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Refined sugar is disgusting stuff

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  • Refined sugar is disgusting stuff

    Because of its dry distillation are obtained inedible substances

    such as tar and acetone

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    Tell me more, is this because of the refining process?


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      Not only is refined sugar very bad for you (i use untreated honey in coffee) but i found out cows milk is the ticking bomb. i found o very good article with very good statistical links to back it up. it was so profound i quit drinking the stuff and stop eating cheese.


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        Sugar and Milk dangers

        Here is a PDF of the massive dangers of drinking milk. it will disgust you and your kids to the bone.
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          Sugar,Milk and stuff

          My understanding of sugar is that the stuff here in North America is different to the European sugar and way different to the sugar out of Asia.
          East Indians when they come to Canada end up with some of the highest Diabetes rates because their diet is high in sugar and milk.In India it isnt a problem because of the purity of the food but here where a corporation can sell poison and call it food well thats a different story.
          If you want a reasonable substitute for sugar then organic maple syrup is the answer.Honey cant be trusted any more unless its organic and even the organic wording can be deceiving as the government stepped in and is allowing 5% other stuff in organics and you are legally allowed to call it organic.
          An aquaintance of mine has a dairy farm and the hormone garbage they have in the food ,medicine and other stuff for cows is just plain disgusting.
          Chickens are no better.I use to breed rats and tried various foods on them.They all got sick from the chicken pellet food.Rats also wont eat white bread.Now thats bad considering they eat just about anything.
          The problem with the food here is that we are being purposely poisoned.Chemicals are being put in that arent labeled and others are purposely mislabeled.Top it off with GMOs where they dont have any labels.
          It all comes down to the buck.All those companies and managers,CEOs and other suits that work for them should all be held responsible.
          The Russians have a saying--a three piece suit is your enemy