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Tissue Regeneration of Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D. (not to be confused with Bob Beck).

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    Silver updates...

    Originally posted by Vinyasi View Post
    You'd think that argyria was the first and foremost thing to worry about when ingesting, or absorbing, lots of silver? At least, that's what the underfed minds of humanity are bred to believe.

    The oxidation of colloidal silver by the use of food grade hydrogen peroxide alters that reality by avoiding argyria altogether in favor of a new problem: what to do about the particles of silver which form within the stomach upon interaction with its hydrochloric acid secretions?

    Eat a little beeswax!

    But then, there's a new problem...
    What to do about beeswax sticking to the teeth?

    Melt it with oil, or butter. Not too much oil to prevent a greasy coating surrounding a confection dipped in this blend unless the oil and beeswax are going into another recipe, such as: a fudge brownie, or melted cheese via a macaroni & cheese recipe for instance.

    Beeswax Candy -
    Fortunate for me, my shopping cart wiped out all of its data. Fortunate, since I did not enjoy the manual labor that went into it. But I did learn a thing or two since doing it gave me the self confidence to take a risk I had been staying away from: the consumption of massive amounts of silver through the mouth. I thought that diminishing consumption by limiting to absorption through the skin via a bath in silver hydroperoxide might adequately protect me from the risk of argyria - this risk being an indication of a failure to metabolize silver as a nutrient. But I was mistaken. The risk is not in any excessive quantity so much as in typology for external absorption through the skin of silver hydroperoxide supported by MSM and various mineral salts. For if only hydrogen peroxide food grade were to be subjected to the body as a bath ingredient, already any risk of argyria is eliminated for it is only by oxidation of silver at the skin that its metabolism is assured, there, and any noticeable (cosmetic) argyria is avoided. Thus, on the basis of bathing in either hydrogen peroxide, or more efficiently in silver hydroperoxide plus MSM (since silver stabilize's H2O2 and MSM stabilizes AgO2H), cosmetic argyria is prevented regardless of its path of entry into the body or quantity of intake. Thus, bathing in sufficient H2O2, or AgO2H, to overcome whatever other ingredients may have been added to our water supply (that may override these benefits) makes the oral consumption of massive quantities of silver a no-risk situation. Thus, I have been emboldened by my beeswax candy experiments to go the next step: discard the candy and impregnate the surfaces of small sticks of edible beeswax with a thick coating of silver by immersing these sticks in a vat of murky colloidal silver - taken way beyond the point of conventional saturation at 15ppm - and allow these sticks to be subjected to the constant stirring of this solution for several hours resulting in the removal of most of the silver content from the watery solution as the silver becomes attached to the outer surfaces of the sticks of beeswax. These, then, can be shaved off with a potato peeler and the shavings rolled up into a small ball of about one tenth to one fifth of an ounce (if the sticks are each one ounce, themselves). Small bites of this silver beeswax can be chewed with food or between meals to get silver into the digestive tract at - what is conventionally considered to be - an alarming rate. But not alarming to me considering my prior work with a low voltage sleep circuit of 1.5 volts and 200 pico amps continuous DC (head and feet connected via silver leads to a 1.5 volt 'AA' battery with 50 to 100 giga ohms of resistance added in series), or the H2O2/AgO2H baths described above either method of which cures and prevents argyria.

    And, of course, the presence of beeswax coating the alimentary canal prevents gastric upset from occurring due to the presence of particles of whatever size of silver which could otherwise irritate this delicate lining. And the beeswax further acts as a slow release mechanism not unlike slow release vitamin tablets.

    All of this inspired by my need to adapt to the consequence of absorbing large amounts of silver ions through the skin via a bath in AgO2H and bolstered by the NIH webpage at...

    Antimicrobial beeswax coated polylactide films with silver control release capacity. - PubMed - NCBI

    So, moderation of our use of silver be damned! And full speed ahead! Ay, mates.

    Silver Beeswax for the safe ingestion of an excess of silver particles.

    Making silver safe for consumption.

    A tour of my silver with beeswax meal.
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      Argyria and its cure is explained by REDOX reactions.

      Argyria and its cure is explained by REDOX reactions.


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        Can iron anemia be avoided throughout excessive use of silver? Yes! MSM.

        Can iron anemia be avoided throughout excessive use of silver? Yes! MSM.

        Everything About Colloidal Silver | The Daily Sheeple - source for my response, above, on silver-related iron anemia.

        Argyria and its cure is explained by REDOX reactions. - Using a basic concept from elementary chemistry.

        I'm super saturated with silver yet have no argyria. - {Well, usually no argyria. But certainly not for very long. A few days at most. Watch the first link, above, for an explanation.}
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          Shorting low amperage DC circuit- ch. 7, Dr. R.O. Becker's book: The Body Electric.

          Shorting a low amperage DC circuit from chapter 7 of Dr. Robert Becker's book: "The Body Electric".

          It's not enough to reduce the amperage coming out of a 1.5 volt double 'AA' dry cell battery by the use of a minimum resistance of one mega ohm. It's much better to increase the resistance to at least a giga ohm, but even better if greater than this.

          Yet, this is still not enough for constant long term usage since amperage from a manmade source is not fashioned in the way Nature intended for the body. We know this based on Dr. Becker's research and the theory derived from it.

          Becker discovered that the body is not a conductor, and it is not an electrolyte. The body is a semi-conductor. This is corroborated by the work of Clint Ober described in Marty Zucker's book, "Earthing".

          Consequently, the use of a simple battery driven circuit may be fine for short term use to help the body heal or regenerate wounds, but it is not suitable for long term care of chronic illnesses such as old age and not good for use across the entire body.

          So, the solution is to add as much resistance to Dr. Becker's suggested minimum resistance of one mega ohm and then add a dead short spanning at least the width of the body if not greater. I choose to short through an Earthing bed sheet across its diagonal width.

          Since the silver wires of the bed sheet have less resistance than does the body, and since amperage chooses the path of least resistance, most of the remaining amperage - left remaining after my 6.6 giga ohms of resistance built into the circuit reduces the circuit's amperage to around 200 pico amps - will short through the bed sheet rather than the body. Hence, the body will receive next to zero amperage. The voltage coming out of the battery will still remain at 1.5 volts so long as the battery remains fresh - which will be the case for quite a while. So, the voltage will not reduce itself just because the amperage is being shorted out. Thus, will be fulfilled the admonition of Tom Bearden to not "kill the dipole" spread between the terminals of the battery.

          Moderate voltage is all that is needed to fulfill Dr. Becker's protocol for using electricity to help heal a wound. And next to no amperage is even better!

          How do I know this?

          Because Becker describes how the body's cells coordinate regeneration among themselves. The central nervous system, and the brain, are not involved in orchestrating the complicated procedure of regrowing a limb instead of sprouting something else or in the wrong place or wrong direction. The local cells coordinate the endeavor and do not use the neurons to transmit this information among themselves, but use instead the myelin sheaths of the neurons - their insulation - to conduct information to each other. This fulfills Tesla's experience of frequency and voltage so high that the electricity shimmied along the outside of the wire rather than use the conductive path inside the copper wire.
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            Originally posted by Vinyasi View Post
            This fulfills Tesla's experience of frequency and voltage so high that the electricity shimmied along the outside of the wire rather than use the conductive path inside the copper wire.
            I saw some of your stuff on Kefir, Thanks Vinny


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              Bathing in raw egg, homemade silver hydroperoxide, MSM and hydrogen peroxide...

              Bathing in raw egg, homemade silver hydroperoxide, MSM and
              food grade, 35% strength, hydrogen peroxide.
              -- a YouTube video

              Instead of various mineral salts, the amine portion of amino acid can also serve as a buffering tool to provide alkaline building material for regeneration of newly forming tissue structures. Thus, I prefer to eat my minerals (rather than bathe in them) and establish raw egg -- instead of salt -- to alkalize the bath water whenever I include ionic silver oxides (in the bath) as a metabolizable nutrient of various types -- silver hydroperoxide being the predominant type. One form of silver oxide can be purchased at Silver Solution USA, but oxides of silver can also be homemade by reacting colloidal silver against food grade, hydrogen peroxide, 35% strength to get the finished product -- chemical formula: AgOOH (the silver replaces one atom of hydrogen).

              Alkalinity is relevant since regeneration polarizes electrical polarity: making the wound negatively charged (with an acidic pH) against the remainder of the body which should be positively charged with lots of protein/mineral structures if you want to succeed at something other than stunted re-growth of tissues covered with a veneer of scars. Where is the wound going to get its alkaline building materials from if not from the body? Don't expect alkalinity to come from diet unless you have a robust hormonal activity with a supportive digestive fire! But if you're chronically ill, than stick to the plan of supporting the body first and foremost through the skin before even considering diet.

              Dr. Becker has claimed that the growth layer underneath the skin, and the pericardia surrounding the heart, are the two additional places in which he knows for sure that stem cells can be produced in the presence of silver ions whenever collagen formation occurs. Under these conditions, some of the collagen will turn into stem cells instead of building up a thickened layer of scar tissue.

              Dr. Pramod Vora, of Mumbai India, has alluded to the possibility that the blood can also produce stem cells outside of the bone marrow with his photo documentation, but this has not been firmly established by a second source (even though I suspect it's validity; the photo documentation is convincing).

              It's interesting to note that...
              Bone is the one structure in the body which rarely loses its ability to regenerate throughout life, except in cases wherein the bones become post-menopausal brittle (for instance).

              And, traditionally, the bone marrow is the one place where we expect stem cell formation to occur.

              But silver, along with beryllium, iron, zinc, copper and lead, are the only elements capable of binding collagen to calcium hydroxyapatite to form new bone material.

              Thus, the use of silver to produce regeneration outside of the bones is uncanny to say the least.

              But the caveat to regeneration is acidification. And tissue structures are not made from minerals alone. DUH! Sometimes, I can be quite dumb -- at first!

              Bathing in raw egg yolk along with silver hydroperoxide, MSM and additional hydrogen peroxide.

              Egg white clogs the pores making it difficult to get the full value of the yolk unless the raw white of the egg is separated from the yolk and discarded. But which way you use the egg - with, or without, the yolk - will be up to whether you want the whole egg and nothing but the whole.

              More YouTube video updates...
              Cayenne pepper can repel ants, but peppermint oil is even better.
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                Cancer must be killed off whenever we pursue regeneration, but not at the same time.

                Cancer must be killed off whenever we pursue regeneration, but not both at the same time. - a YouTube video


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                  Thank you for starting this very interesting post Vinyasi. The Japanese knotweed sounds very interesting, and I am interested in harvesting/buying some locally as a daily meal supplement.

                  I also read about a company called Silkn that has skincare devices that emit heat and LED light to help grow and restore collagen in the skin for younger looking skin.

                  Has anyone heard about these devices or have an opinion about them?