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  • Thanks for posting that, Aaron. Eric's concerns regarding the difficulty of getting new material out reminded me... it's been 11 days since John Polakowski said he was going to post a new chapter every week.

    This is not to poke him too hard -- I find it interesting to observe John's troubles seem to have come on after he announced he'd be giving a talk on energy synthesis using Eric's ideas.

    But, John, if you're out there, we would love to see the next instalment.


    • Hey all,
      Here is the rest of chapter 9. I've almost completed the first part of chapter 10, it will be posted either later today or tomorrow. Also I will be going back and uploading these files to my blog so these files aren't lost. I'm still catching up with life, but will be posting some updates soon.

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      • Aether Force - Techzombie Loves Adolf Hitler

        Techscumbie is at it again... due to his constant and ongoing slander, here is definitive and irrefutable PROOF that Adolf Hitler is Aether Force's #1 hero:


        Part 2 - Who is Wad (Techzombie)? Documents prove Adolf Hitler is his #1 Hero, he calls him an "Arch Aether Mage", shows all his pro Hitler rhetoric, this is a very long list. Techzombie is the most prolific racist and is doing harm to the alternative energy community.

        Part 1 - Who is Techzombie? - Some of you have seen this showing that Techzombie of Aether Force was born as Rayam Azab Youssef, changes his name to Ray Savant, then changed his name to Mohamed Youssef. This shows his violent past, chronic drug use, trying to destroy people's lives to don't want to associate with him, etc...
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          • Thanks, John. You did a great job formatting everything and making it readable, by the way.


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              • Do want this book! Hope you're doing alright, Eric. Remember to stay focused on what works for you; There will always be noise/negativity thrown at you from all angles, but you know how to squelch that interference so you remain open to signals carrying the music you're seeking. Time is precious insofar as we exercise our objective intent.


                • EPD CRD Tests 1 & 2

                  EPD CRD Tests 1 & 2:
                  CRD - 'Cosmic Ray Detector'
                  Did send this data forward but looks as though Eric never received it.
                  Original request for Test to be carried out from Page 20 of this Forum back at 29th November 2012:

                  This is the setup used.
                  A special double forked switch was made for easy switching between the two states.
                  The 'receptor' used was a Cetron 868 which has a Spectral Response of the Cathode as type 'S1' which is specifically targetted towards microphonics or sound.


                  In the background is the Cetron 21" Geiger Tube which was being used for the CRD at that time.

                  Results for Test # 1:

                  Results for Test # 2:

                  My apologies for not getting this data to Eric earlier but not an easy communicating network in place where we are attempting data exchange.
                  Good that Eric was able to explain his background on this device as it now means something different that we can now delve deeper into the understanding bit.
                  Think I asked this question back in those days as I wanted to know more and why the specific interest.
                  CRD not working at this time as I still need to develop a better switching method as the donger on the bell was too weak a contact and difficult to maintain operating.
                  All the best.



                  • Cosmic Ray Detector bells

                    Excellent work!
                    Will be good to hear your results when you finally hook up.
                    Now that Eric has explained a little from my own very first question, we now have a little more theory to work on and have been doing some reviews of my stock of PE Cells and Photomultipliers.
                    Don't see any reason why we don't cover the full spectrum of what we have available and make notes as we go.
                    See here that I have 935s S5 3400 angstroms, 1P21 S4 4000 and 931-A also S4.
                    921 and 923 both S2 8000 and all the others are S1s at 7500.
                    Also have some here from other manufacturers that are not listed anywhere and a lucky dip possibilty.

                    As usual with Eric's Posts I do some tracking and have come up with some interesting finds as I would like to know more about the real situation an not the secondary physics corrupted one:



                    Am also still into reading Karl Schapeller on Primary Physics as I would dearly love to get rid of all of electrons/protons/neutrons/photons etc or at least have a better description in how they really work.


                    Books from


                    Have been on a collecting spree of dinger bells and now have quite a range with one donger 200mm 8" in diameter but this one is for the CRD as it has the make/break contacts that the others didn't and is a better option than the earlier donger on bell contacts:

                    This is the first in many years where I was able to obtain the relay contact type.
                    Have a problem in music in that, to me, it appears discordant and the ringing of any of these bells is pristine in nature and somehow appeals to me.
                    Vacuum Tubes also have this same quality.



                    • Cosmic Ray Detector CRD

                      Cosmic Ray Detector CRD:
                      Needed time to review results.
                      Test # 1 shows a single 0.47 uF capacitor as the best candidate as we are looking for a minimum applied voltage and this had the best result by far and suggests an outside source of energy and probably Cosmic, that we seek.
                      Test # 2 shows a 2.0uF (2.2uF) capacitor is the best for use in this instance as here we had a low voltage but also had the best display and also suggesting an outside and possible cosmic influence.
                      The 'spot' comment column with 2.0uF showed a very large 'spot' and from memory covered the entire surface of the cathode where the others were just a 'spot'.
                      This is the flash of gas when the Tube first fires that we are looking at here.

                      Hope this helps and will be waiting for an input from Eric as we continue along this path of discovery.
                      Will try and get some time to implement the 8" ringer bell into the CRD circuit.
                      Good to see Sputins also building.
                      Doing these tests is a great learning tool but you need to have the bits before you can do any of this.
                      Perhaps we should be covering the entire spectrum with these tests from the 3000 angstroms up to the 8000 but will let Eric decide on that one and also the possibilities of using a photomultiplier Tube and would they also amplify a cosmic signal?

                      In my stock I have rather large and NOS EMI 9658F and 9558B and 9781B (side window) (1P28/R212) and have noted construction consists of Caesium and Antimony and having eleven (11) dynodes.
                      Spectral Response is at 370 to 400 nm and photocathodes are of an S20 (trialkali photocathode) type and looks as if they are used in the blue and green area of TV camera use.
                      I have other similar here.
                      Will Post some pics later as it may help in deciding what is required next.
                      A great deal to learn of here.



                      • Electron Theory

                        Ongoing Electron Theory:
                        My take on electrons is that they do exist but as a part of an Atom but they do not flow and they cannot exist alone as an electron.
                        They become excited under electrical stress or excitation which extends their orbital flow around the nucleus into an ellipse which brings them into contact with like Atoms and electrons undergoing the same stress.
                        This is how electrons pass their energy on from one to the other by contact but there is NO flow - you might like to call it a 'contact' flow but this is also where the resistance and heat comes into play as the kinetic energy imposes heat around the electron collision areas.
                        This is your resistance to current 'contact' flow.
                        This 'contact' flow only occurs around the surface of a wire or transferring component where the Aether exchange is actually happening.

                        An Ion is an Atom that has lost an electron due to a potential difference or stress condition but does not exist as an electron and joins back in with the general Aether mix.
                        This is the reason why you cannot see an Electron as the Electron Microscope is a fudge device that does not actually see the Electron at all - (Ken Wheeler - Uncovering The Missing Secrets Of Magnetism).
                        There is said to be 33 forms of the Aether and each one plays a significant role in all of the production of Nature.
                        We began this with only four Aetheric forms which grew to 7 and now 33, the more we read vintage texts, the more we will understand the true nature of the Aether.

                        I am responding here to the work of, in particular, Crookes and Russell in their models of the Elements and their Valency and how they differ with the number of electrons in their Valence bands.
                        BUT Electrons only exist in an Atom, the lost Electron reverts back into the general Aetheric mix and cannot flow as a mass and there is no such thing as 'free electrons'.
                        Transmutation is not an Electron exchange but is an Aetheric exchange, Electron - Aether - Electron, from one Element to the next.
                        'Secondary Emission' in a Vacuum Tube is the release of electrons from Atoms of the bombarded Plate or metal but back into the Aetheric state and takes on another form which could be called a plasma but other forms do exist in a corona and these are adaptations of the Aether under electrical potential or excited stress conditions.
                        A greater focus required in this area.

                        In our goal to develop a means of energy using Primary Physics, we need to look at this state of an electron where it is being reconstituted back into the Aetheric form and this is an Implosive event and runs cool and this is where we need to be.
                        It is an electron transistional state back into the Aetheric form that is required for 'Energy Synthesis' and can work in two directions.
                        I would now look at this and state that the Electron to Aether transistion is a HEAT process and the converse, Aether, back into an Electron is a COLD process and such, the two conversion states Expansive and Contracting - Male and Female.

                        I believe this is where the De Aquino Gravity/Electrical Conversion device and my own Implosive Steven Mark TPU (His was working at the wrong end - Expansive - overheated and should have been at the other conversion end - Implosive and runs cool) are leading me at this time.
                        Once we are able to see this clearly without the confusion of all the bad publicity about that electron, then and only then, will we be able to make progressions to achieve our goal.
                        All you really need to do to understand any of this is to watch a high voltage spark closely to see what is happening or better is to build Vacuum Tube devices and closely watch them at work - protect your eyes.
                        A picture is worth a thousand words and what is it that you see from a Solid State device?
                        Consider just how much 'dumbing down' is at work today.
                        You are being 'conditioned'.
                        As I see it.
                        Comments please?



                        • Free Energy Secrets

                          I was asked by a private individual to comment on this video.
                          This is something that I am regularly asked to do.


                          In response to the above video:

                          1) There is no scientific varification of any energy anomaly since no Wattmeters exist in setup and no demonstration is given that the alternator cannot deliver the load energy without the transformers.

                          2) There is no such thing as "Cold Radiation" and moreover the guy came close to killing himself by putting hand held meter around a 14.4 thousand volt wire. The meter is good for only 600 volt.

                          3) All standard Utility Company configurations use two transformers between generator station and distribution station with NO energy anomaly.

                          4) What is not understood by these guys is that 50 plus 25 KVA (75 KVA) of transformer takes about 5 KVA of magnetizing force to charge themselves, this at harmonic frequencies of 60, 180, 300, etc cycles per second. The alternator must maintain this force but the engine cannot deal with it properly.

                          5) This harmonic condition can create anomalous energy conditions within the engine driven alternator configuration. This can in theory give a gain in energy over that developed by the generator.

                          6) To demonstrate this scientifically requires great skill, however the guys shown have no knowledge of even a basic scientific method.

                          7) An electric motor running the alternator in stead of an engine allows for a kilowatt hour meter to measure energy in. Another kilowatt hour meter at the load bank measures the energy out. If the energy out exceeds the energy in, then it is proven. There is no other way.

                          Reference this Borderland video to witness the efforts required to determine the energy transformation.
                          Note that the apparatus show is observed to be over 100% efficient.


                          Actual scientific effort by people with a sound working knowledge of electricity rather than the fooling around with delusional notions by people with not a clue of the nature of electricity or even their own safety is the only way to access the comprehension of energy synthesis. I have grown thoroughly fatigued with crack-pot websites and their arrogant little punky-boys constantly debasing any scientific effort, and the attitude that accompanies it.

                          73 DE N6KPH

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                          • Tesla's Cosmic Ray

                            1) Electric Rays were an important aspect of the work of Nikola Tesla as seen in his Notes, Lectures, and Patents Book, published in 1956 by Nolit in Belgrade. This work remains an enigma to this day and is the basis for the Cosmic Ray Detector Project.

                            The Tesla Ray is in all probability akin to the Le Sage Particle, this is where to begin the study. The important concept here is that Gravity and Radio Activity are both due to external causes, such as Le Sage, or Tesla Particles or Rays.

                            2) The Electron is also an enigma so do not feel confident that current theories have any valid meaning, or you will be deluding yourself.

                            Three distinct heterogeneous concepts exist here:
                            (1) The "Cathode Ray" of Wm. Crockes
                            (2) The "Atomic Corpuscule" of J.J. Thompson
                            (3) The contemporary "Electron"

                            These are not to be considered equivalent.

                            The Corpuscule of Thompson is connected with a "Faraday Tube", or "Line of Force".

                            The Electron is a Beta Ray and is not considered to be attached to a Line of Force.

                            The Electron Tubes of Philo Farnsworth contain Anode Screens to detach the Lines of Force from the Electrons.

                            I was recently sent some information on some experiment in which an Electron Particle Accelerator Pumped Electrons into a Dielectric which held them in its structure. Then a Gradient Disruption was initiated upon the Dielectric giving an Avalanche Discharge and a consequent Lichtenburg pattern of Fractal Form in the Dielectric material.

                            (I unfortunately lost this paper)

                            Hence, no real definitions exist with regard to the Electron and plays no real role in Electrical Transmission other than to give rise to Resistance and a loss of Electric Energy. This is the viewpoint of Carl Steinmetz.

                            Moreover, Crockes and Thompson did not like the modern notion of the Electron, so why should we? After all; their experimental efforts gave birth to Atomic Science.

                            73 DE N6KPH

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                            • Hey Eric,

                              I have sent you a letter with some video screenshots about the following video:


                              Can you comment on if this set-up is repeatable? What are your thoughts on this other than the "Scalar" garbage, the experiment seems legitimate, regardless of his choice of words....

                              I highly doubt the video is fake, even given the Scalar Confusion. I also believe it is repeatable. This aspect is not talked about much and would like a clarification, Eric. I hope it is possible to recreate this...You can reply here or respond to the letter, please let me know which you choose... Seems to be a very interesting and simple set up. Also noted NO extra coil OR top load and I also doubt coils are in resonance....explanation??? Specifically comment if any modifications need to be made or what design ratio or geometry should be followed...

                              Dejan C.
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                              • Cosmic Ray Detector CRD

                                Cosmic Ray Detector (CRD):
                                CRD now back up and running with a single 8" brass bell.
                                Had to do several modifications to the main board as the existing coils were only 23 ohms but had many spares here to fit the gap in the housing.
                                Ones used were slightly deeper and had to extend the switch contacts out but all is working well compared to my original organisation.
                                A second bell could be added to this at the outer side of the donger and may do this later to give a ding dong effect.
                                Bell is LOUD but very positive.
                                HT volts best at about 170v DC and EHT for the Cintel 21" Geiger Tube best at 1KV.
                                The old organisation was affected by my person and especially hands over the components but nothing with this as the EHT is now quite substantial as I believe I was only using about 300volts DC.
                                Results worthy of the effort.
                                Jumped a foot off the ground when I got my first 'dong'!
                                This would make a good demonstration unit for anybody wanting to open up another's eyes to what is really going on out there and should be a required school exercise.
                                This is using Eric's later modifications.
                                The ballast lamp can also be seen during the firing cycle.

                                Eric, as we now have the major problem solved with the bell ringing and you have further input, please do so as any further work here can now be easily exercised.