope, except we here all know that."

    So any names of these devices? I wanna learn about em and get one or make one if possible. I think I might make a smack booster and triple filter the gas through bubblers then let it run through my rabbits water reservoir. HHO is supposed to be beneficial. Just gotta make sure to filter all the electrolyte from the gas.
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      Are you thinking about a SCIO?
      Discover the Single Greatest Health Science Breakthrough of the Century


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        I am not 100% but I think not. The SCIO is a Bio-feedback right? I haven't read a whole lot on it. I'm gonna have to check out the SCIO a bit more.

        I think it was a device which created an energy field, and within this field of energy it had healing properties.
        If you've made it this far then I've finally quit rambling.


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          You must be talking about the CSE effect?
          Victor S. Grebennikov: Insect Chitin Anti-Gravity & Cavity Structural Effect (CSE)

          Someone made one of those CSE generators which were just honeycombed material, and left it in the shop overnight or something, and in the morning the plant near it had huge leafs. Viktor didn't do this, it was some replicator or friend.

          Other then that you might consider Rife devices and frequencies, or
          Blood zapper to eliminate pathogens.

          Colloidal silver generator in vortexed water?

          Or Orgonite matrix structures. If made right they affect the life field. Just google towerbusters, chembusters, succor punches, etc. Affects the weather too.

          If I was a rabbit I would be afraid to breathe HHO...
          But what you could do is make an ozone generator.
          high voltage source to copper mesh, glass, copper mesh to ground. Ionized air is almost a fountain of youth.

          I dont think you'll find a plug-it-in solution to the life field. Chances are you should study sacred geometry and meditate on the hexagon and then use that understanding.


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            Thanks. I'm still reading through that link. Some good info there. Yeah that's how I recall the story too, left it next to a plant and in the morning the leaves on that side of the plant were huge. I'm gonna finish reading me that and get to making one/several.

            I ran across the Orgone generator and all it's spin offs last night. On the orgone generators. If I wanted to build a HUGE one, can I put as many crystals in it as I want? It kinda seems to me it's the size of your mold that limits the amount of crystals. I'll likely make a few small ones and put em around my rabbits too.

            As far as the HHO for the rabs. I'm gonna let it flow through their water tank, so then they can drink the water that's been enriched with HHO. As I've heard it's excellent to drink the water that has had HHO run through it. Cus most of our bodies are made from hydrogen and oxygen. Of course I'm gonna filter the water to remove all electrolyte.
            If you've made it this far then I've finally quit rambling.


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              If your going to spend the cash to make a big one might as well know what your doing :-P

              The basic premise is the resin/metal matrix acts like a antenna and capacitor to draw and store OR energy. Good or bad, both. The crystals change the properties of the energy, each one has different claims. Then any metal positioned near the device transmits the coded energy back out. The best way to improve efficiency is to improve surface area. So, your going to want FINE SMALL metal bits, and I find steel wool works perfectly. Try to get some of that #0000 fine. The only problem is the resin might have a hard time getting in the mass, so you gotta poke it in. Surface area also applies to crystals, you can take a large misshapen quartz or lemurian and hammer it into dust, and include the dust when you pour, along with what ever solid crystals you have.

              You can add as many crystals as you can afford, but make sure there is still alot of metal around them too because that's the crystal's antenna basically. If you want to get fancy you can put spirals of copper wire called saint busters buttons? which is basically a length of wire, held in the middle, and made into a spiral. Depending on its facing it directs energy up or down. If you hold the left end and the wire dips down and to the right or CounterClockwise, the direction is toward viewer. If you hold the left wire and it raises up and ClockWise, that should direct away.

              I would think that even if you didn't know what your doing as long as there's plenty of quartz, metal, and fiberglass resin, it should work. The resin has VOC (volatile organic compound) that makes it react and harden, so thats the biological part. Usually its less then 25% so resin is not perfect, if you used wood pitch that would have more bio in it, and work better. Ive seen some people just use water between metal and crystals and that works too I guess....

              I'm not sensitive I'm just relaying some research I did. I can feel some tension leave my arm as a cooling soothing sensation when I touch my creations though, and I am not sure if that's psychosomatic or not.

              Maybe make a block shaped device, and then put wool carpet on top of it so your bunnies would want to sit there. Or a bunch of frizbee sized ones and bury them under the bunnies? Apparently if the devices are in the ground or grounded they work much better.

              Also I've read its good to have flowing water touch it every now and then, or make it part of some zen water rock garden. The OR concentrates in water, so its like a turbo.

              Resin is expensive, buy in bulk. I think I spent over 300 dollars in resin and all I have is these sloppy things, and I know I could have gotten a better deal on the internet buying already made ones. I just didn't get my resin from a smart source. I should learn how to make wood pitch.

              I'm interested in your CSE experiments. try 25 honeycombs per square inch. I also heard that dixie straws in an open top box work very well for sound canceling. Just take about 100 straws in a large coffee cup and put it to your ear, your head will feel like its wrapped in pillows. Not sure if thats CSE, but almost similar.