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  • Disaster prediction App. Suspicious Observers

    The last 5 strong earthquakes happened in the target areas that S.O. said they would. They are releasing an App to predict disasters. Since I live 50 miles from the Palmdale bulge, this is of special interest to me. There are only 4 roads into L.A. and all of them have many bridges and high overpasses.
    The San Andreas fault does continuous slip but, the Palmdale bulge keeps it locked until it does a violent slip-catch. The rest of the fault has creeped 35 meters since the great Tejon earthquake of 1857. The next slip-catch is expected to hit a terminal velocity of 55 mph with lateral accelerations of 3gs

    We are at the longest interval for the periodicity of the San Andreas fault. The Southern San Andreas fault by the Salton Sea is about 300 years overdue for release. It is expected to kick off it's northern cousin when it lets go. The fault is 250 miles deep so, there will be hundreds of cubic miles of rock breaking loose and then, slamming to a stop.

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    S.O. cryptic message

    The group, Suspicious Observers is a group that focuses on hard science. They report the data from land and space based recording stations. Their observations do NOT confirm global warming. Their office building received several ? gunshots. Nobody hurt.
    Here is the latest video with a cryptic warning at 3:44
    I only have a general idea of what it means.


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      solar wind & heart health

      At 2:20, Ben Davidson talks about the various studies that are now showing a connection between solar energies and heart health.


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        Irma to kick Florida very hard

        The projections vary a little bit. Either Florida takes a direct hit OR Florida and Georgia take a hit. Probably Florida. ALL the projections fail to mention Cuba which will get very hard.
        If you want all the details and a close examination, you should visit Storm Carib
        Caribbean Hurricane Network - - Local Reports on Tropical Systems threatening the Caribbean Islands


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          Update on Irma

          The storm is clocking in at 913.1 mb.
          To put this in context, Hurricane Katrina clocked in at 902mb and this system hasn't even reached the coast yet.

          Irma is the kind of storm where you get thousands of lives lost. This is not going to be the big slow-motion flood like Harvey - this is a real, honest-to-God hurricane.
          - Chuck Watson, disaster modeler with Enki Research

          The eye of the storm passed over St. Martin and its northern wall was pounding Anguilla, the U.S. National Hurricane Center said in an advisory around 8 a.m. New York time. It’s on a path that should pass near or just north of Puerto Rico later Wednesday, it said.
          It will arrive in San Juan at high tide.
          The French government has said that the four "most solid" buildings on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin have been destroyed by Irma
          The NHC said Irma ranked as one of the five most powerful Atlantic hurricanes during the past 80 years
          Residents of low-lying areas in densely populated Miami-Dade County were urged to move to higher ground by Wednesday

          City of Miami warns to watch out for construction cranes, built to withstand 145 mph winds. #Irma’s are 185 mph. There are 25 construction cranes in the city of Miami.
          As reported yesterday, should Irma hit Miami with the same force as a Category 4 storm that struck in 1926, insured losses would reach $125 billion to $130 billion
          following close on the heels of Irma is Tropical Storm Jose, which is expected to become a full blown Hurricane on Wednesday night, while Tropical Storm Katia has developed in the Gulf of Mexico...

          "Devastating" Hurricane Irma Flattens "Most Solid" Buildings On Caribbean Island | Zero Hedge


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            2 CMEs and a coronal hole

            14 th largest solar flare ever recorded.
            Davidson is talking about grid down and buying supplies.


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              Irma is chewing up the islands

              The 2 CMEs are going to hit tomorrow. Grid down is no longer expected. Irma is speeding up.

              " In the near term, most of the NE Leeward Islands are screwed, aka Antigua, Anguilla, Barbuda, St. Barths, Statia, St. Maarten/Martin, plus Guadeloupe and Dominica in the short term with Antigua and Barbuda up first."
              "the islands of St. Thomas and St. John will be beat up with sustained hurricane winds of 95-130 mph. Storm surge is looking at 5-10 feet with offshore seas a wow factor of 20-40ft!! "
              "You who decide to ride it out on your boats, the ME office already has your cadaver carriers, aka body bags ready which they picked up from our warehouse around noon. A spade is a spade. You are worse than stupid to stay on a boat, even in the mangroves, with a hurricane approaching with winds at 185, accompanying storm surge and a wobbler. Please write your name and SS# on your arm with a sharpie so they may identify you to your next of kin if found. "
              "Bottom line: The islands to our east, your under the gun in just a few hours with apocalyptic almost biblical devastation."
              Caribbean Hurricane Network - - Local Reports on Tropical Systems threatening the Caribbean Islands


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                electron / storm

                Terra is at a multi-year peak in electron bombardment. Co-incidentally, we are expecting the strongest storm on earth in the western pacific.


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                  Global temps,, particle bombardment and the thermosphere

                  Fascinating lecture on the relationship between the Earth's magnetic polar alignment and the weather. Temperature and ice cap are related to particle bombardment of the thermosphere, NOT to direct solar influence.
                  Temperatures in the upper thermosphere can range from about 500° C (932° F) to 2,000° C (3,632° F) or higher. The boundary between the thermosphere and the exosphere above it is called the thermopause.
                  The vid gets very interesting after the 3:00 minute mark


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                    The effects of losing our shield

                    The polar magnetic field reversal is speeding up. As the center of the magnetic field moves around, it changes the focal point of the magnetic forces. Almost nothing on our planet is truly solid. Most of it is molten or plastic. The changes in the strength of the field make big changes in the tectonic plates that are just (more or less) floating around on the mantle and core. Not surprisingly, mucking around with the tectonic plates creates more earthquakes.

                    As the pole moves, this also changes the alignment of the Thermosphere. Earth's magnetic field is strongest at the poles and weakest at the Equator. Earth's weather is focused and dependent on where the magnetic poles are, NOT the geographic pole. The higher the protection from the Sun's (and cosmic) bombardment, the colder the temperature.
                    The polar shift will play havoc with the plates, earthquakes, volcanoes and storm formation. The shifting of the thermosphere will play havoc with the temperature, storm-strength AND agriculture. As the field weakens more and more of the interstellar cosmic ray bombardment will get through.

                    "Today we know that cosmic rays with energies up to approximately 100 tera-electronvolts (TeV) are produced in our galaxy by objects such as supernova remnants and pulsar wind nebulae."
                    Astronomers find source of most powerful cosmic rays |

                    "The sun reaches its farthest distance from the central plane every 62 million years. "
                    " Melott said his group applied their model to the largest existing fossil database, which reconfirmed the finding of a 62-million-year fluctuation in diversity.

                    In a paper recently accepted by Astrophysical Journal, the Kansas researchers discuss various possible mechanisms by which cosmic-ray exposure could result in mass extinctions. "

                    "The Sun displays explosive and eruptive phenomena
                    that span a range of at least a factor of 10 (to the eighth power) in energy"
                    "At the lowest energies,millions of such events occur each day above the detection limit of 10 (to the 24 power)ergs. The largest observed solar flares, with energies substantially exceeding 10 ( to the 33 power)ergs, occur as infrequently as once per decade or less."
                    Estimating the frequency of extremely energetic solar events, based on solar, stellar, lunar, and terrestrial records - Schrijver - 2012 - Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics - Wiley Online Library
                    Most of you have heard of "Killshot" that reportedly predicts a huge particle storm hitting the Earth. We know that solar radiation affects the human heart. Wait and see.


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                      Armstrong and the earthquake cycle

                      Pretty good article,


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                        Paul Beckwith and Collapse of the Arctic Beaufort Gyre

                        "The air near the Equator is about as warm as now in the 21st Century as it was in the 19th Century. Warm air is associated with low pressure. However in the 21st Century, as Paul Beckwith mentioned, the air within the Arctic Circle is now sometimes tens of degrees Celsius warmer than in the 19th Century. Cold air is associated with high pressure. In the 19th Century, the colder Arctic air very clearly resulted in higher pressure within and near the Arctic than now in the 21st Century.

                        It seems that very frequently in 21st Century Augusts, the traditional Arctic high is so weak due to the decreased August coldness that a sometimes very strong low pressure system is able to form in or near the Beaufort Sea, a low pressure system that attempts to maintain itself by sucking in warmer air from the lower latitudes. Any warmer air that gets sucked in from the lower latitudes tends to make the Arctic even warmer in comparison to the 19th Century, thus making repetition of formation of new low pressure systems in the Arctic region even more likely.

                        Also, air in the near Arctic latitudes holds much more moisture than the air used to hold 200 years ago, so air being sucked into the Arctic in the 21st Century will typically hold much more "latent" heat than would have been the case in the 19th Century. In short, the warming of the Arctic itself creates even more Arctic warming. A warmer Arctic means more latent heat is drawn in, resulting in an even warmer Arctic."

                        So, our sun is going into a minimum. We are cooling at the same time that some of our heat is being drawn into the polar areas. That does NOT sound good for agriculture.


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                          Pole shift change

                          NOA reports that the pole shift has gone outside the parameters of their models.



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                            X-60 flare

                            I'm sure that you have heard of the Carrington Event of 1859.
                            A recent paper claims that these events take place on a 150 year cycle. The Carrington event was an X-45 flare.

                            "the expected 150-year return level is approximately an X-60 flare whilst a Carrington-like flare is a one in a 100-year event"
                            Like the next big earthquake due in Los Angeles, planet Earth is overdue for a big CME.
                            We just barely missed being fried on July 23, 2012.


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                              Satellite monitoring of Earthquake precursors

                              As many of you already know Eric Dollard pioneered the work of identifying and forecasting earthquakes from an electrical signature. Ben Davidson and hundreds of others have forged ahead in this field. The earthquake forecasting phenomena have been well identified. Earthquakes are described as being "underground lightening."
                              Italy and China have launched satellites to detect these precursors from space.
                              As a side note, the GOES satellite seemed to have shown a lightning strike 1000 miles long,,, with no attached storm.