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  • Bob Beck Zapper tests

    Hi All,

    I only recently became aware of Bob Beck after watching a video about regaining personal freedom on Youtube. I had heard of Rife but not Beck.

    I figured that I would get a schematic and build the improved version of his zapper and test it out.

    It's been a terrible winter for colds for me and with everyone around me.

    I am a musician and singer so sore throats are not welcome but it seemed that I was dealing with them when I saw the info on the Blood Electrifier, I figured I'd give it a try.

    I have been looking around for a forum for people using this device but haven't found one yet.

    I'm just wondering if anyone on the forum here has used one of these or is currently using one.

    I used it for about an hour last night. It has a nice little bite to it but I guess that is the point. I turned up the voltage setting to the max. It sort of feels like the tingling you get when your hand falls asleep. Not too bad. I figure I will use it for about an hour a day and see if I notice any positive effects. Everyone in the house seems to have some type of cold symptom also that has been persistent all thru the winter so I will use it on them too. I'm not a big fan of supporting big pharma so if this thing does what it says it can do, I'll be pretty happy.


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    I have not tried "zapping" protocols, but have heard about them. Another person using similar methods is Dr. Hulda Clark, both the BoB Beck protocol and Clark's protocol(along with much more info) can be found in the forums at Alternative Medicine Forums, Blogs & FAQs on

    I do not post regularly, so I do not know if posting the website is okay. If it is not, I apologize...... Jimmy


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      Thanks for the link .....lots of info there.


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        Hi, Sol I have not tried the zapper, but I did get hooked on everything Bob Beck had to say. I started on the silver coloids and was impressed.
        However, along comes Jim Humble, if you haven't already read up on him start now.
        Hell if only Jim and Bob had met up who knows? They were both saying the same thing (You have to free-up your immune system) Jim's system is much easier. First google Jim Humble, and read the free download book, you won't regret it.

        Regards, Bren


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          Ok, you've had some time, 2 months it looks like, any results?