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  • Ho'Oponopono

    I began a Ho'Oponopono thread in our Mastermind Healing forum some time ago with some links & articles on the subject which I am now posting here. This is a tremendously empowering concept for self healing, yet it is very simple process to practise.

    I'm thrilled that PATHS has brought out the fabulous Ho'Oponopono module as I believe that this will be one of the most powerful modules that they have produced with huge benefits to all who use it.

    The following information may you give you a bit more of an insight & understanding about the whole process.

    Love, Light & Blessings,
    Theta Healing
    Paths 2 Potential

    "We are the one's we've been waiting for"

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    Beyond Traditional Means: Ho'oponopono

    An interview with ...
    Morrnah Simeona and Dr. Stan Hew Len*
    by Deborah King -- frequent contributor to the New Times

    "We can appeal to Divinity who knows our personal blueprint, for healing of all thoughts and memories that are holding us back at this time," softly shares Morrnah Simeona. "It is a matter of going beyond traditional means of accessing knowledge about ourselves."

    The process that Morrnah refers to is based on the ancient Hawaiian method of stress reduction (release) and problem solving called Ho'oponopono. The word Ho'oponopono means to make right, to rectify an error. Morrnah is a native Hawaiian Kahuna Lapa'au. Kahuna means "keeper of the secret" and Lapa'au means "a specialist in healing." She was chosen to be a kahuna while still a small child and received her gift of healing at the age of three. She is the daughter of a member of the court of Queen Liliuokalani, the last sovereign of the Hawaiian Islands. The process that is now brought forth is a modernization of an ancient spiritual cleansing ritual. It has proven so effective that she has been invited to teach this method at the United Nations, the World Health Organization and at institutions of healing throughout the world.

    How does Ho'oponopono work? Morrnah explains, "We are the sum total of our experiences, which is to say that we are burdened by our pasts. When we experience stress or fear in our lives, if we would look carefully, we would find that the cause is actually a memory. It is the emotions which are tied to these memories which affect us now. The subconscious associates an action or person in the present with something that happened in the past. When this occurs, emotions are activated and stress is produced."

    She continues, "The main purpose of this process is to discover the Divinity within oneself. The Ho'oponopono is a profound gift which allows one to develop a working relationship with the Divinity within and learn to ask that in each moment, our errors in thought, word, deed or action be cleansed. The process is essentially about freedom, complete freedom from the past."

    Every memory of every experience, since the first moment of our creation, eons ago, is recorded as a thought form which is stored in the etheric realm. This incredible recorder/computer is also known as the subconscious, unihipili or child aspect within us. The inner child is very real and comprises one part of the Self. The other aspects are the mother, also known as the uhane or rational mind and the father, the superconscious or Spiritual aspect. The three comprise the inner family, which, in partnership with The Divine Creator, makes up one's Self I-Dentity. Every human being in creation, every plant, atom and molecule has these three selves and yet each blueprint is completely different.

    The most important task for people is to find his or her true identity and place in the Universe. This process allows that understanding to become available.

    The purpose of Ho'oponopono is to: 1) Connect with the Divinity within on a moment-to-moment basis; 2) To ask that movement and all it contains, be cleansed. Only the Divinity can do that. Only the Divinity can erase or correct memories and thought forms. Since the Divinity created us, only the Divinity knows what is going on with a person.

    In this system, there is no need to analyze, solve, manage or cope with problems. Since the Divinity created everything, you can just go directly to Him and ask that it be corrected and cleansed.

    In the area of problem solving: the world is a reflection of what is happening inside us. If you are experiencing upset or imbalance, the place to look is inside yourself, not outside at the object you perceive as causing your problem. Every stress, imbalance or illness can be corrected just by working on yourself. It is important to mention that this system is fundamentally different from other forms of Ho'oponopono. In traditional methods, everyone who is involved in a problem needs to be physically present and work it out together. In Morrnah's system everything can be handled by you and the Divinity. You don't need to go one inch outside yourself for answers or help. There is no one who can give you any more relevant information than you can get by going within yourself.

    Morrnah especially recommends Ho'oponopono for those in the healing profession: "It is important to clear Karmic patterns with your clients before you start working with them, so that you don't activate old stuff between you. Perhaps you shouldn't be working with that person at all. Only the Divinity knows. If you work with a person and it isn't your business, you can take on the person's entire problem and everything associated with it. This can cause burnout. The Ho'oponopono gives the tools to prevent that from happening."

    Morrnah wished for our Western society that everyone would do things to reduce the stress. "Western people have great difficulty in putting the intellect behind. It is difficult for the Western mind to get a grasp of a Higher Being because in traditional Western churches, the Higher Beings are not made evident." She continues, "Western man has gone to the extremes with his intellectualism it divides and keeps people separate. Man then becomes a destroyer because he manages and copes rather than letting the perpetuating force of the Divinity flow through him for right action."

    Morrnah works with her associate, Dr. Stanley Hew Len, who spent several years as a consulting clinical psychologist at the Hawaii State Hospital. He has had profound results by using this process with the most dangerous, violently "mentally ill" criminals in Hawaii. Yet he never talks to them, in fact, he never even sees them. He writes down their name and then just works on himself. He cleanses his judgments, beliefs, attitudes and asks the Divinity what he can do for the person. As those attachments and memories are cleansed, the patient improves. "The Divinity," comments Stan, "says it is time to bring all the children home."

    [* also known as Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len]
    Copyright © 2006 The Foundation of I, Inc. Freedom of the Cosmos

    Love, Light & Blessings,
    Theta Healing
    Paths 2 Potential

    "We are the one's we've been waiting for"


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      Self Identity through Hooponopono

      By Mary Koehler

      I recently received a wonderful note from a friend congratulating me on my 24th wedding anniversary and speaking about her own experience with the Self Identity through Hooponopono process, the ancient art of Hawaiian problem solving. She wrote, what has been coming up for me recently is how we CHANGE over the years from the day we take our vows - physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. Do newlyweds have a clue? I know I didn't. She then wrote about how practical the process was for her and how grateful she was for it.

      I was struck by her description of the Hooponopono process as a practical process. The Hawaiians believe that our purpose here is to let go and allow LOVE to solve our problems. We have the opportunity with each situation to take responsibility for the problem and get out of the way. Imagine going through the day with a readiness to see each problem as an opportunity, to let go, to allow the change to happen and to see where inspiration leads us.

      I chuckled remembering her words, looking at my husband and where my life has led me. I had no idea. And it seems true we have no idea the change that will happen for us in ourselves, our relationships, our families, our work, and in the world. The Hawaiians believe it is not our job to know how things should unfold it is LOVEs job, Gods job, Divinity's job, the Creators job, the Goddesses job or whatever word you use for that. As they like to say we are only here to mend ourselves.

      Self Identity through Hooponopono sees each problem not as an ordeal, but as an opportunity. Problems are just replayed memories of the past showing up to give us one more chance to see with the eyes of LOVE and to act from inspiration. Through a variety of cleaning tools the Hooponopono process allows each person to take 100% responsibility for the problem, to let go, and act from inspiration. One of the wonderful parts of this process is that it takes only one person to do it.

      My husband and I come from a large family and we gather frequently with extended family. It has been interesting to me over the years how those gatherings have changed, since I've been using this process. Five years ago, there often seemed to be someone upset or mad about something whether it was spoken or not. I often found myself at these events wishing that others would just get along or get over it. With this process, I started taking responsibility for my thoughts, for the things that would come up at these events, and for things that I imagined might come up. And for the Hawaiians taking responsibility, meant, cleaning on each of these things.
      The cleaning is all done inside. Taking responsibility is not taking the blame, or assuming I am wrong. It is a willingness to respond, to be answerable to the current memory that is running. Imbedded in each of the 60 plus cleaning tools is taking responsibility for the problem and saying, I'm sorry, please forgive me. We are saying, I'm sorry, please forgive me to the problem. Often these problems have been around for many generations. They show up to give us one more chance to release them. When we say, I'm sorry please forgive me, LOVE erases the memory, so that what is right and perfect can come in. We cannot erase problems: only LOVE can do that. Have you ever noticed how often you can ignore, hope, chastise, and get angry and irritated at a problem, but no amount of shouting, ignoring or blaming gets rid of it? Its not our job to release it: only God can do that. And if one person is willing to take responsibility for a problem, inspiration can come for all of us.

      I've noticed our family gatherings have changed over the years. People have more fun, small irritations seem to come and go more easily and best of all for me, I'm less irritated and feel less like I wish everyone would just get along. I notice my siblings and extended family laughing more, people seem less stressed or worried about the details and we all seem to come to an agreement more easily. Did others change? Did I change? Who knows? And with the Hooponopono process, I don't need to figure it out. I notice that I more often see my family with the eyes of LOVE. There is nothing wrong with any of my family members...I just couldn't see them. With the Hooponopono process I have the chance to see others and myself with the eyes of God and let go of how things should be.

      Unfortunately when a problem comes up, we often start thinking. We react, we think, we react, we cope, we react and think some more. Then pretty soon this small problem has built up and there is chaos. The Hawaiians see thinking as a replayed memory of the past. We cant help it. We are only where we are. The memories show up to give us one more chance to be ourselves. So with each problem we have the chance to take responsibility, let go of the thinking and begin the cleaning. We can ask the question, What is going on in me that this has shown up right now? We don't need to figure it out. In taking responsibility we have the chance to set things right for ourselves, our children, our families and those we work with.
      When a problem comes up and a memory is replaying we often don't realize it. And the memory playing is not who we are. For the Hawaiians, who we are, is a very important question. We are perfect, made in the image and likeness of God, whole, complete, timeless. And the memories are not who we are. Have you ever had that experience of having someone remind you who you really are, and realize you are not how you are acting?
      I have twins who are 15, and they are wonderful at reminding me of who I am. I was responding irritably to one of them not long ago and he looked up at me and said in a very kind way, Mom I don't know who is talking to me right now because it doesn't sound like you. I realized a memory was running and apologized, and thanked him. He could see that the grouchy person was not really his mom and was inspired to take responsibility and speak up.

      My husband Kurt is also great at reminding me who I am. Sometimes when we are trying to make a decision on something and seem to be at cross-purposes, hell whisper in my ear very softly, Did you forget we are on the same side? All I can do is chuckle and let it go.
      He reminds me that the arguing part of me is not really me. The Hawaiian process of Self Identity through Hooponopono reminds me who I am whole, complete, perfect, made in the image and likeness of love.
      One of my favorite cleaning tools is the I love you. As with all the cleaning tools given in the Hooponopono process, embedded in each of the tools is taking responsibility for the problem, saying I'm sorry, please forgive me and allowing LOVE to transmute the problem. All we need to do is to have the thought I love you. I can use this tool when any problem comes up. I don't even have to have the feeling of I love you. In fact, I find it most helpful to use when someone is really bugging me. All I need to do is have the thought I love you, and Love will erase the memory, so that what is right and perfect will flow.

      Sometimes, it is necessary to use the tool several times, or for several days, or even for an unlimited time, as there may be many memories piled up to be erased. We are filled with memories of hatred, death, dying and disease, and the memories may be in our family, our ancestors or us. We have the opportunity to be set free. Can you imagine how good our children could look when the memories are not passed down and they are free to live from inspiration? What if we could let go of each problem that comes up and be in the flow? What if we didn't have to think about what next, where the people we were hoping to see or meet just phoned us, and problems resolved themselves without our needing to do anything? Self Identity through Hooponopono is a simple, practical problem solving process that gives us that opportunity. We have the chance to be our Divine selves moment to moment and at Peace. to experience the Peace beyond all understanding.

      Reprinted by permission from NETWORK IRELAND Apr-Jul 2004

      Love, Light & Blessings,
      Theta Healing
      Paths 2 Potential

      "We are the one's we've been waiting for"


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        The Peace of "I"

        THE PEACE OF " I "
        KA MALUHIA O KA "I"
        Peace be with you, All My Peace,
        O ka Maluhia no me oe, Ku'u Maluhia a pau loa,
        The Peace that is " I ", the Peace that is "I am".
        Ka Maluhia o ka "I", owau no ka Maluhia,
        The Peace for always, now and forever and evermore.
        Ka Maluhia no na wa a pau, no ke'ia wa a mau a mau loa aku.
        My Peace " I " give to you, My Peace " I " leave with you,
        Ha'awi aku wau I ku'u Maluhia ia oe, waiho aku wau I ku'u Maluhia me oe,
        Not the world's Peace, but, only My Peace,
        The Peace of " I ".

        A'ole ka Maluhia o ke ao aka, ka'u Maluhia wale no,
        Ka Maluhia o ka "I".

        Copyright © 2005 The Foundation of I, Inc. (Freedom of the Cosmos)

        Love, Light & Blessings,
        Theta Healing
        Paths 2 Potential

        "We are the one's we've been waiting for"


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          I AM the "I"

          "I" AM THE "I"
          OWAU NO KA "I"
          "I" come forth from the void into light,
          Pua mai au mai ka po iloko o ka malamalama,
          "I" am the breath that nurtures life,
          Owau no ka ha, ka mauli ola,
          "I" am that emptiness, that hollowness beyond all consciousness,
          Owau no ka poho, ke ka'ele mawaho a'e o no ike apau.
          The "I", the Id, the All.
          Ka I, Ke Kino Iho, na Mea Apau.
          "I" draw my bow of rainbows across the waters,
          Ka a'e au i ku'u pi'o o na anuenue mawaho a'e o na kai a pau,
          The continuum of minds with matters.
          Ka ho'omaumau o na mana'o ame na mea a pau.
          "I" am the incoming and outgoing of breath,
          Owau no ka "Ho", a me ka "Ha"
          The invisible, untouchable breeze,
          He huna ka makani nahenahe,
          The undefinable atom of creation.
          Ka "Hua" huna o Kumulipo.
          "I" am the "I".
          Owau no ka "I".

          Love, Light & Blessings,
          Theta Healing
          Paths 2 Potential

          "We are the one's we've been waiting for"


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            A HOUSE DIVIDED

            By Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D.

            A house divided against itself cannot stand. This is true for nations, communities, organizations and families, as well as for individuals. In the House of Humanity, the individual is the common denominator. When the individual is divided, the house is divided.

            In the game of tennis, the scoring system is Love, 15, 30, 40, game. The game begins with Love. In the etymology of the word, Love is no score, no stakes, nothing, to take the individual back to Love to nothing, to wholeness.

            The process achieves this by voiding anger, fear, blame, resentment and thinking from poisonous thoughts, toxic energies that divide the mind, the house of the individual, causing it to fall to dis-Harmony and dis-ease.

            The purpose of life is to be restored back to Love , moment to moment. To fulfill this purpose, the individual must acknowledge that he is 100% responsible for creating his life the way it is. He must come to see that it is his thoughts of that create his life the way it is moment to moment. The problems are not people, places and situations but rather the thoughts of them. He must come to appreciate that there is no such thing as "out there". People, places and situations exist only as his thoughts of.

            A problem is a replayed toxic memory, what Shakespeare writes as a "fore-moaned moan". A replayed toxic memory again divides the mind against its self, against Love. The Updated Hooponopono, a process of repentance, forgiveness and transmutations, is a petition to Love to void and replace toxic energies with its self. Love accomplishes this by flowing through the Mind, beginning with the Spiritual Mind, the Super Conscious. It then continues its flow through the intellectual Mind, the Conscious Mind, freeing it of thinking energies. Finally, it moves into the Emotional Mind, the Subconscious, voiding thoughts of toxic emotions and filling them with its self.

            Here is a thought cleansing tool that anyone can apply to void toxic energies from his or her thoughts.

            Mentally think: "I turn the Light Switch on my thoughts of me and my family, relatives and ancestors." There is no limit to the number of times that this tool can be used. The tool is a petition to Love to clear toxic thoughts of yourself and of your family, relatives and ancestors that divide your Mind, your house.

            The purpose of life does not change with the coming of a new millennium! It will always remain the same: to be restored back to Love moment to moment. The fulfilling of this purpose requires absolute individual responsibility. It requires an appreciation of the real problems that divide the individual first, then everything else second. A house divided against itself cannot stand.

            The Foundation of I, Inc. (Freedom of the Cosmos) is a non-profit, tax exempt corporation. The Foundation accepts momentary contributions as well as gifts of charitable gift annuities, real estate stocks , bonds and other tangible assets. Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowable under the U. S. Tax Code. * The Foundation can assist with Charitable Remainder Trusts, Gift Annuities, and others.

            Copyright © 2006 The Foundation of I, Inc. Freedom of the Cosmos
            Theta Healing
            Paths 2 Potential

            "We are the one's we've been waiting for"


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              There's Got to Be an Easier Way
              with Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D. & Mabel Katz, ABA, EA

              If your mantra has ever been, Theres got to be an easier way, then you need to check into Hooponopono. This Ancient Hawaiian belief system offers the cures for a world which has been inundated with convoluted and intellectual patterns of thought.

              Meeting with Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D., and Mable Katz, ABA, EA, was like stepping into a peaceful oasis, right in the middle of Dennys. Dr. Ihaleakala is an educator and psychologist, who is both a practitioner and teacher of this ancient art, which he has updated for todays world. Ms. Katz is also a practitioner and has presented lectures and training worldwide with Dr. Ihaleakala. She shared some of the practical experiences in which she uses the simple tools of Hooponopono in her everyday life as an accountant, negotiator and event coordinator.

              Dr. Ihaleakala took my tablet of paper and showed me a blank page, he said, This is how we all come in...clear, knowing who we are, no preconceived ideaswe are the number 1, which represents our wholeness. Then, the first thought of separation occurs (as he makes an x on the unblemished sheet) and we have picked up our first barnacle. We are no longer one, but have gone into represent by two. Two takes us to the place of right and left; good and bad; light and dark.

              We have caused the blemish on our wholeness to come into being, and we can asked that it be cleared. This is where Hooponopono comes in.

              Hoo means cause in Hawaiian and ponopono means perfection. We have the ability to keep returning to this perfect state...the blank page, just by asking for whatever lies within us, that has caused this barnaclethis division in thoughtto come to the surface to be released. We asked for forgiveness that we have harbored this thought which has separated us from our Oneness with Spirit...and the thought barnacle disappears. Dr. Ihaleakala mentioned, that sometimes he needs to ask up to three times, for the reason behind the thought to come up for release. And, when it is released, the space is immediately filled again with that loving Oneness.

              Simplistic, no...Simple, yes.

              Ms. Katz shared from her own experiences how this idea works in action. She mentioned that after her divorce, she felt she would never be financially able to own a house again. It was a thought she carried within her. She thought she would just rent for the rest of her life. Upon finding the perfect house for rent, she was told by the landlord that he was selling the house, and she could either buy it, or move. She confronted this idea within herof not being able to buy a houseand asked for its release. She put out the idea that if this house was hers, then the financing would be made available to her. And, as sometimes happens with Spirit, at the last moment, she got a call that her loan was approved.

              When we are confronted with the barnacles of another, Dr. Ihaleakala said, instead of going into our judgements (which only reinforces our own division barnacle of 2...that the other is different, in turmoil, or sick) that here is where we ask to clear our own consciousness of seeing division. If we can see division in our world, and all with whom we come in contact, then it is because we are carrying division within us.

              As we ask to release divisive thoughts within us, our own state of Oneness returns. Division no longer has to be reflected out into our worldour world is cleared and made whole, as we clear ourselves.

              If your children, your partner, or your friends are experiencing division within their lives, look to clear your own thinking and see how it affects those within your life. What ideas within you have drawn these reflections into your outer world? Ask for any thought which reflects this division in your own life to come forward for clearing, and ask for forgiveness for holding such a thought which is out of alignment with the principle of Oneness and Love..

              Or, as one of our great prophets have told us, Love is all there is. This idea also gives an added meaning to the instructions, Love your neighbor, as you love yourself. We have always thought that we needed to do the first part, when it was the second part which needed to be experienced. How can we love another, when we have not begun to love ourselves? And Hooponopono offers us a simplenot easy, but simplemethod of loving our state of Peace and Oneness so much, that we must keep returning to it. We return to that state of Oneness by asking for anything less than oneness to be released. We affect change in our world, by affecting change within ourselves.

              And, there is more...but this is the basis upon which this belief, or knowing, is built. If you get a chance to experience Dr. Ihaleakala and Ms. Katz, you are in for a experience of self-love and how to maintain that love to affect change in your world and the world at large. It all comes down to knowing yourself and Hooponopono offers a key to opening this inner door.

              Editorial from The Messenger - April, 2002
              The Messenger - Home
              Joann Turner, editor/publisher

              Love, Light & Blessings,
              Theta Healing
              Paths 2 Potential

              "We are the one's we've been waiting for"


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                When you are your SELF first, your IDENTITY first, as the I, the Original Source, created you in its exact likeness, everything PERFECT, WHOLE and COMPLETE is automatically added continuously! This is called Identity Plus.

                The purpose of existence is to always be your SELF first, last and always. This is accomplished through cleansing. It is through your Identity, free of toxic energies in the way of thoughts, words, deeds and actions,
                that the I, the Original Source, will give you Plus automatically.

                You cannot be denied anything that is perfect, whole, complete and right for you when your are your SELF first.

                Being your SELF first you automatically experience perfection in the way of Divine Thoughts, Words, Deeds and Actions. Allowing your toxic thoughts to be first, you automatically experience imperfection in the way of disease, confusion, resentment, depression, judgment and poverty.

                What is Plus? DIVINE PEACE, DIVINE CLARI
                TY, and DIVINE WEALTH beyond all intellectual understanding. And, Plus is automatic when you are your SELF first, last and always.

                So, to be our SELVES first, last and always is our singular, our only purpose for being.


                Copyright © 2007 The Foundation of I, Inc. Freedom of the Cosmos
                Theta Healing
                Paths 2 Potential

                "We are the one's we've been waiting for"


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                  This is an excerpt from the forthcoming book "Zero Limits"
                  by Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Len. Due out July 2007
                  Two years ago, I heard about a therapist in Hawaii who cured a complete ward of criminally insane patients--without ever seeing any of them. The psychologist would study an inmate's chart and then look within himself to see how he created that person's illness. As he improved himself, the patient improved.

                  When I first heard this story, I thought it was an urban legend. How could anyone heal anyone else by healing himself? How could even the best self-improvement master cure the criminally insane? It didn't make any sense. It wasn't logical, so I dismissed the story. However, I heard it again a year later. I heard that the therapist had used a Hawaiian healing process called ho 'oponopono. I had never heard of it, yet I couldn't let it leave my mind. If the story was at all true, I had to know more. I had always understood "total responsibility" to mean that I am responsible for what I think and do. Beyond that, it's out of my hands. I think that most people think of total responsibility that way. We're responsible for what we do, not what anyone else does.

                  The Hawaiian therapist who healed those mentally ill people would teach me an advanced new perspective about total responsibility. His name is Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. We probably spent an hour talking on our first phone call. I asked him to tell me the complete story of his work as a therapist. He explained that he worked at Hawaii State Hospital for four years. That ward where they kept the criminally insane was dangerous. Psychologists quit on a monthly basis. The staff called in sick a lot or simply quit. People would walk through that ward with their backs against the wall, afraid of being attacked by patients. It was not a pleasant place to live, work, or visit.

                  Dr. Len told me that he never saw patients. He agreed to have an office and to review their files. While he looked at those files, he would work on himself. As he worked on himself, patients began to heal. "After a few months, patients that had to be shackled were being allowed to walk freely," he told me. "Others who had to be heavily medicated were getting off their medications. And those who had no chance of ever being released were being freed." I was in awe. "Not only that," he went on, "but the staff began to enjoy coming to work. Absenteeism and turnover disappeared. We ended up with more staff than we needed because patients were being released, and all the staff was showing up to work.

                  Today, that ward is closed." This is where I had to ask the million dollar question: "What were you doing within yourself that caused those people to change?" "I was simply healing the part of me that created them," he said. I didn't understand. Dr. Len explained that total responsibility for your life means that everything in your life - simply because it is in your life--is your responsibility. In a literal sense the entire world is your creation. Whew. This is tough to swallow. Being responsible for what I say or do is one thing. Being responsible for what everyone in my life says or does is quite another. Yet, the truth is this: if you take complete responsibility for your life, then everything you see, hear, taste, touch, or in any way experience is your responsibility because it is in your life.

                  This means that terrorist activity, the president, the economy--anything you experience and don't like--is up for you to heal. They don't exist, in a manner of speaking, except as projections from inside you. The problem isn't with them, it's with you, and to change them, you have to change you. I know this is tough to grasp, let alone accept or actually live. Blame is far easier than total responsibility, but as I spoke with Dr. Len, I began to realize that healing for him and in ho 'oponopono means loving yourself. If you want to improve your life, you have to heal your life. If you want to cure anyone--even a mentally ill criminal--you do it by healing you.

                  I asked Dr. Len how he went about healing himself. What was he doing, exactly, when he looked at those patients' files? "I just kept saying, 'I'm sorry' and 'I love you' over and over again," he explained. That's it? That's it. Turns out that loving yourself is the greatest way to improve yourself, and as you improve yourself, your improve your world.

                  Let me give you a quick example of how this works: one day, someone sent me an email that upset me. In the past I would have handled it by working on my emotional hot buttons or by trying to reason with the person who sent the nasty message. This time, I decided to try Dr. Len's method. I kept silently saying, "I'm sorry" and "I love you," I didn't say it to anyone in particular. I was simply evoking the spirit of love to heal within me what was creating the outer circumstance. Within an hour I got an e-mail from the same person. He apologized for his previous message. Keep in mind that I didn't take any outward action to get that apology. I didn't even write him back. Yet, by saying "I love you," I somehow healed within me what was creating him.

                  I later attended a ho 'oponopono workshop run by Dr. Len. He's now 70 years old, considered a grandfatherly shaman, and is somewhat reclusive. He praised my book, The Attractor Factor. He told me that as I improve myself, my book's vibration will raise, and everyone will feel it when they read it. In short, as I improve, my readers will improve. "What about the books that are already sold and out there?" I asked. "They aren't out there," he explained, once again blowing my mind with his mystic wisdom. "They are still in you." In short, there is no out there. It would take a whole book to explain this advanced technique with the depth it deserves. Suffice it to say that whenever you want to improve anything in your life, there's only one place to look: inside you. "When you look, do it with love."


                  I Love You
                  I'm Sorry
                  Please Forgive Me
                  Thank You

                  This is a link provided by a friend of Grace's to an excellent teleconference with Joe Vitale describing his new book & association with Dr Len & the process of Ho'oponopono.


                  Love, Light & Blessings,
                  Theta Healing
                  Paths 2 Potential

                  "We are the one's we've been waiting for"


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                    This is an excerpt from Dr Len's lecture Who's in Charge? which is a prerequisite to attending his course. There are some very good diagrams which I recommend viewing as well as reading the entire article, as it will also give a better understanding of how the PATHS technology is interacting with the human subconscious. All articles posted, as well as this one may be found at

                    I got the idea a few months back of a talking glossary of the essential “characters” in Self Identity Ho’oponopono. You can get acquainted with each of them at your leisure.

                    1. Self Identity: I am Self Identity. I am composed of four elements: Divine Intelligence, Super Conscious Mind, Conscious Mind and Subconscious Mind. My foundation, Void and Infinite, is an exact replication of Divine Intelligence.

                    2. Divine Intelligence: I am Divine Intelligence. I am the Infinite. I create Self Identities and Inspirations. I transmute memories to void.

                    3. Super Conscious Mind: I am Super Conscious Mind. I oversee the Conscious and Subconscious Minds. I review and make appropriate changes in the Ho’oponopono petition to Divine Intelligence initiated by the Conscious Mind. I am unaffected by memories replaying in the Subconscious Mind. I am always one with Divine Creator.

                    4. Conscious Mind: I am Conscious Mind. I have the gift of choice. I can allow incessant memories to dictate experience for the Subconscious Mind and me or I can initiate the release of them through incessant Ho’oponopono. I can petition for directions from Divine Intelligence.

                    5. Subconscious Mind: I am Subconscious Mind. I am the storehouse for all of the accumulate memories from the beginning of creation. I am the place where experiences are experienced as memories replaying or as Inspirations. I am the place where the body and the world reside as memories replaying and as Inspirations. I am the place where problems live as memories reacting.

                    6. Void: I am Void. I am the foundation of Self Identity and the Cosmos. I am where Inspirations spring forth from Divine Intelligence, the Infinite.
                    Memories replaying in the Subconscious Mind displace me but not destroy
                    me, precluding the inflow of Inspirations from Divine Intelligence.

                    7. Infinite: I am Infinite, Divine Intelligence. Inspirations flow like fragile roses from me into the Void of Self Identity, easily displaced by the thorns of memories.

                    8. Inspiration: I am Inspiration. I am a creation of the Infinite, of Divine
                    Intelligence. I manifest from the Void into the Subconscious Mind. I am
                    experienced as a brand new occurrence.

                    9. Memory: I am memory. I am a record in the Subconscious Mind of a past experience. When triggered, I replay past experiences.

                    10. Problem: I am problem. I am a memory replaying a past experience again in the Subconscious Mind.

                    11. Experience: I am experience. I am the effect of memories replaying or Inspirations in the Subconscious Mind.

                    12. Operating System: I am the Operating System. I operate Self Identity with Void, Inspiration and Memory.

                    13. Ho’oponopono: I am Ho’oponopono. I am an ancient Hawaiian problem solving process updated for today’s use by Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona,
                    Kahuna Lapa’au,recognized as a Living Treasure of Hawaii in 1983. I am

                    composed of three elements: repentance, forgiveness and transmutation. I am a petition initiated by the Conscious Mind to Divine Intelligence to void
                    memories to re- establish Self Identity. I begin in the Conscious Mind.

                    14. Repentance: I am repentance. I am the beginning of the Ho’oponopono process initiated by the Conscious Mind as a petition to Divine Intelligence to
                    transmute memories to void. With me, the Conscious Mind acknowledges its responsibility for the memories replaying problems in its Subconscious Mind, having created,accepted and accumulated them.
                    15. Forgiveness: I am Forgiveness. Along with Repentance, I am a petition from the Conscious Mind to Divine Creator to transform memories in the Subconscious Mind to void. Not only is the Conscious Mind sorrowful, it is also asking Divine Intelligence for forgiveness.

                    16.Transmutation: I am Transmutation. Divine Intelligence uses me to neutralize and to release memories to Void in the Subconscious Mind. I am available for use only by Divine Intelligence.

                    17. Wealth: I am Wealth. I am Self Identity.

                    18. Poverty: I am Poverty. I am memories replaying. I displace Self Identity, precluding the infusion of Inspirations from Divine Intelligence into the Subconscious Mind!

                    Before bringing this visit with you to an end, I would like to mention that reading this article satisfies the prerequisite of attending a Friday lecture if you are considering taking a Self Identity Ho’oponopono weekend class.

                    I wish you Peace beyond all understanding.

                    O Ka Maluhia no me oe.

                    Peace be with you,

                    Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D.
                    Chairman Emeritus
                    The Foundation of I, Inc. Freedom of the Cosmos

                    Thank you KR, HW, OH and JV for previewing and commenting on drafts of the article. And thank you OH a second time for preparing the article for the Foundation website. I am grateful.

                    Copyright © 2005
                    The Foundation of I, Inc. Freedom of the Cosmos

                    Love, Light & Blessings,
                    Theta Healing
                    Paths 2 Potential

                    "We are the one's we've been waiting for"


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                      Inspiration or Replaying Memories

                      I had posted this on the Mastermind thread:

                      Inspiration or Replaying Memories

                      One of two things is happening in our lives at each and every moment, either we are following divine inspiration or we are replaying memories.

                      I love you
                      I’m sorry
                      Please Forgive me
                      Thank You
                      Divine Inspiration or Replayed Memories
                      Our only choice
                      Letting go of our intentions
                      Opening up for inspiration
                      Being free
                      To rejoice in our gifts
                      We journey along the Path of discovery
                      Knowing we are divinely guided
                      Each step of the way
                      Those moments of question
                      that sometimes arrive
                      to ‘challenge’ our thinking and to make us rise
                      Higher and lighter
                      In flight as we soar
                      Knowing, just knowing there is so much more
                      More to discover, more to enjoy
                      Open and eager
                      We learn how to fly
                      I Love You
                      I’m sorry
                      Please forgive me
                      Thank You

                      Love, Light, Gratitude & Joy,
                      Love, Light, Gratitude & Joy

                      My Mystic PATHS Website
                      Word Whisperer
                      My Squidoo Lens - ThetaHealing, Reiki,


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                        Once again you have worked complete magic with words.

                        for sharing your talents with us!

                        Keep your mind on the aether


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                          Thank you for posting all this material about Ho'oponopono. It is helping me sort out all the confusing feelings I am having in my first week on that module.

                          I have a few comments and questions to throw out there for discussion.

                          When we experience stress or fear in our lives, if we would look carefully, we would find that the cause is actually a memory. It is the emotions which are tied to these memories which affect us now. The subconscious associates an action or person in the present with something that happened in the past.
                          This is consistent with quantum physics, teachings in What the Bleep, Busting Loose from the Money Game, etc. My mind is convinced of such things but I have been looking for a method that I can actually use in the throes of a negative emotion to really FEEEEEL that I am not a victim of the emotion, and to change it to peace.

                          In this system, there is no need to analyze, solve, manage or cope with problems. Since the Divinity created everything, you can just go directly to Him and ask that it be corrected and cleansed.
                          I'm not really sure how to do this, since it is my emotional self that can't be talked into the idea of "god." Intellectually, I accept that there is a divine creator. Emotionally--no.

                          Morrnah works with her associate, Dr. Stanley Hew Len, who spent several years as a consulting clinical psychologist at the Hawaii State Hospital. He has had profound results by using this process with the most dangerous, violently "mentally ill" criminals in Hawaii. Yet he never talks to them, in fact, he never even sees them. He writes down their name and then just works on himself. He cleanses his judgments, beliefs, attitudes and asks the Divinity what he can do for the person. As those attachments and memories are cleansed, the patient improves.
                          I read some of the reviews of the Joe Vitale book on the Amazon page. I'm leery of anything that is aggressively marketed, so when I came across one review that said that the doctor who healed the mentally ill criminals actually used a more complex, written-out method that goes beyond the simple four phrases, I became more curious.

                          If this is simple, I want to find the best way that works for me personally to access that simplicity, or I won't make a practice of it. (i.e., the Busting Loose process method, while I get the idea of the shift he's trying to create, I'm put off by too many words since that reinforces my overactive analytical mind.)

                          If just using four phrases works, it can't be through any talismanic effect of the words; it has to be through the feelings they evoke in the person saying along those lines, if one person needs to write it out to make it work, that's fine too.

                          Any thoughts? I appreciate the input of those who are more familiar with this teaching....


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                            Sharyn, thanks so much for starting this thread, and for posting so much information here!

                            I read the excerpt from "Zero Limits" months ago when it was first put online, and I loved the insight. I immediately started saying "I'm sorry and I love you" to everything, and everyone in my life, whenever I thought of it during my day. But of course, as mentioned in one of the posts here, there was more to it - which I didn't know.

                            I went to the Ho'oponopono (thanks so much Future Pather for letting us know how to pronounce it! It's so much easier to say it now than with my original pronounsiation! ) website, and read up more on it, but just couldn't comprehend it. It seemed to complicated and I couldn't quite grasp it.

                            WELL.... when the Ho'oponopono Paths Module came out, I swapped one of my other modules for it as I thought, then I don't have to try and comprehend it because of course, the information is being sent directly to my subconscious ...... and then, today, after reading your posts here, I felt inspired to go back to the Ho'oponopono website and..... I can understand it!!!!! It makes sense now!!!

                            Thanks Sharyn, for reminding me about it, and THANK YOU Paths for creating the Ho'oponopono Module!!!

                            Love and Light and Magic xxx
                            Reprogram Your Subconscious to Achieve Conscious Goals. Now you can try PATHS for Free!
                            Please pop in to my new: Law of Attraction Tools Blog - It would be Wonderful to see you there!
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                              I think there is some benefit to just mentally saying, "I love you, I'm sorry for the error in my thinking that created this 'problem.'" But at this point, I don't know the rest of the process--I read all the articles online, etc. It feels intuitively true for me that I may need to just not go looking for it or try to figure it out. I might not have the whole process, or the official method or whatever, but if I can reach the shift in my perspective that is the benefit of hooponopono, then I have received the gift from it.

                              I know I'm in for a real benefit when I have a difficult time with a particular module. That is a sign to me that it is going straight to the biggest areas of resistance in my mind.

                              So far, I'm still feeling extremely anxious about where I stand with people, and I create them judging me in my mind. I've been aware of this habit for a few years, and it comes and goes with varying intensity. Now, I have a deeper feeling-awareness of it, where before I mostly had an intellectual grasp. At first this emotional awareness of what I had been doing to myself was really hard to take. But on another level I know that the past isn't "real" either.

                              Peace--not quite yet. Deeper awareness that is hard to fully put into words? Yes. And there's some relief in that, even if the process is making things seem temporarily worse.