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Liberty Engine Project??

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  • Liberty Engine Project??

    I know those puny magnets and 4 primary coils from microwave trans are not generating enough power to loop run this thing but I don't see the cheat? Anyone figure this out?

    On another note: My poor wife has really been put through it. Her sinus cavity was packed full of fungus...for decades they think. It's called sinus fungal ball. Surgery a week ago and a follow up tomorrow. I've done all the cooking, cleaning, shopping, laundry, dishes, waiting on her. Luckily we caught this a month ago in a CAT scan. It had also spread into the left side. Normally, they don't find these until it is too late. The surgical mortality is 50%. It can blind you or grow through the thin bone into the brain and kill. They go up through your nose and rotor root you. So glad she is finally making progress in her recovery.

    Stay out of ER's. they will kill you from neglect and incompetence.

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    You are correct. It is a fake. The clue it is a fake is the fact they are using an AC induction motor. AC induction motors rpm is determined by the frequency of the AC and the number of coils in the stator. So how does it get up to speed if the generator is producing an AC signal. If you watch closely after he stops pulling the rope the motor/generator seems to speed up and then settle down at a fixed speed. That couldn't happen if the generator was actually producing the AC the motor was running on.

    I have seen a couple of videos that revealed how this was faked. The large motor has the normal insides removed. Some lithium batteries and a smaller motor are used to keep the whole thing spinning after it is started by hand. The voltage you see is probably actually being produced by the magnets but not really being used. It's just voltage with no load on it. Large RC electric airplanes have motors that can easily keep a rotor that size spinning once it is started by the rope. I suspect he has a relay inside the motor that gets turned on by the generator and that then turns on the inside motor to keep it running.

    PS: I agree with you completely about the ER.
    Just because someone disagrees with you does NOT make them your enemy. We can disagree without attacking someone.


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      What's really funny is they used a Motor patented by Tesla as the gen. Wasn't even a good copy of the motor cause the coils are far from the rotor. You can see it right in the video cover. People living on clicks....


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        They went to a lot of trouble to make a fake. Their channel is full of fake stuff. I despise people like that.


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          He pitched in...

          He makes bland sound so good.


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            Yeah...he perfected living on clicks and merch. At least he does research and I have learned quite a bit watching him over the years.
            I was enjoying his battery research but he stopped and things are a bit mundane on his channel now. Maybe he sold out the battery tech or it just didn't work out for some reason.


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              Oh he got a good investment that's my understanding anyway and he probably did sell his tech. He gets goof off now anyway in his big old shop.