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  • Originally posted by drak View Post
    Reason being, I have a habit of blowing stuff up.
    Blowing stuff up is 1/2 the fun in my opinion.


    • Originally posted by zilano
      well a step down is always better at the making of primary n secondary but anyways follow don way.
      120 =

      means 237.5 turns primary
      and single turn secondary givig u 120 volts output. heavy insulated rated for 60 amps

      u can try other cominations also

      K, awesome, thank you


      • Some Thoughts

        I've been following this thread for awhile now. I'm not sure if Don ever had a working device or not. I think the idea deserves a look. Some of you are trying that now. I've got some pieces I'm working with. Hopefully, someone will find an answer. Tesla thought there was something out there worth exploring.
        As far as Zilano "Z4" is concerned, I have my doubts. No evidence was presented. A lot of info both useful and contradictory was presented. Some of this might be explained by the language barrier. But the notion of using a resistor to drop frequency and "oh no I was testing you it was really a capacitor" stuff makes you wonder. I hope Z4 figured it out, but the search goes on.


        • Originally posted by Pendar View Post
          I've been following this thread for awhile now. I'm not sure if Don ever had a working device or not.
          Me neither, but I didn't start this project solely because Don said it works. I trust Tesla. Don just give us incentive to go further. As far as zilano, I've gotten further in faster time then I would have on my own without her input. She deeply deserves my thanks.


          • Originally posted by zilano
            Exactly! That is how so few at the top are able to control populations. They know our resonant frequency. Thankfully our frequency is changing.
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            • Originally Posted by zilano
              Principle of Vibration:

              "He who understands the Principle of Vibration, has grasped the scepter of power" the Kybalion
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              Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius.


              • What the Heck??

                She's gone again??????????????????

                who's in charge around here??

                If you want to Change the world
                BE that change !!


                • She'll be back. Its her new game, wait till your stuck then pop in and help then pop out. She sitting back reading. Zilano knows you need her help and can't leave this thread. Can you say TEACHER.


                  • Originally posted by frankidel View Post
                    I think you got a point, maybe it's then that you can pump electrons from the earth ground. It's like the earth is a big reservoir of negative charges and they need to be disturbed.
                    Yes, to some degree. A potential difference that the more positive flows into. thus when your coil goes negative the earth becomes the source of electrons flowing into the system. In this case the earth being 0 + or - and our coil at -15000 volts. A negative current flow into the system. If there is a deficit of electrons nature tries to fill the gaps to maintain a balance.


                    • OK I see now that a normal coil cut in two pieces is two CCW wound coils.

                      I still think joining a CW coil to a CCW coil might not work the way it is supposed to, I think this because the current would need to change it's direction of spin to rotate the other way to get from one end of the coil to the other.

                      I made this drawing to illustrate what I mean. if two opposite wound coils are used with one primary I think only one coil will be effective.

                      I don't see how an electric or current wave will like to stop dead and change it's direction of rotation halfway along the two coils.

                      Using two the same will result in a negative potential at one end and a positive at the other end as far as I can see.

                      But using two opposite wound ones would result in a positive potential at both ends " that's if the second coil even played a significant part", I think the Opposite wound CW coil will act like a "brake".

                      Uploaded with

                      I did say two CW coils but really two normally wound coils would be two CCW coils.

                      I'm still not convinced opposite wound secondaries are the way to go. It doesn't make sense to me or even seem necessary.

                      Just my thoughts.


                      • Progress...

                        Hi everyone,

                        I dug through this list and extracted everything that seemed like it could be valuable up to something like page 23 of this post. I've got more of that to do to get completely caught up, but I've learned a lot by reading through all of that.

                        I've decided to do everything from scratch. You know... leave no stone unturned. I decided to not be in a hurry. Perhaps to be an artist about it. I think Tesla was an artiste! :-)

                        So I bought this old coil winding machine. I figured out how to use it tonight. And I'm winding my flyback. Working with copper like that is actually quite beautiful.

                        I'm winding AWG22 magnet wire on a 3/4 inch ferrite core (or thereabouts). I just did my first layer today. 50 turns on about 2.5 inches of ferrite core. that means that it will take 4000V / 50 turns per layer is 80 layers. If I do 10 layers a day, it will take 8 days. I don't know how many minutes per layer, but I imagine that's probably an hour or more of winding a night. Say 10hrs.

                        I have a few questions... how meticulously wound does this coil need to be? I'm guessing that it doesn't need to be totally meticulous, but I'm also guessing that the winding affects the Q of the coil. i.e. the coil... in series is a band-no pass filter. And it will block a more precise frequency when it is wound meticulously. I'm sure Tesla was meticulous.

                        So I'm committed to keeping 50 turns per layer, but the teflon tape separating each layer will make it uneven. And so will the electric tape and cardboard coil form core in the center. I'm guessing this won't matter.

                        However, I'm curious how zzz did this winding in 4 layers. That would have been 1000 turns per layer. That would definitely take less time. But you would have had a very long coil even if you used thinner gauge wire.

                        zzz... can you tell me. how many inches long was your coil @ 1000 turns per layer. and what gauge were you using? and will my 80 layer flyback be just fine with 22 AWG wire?

                        and thank you for all of your explanations. here's how i understand it now...

                        we are just trying to create a very high frequency, very high voltage magnetic field.

                        working from the flyback forward...

                        the transistor actually oscillates with the natural frequency of the collector coil on the flyback.

                        we should dispense with calling the coils L1 and L2. people get confused. we should talk about the upstream coil or the downstream coil or the collector coil and the emitter coil (to borrow from transistor speak).

                        so basically current and volts are pulled in phase with the collector current and volts and the emitter coil steps it up and also delivers the current in phase.

                        While the collector coil is driven from the battery through the transistor, the emitter coil pulls charge from the ground. the charge runs through the HV diode. the diode needs to switch on and off faster than the frequency to deliver a pulse of energy to the second collector coil / capacitor / gap.

                        I'll use the following terminology to describe the coils... primary collector, primary emitter, secondary collector, secondary emitter, etc. to identify "upstream" from "downstream".

                        When the gap is off (not conducting). The pulse is added to the top of the secondary collector. It travels through the secondary collector coil, going either into ground or into the primary emitter (at the bottom).

                        Frankly, I don't quite see why we need ground here. If this is a closed loop and we are not losing charge carriers, then we shouldn't need to connect to ground here.

                        But I can also see that as this oscillates, the wire has resistance, and the mass/energy within it dissipates. And we need to get more from somewhere. So ground it is.

                        Adding ground here eliminates the need for perfect resonance. I guess these coils will never be in "perfect" resonance, so we will see some energy loss, so OK. I'm going for ground.

                        So when the primary emitter gathers electrons from ground and stuffs it into the top of the secondary collector when the top of the secondary collector is already stuffed with high voltage, the gap fires.

                        Current flows from the top of the emitter to ground. The gap acts as a surge arrestor, diverting the current to prevent overload. The extra current flows back to ground. It's not going to flow back around the coils because they are already at high potential on the top side.

                        But while the gap is firing, we lose energy. And we are trying to make energy, not lose it. So Tesla worked hard to make gaps that would shut off quickly. So the system would retain its energy and just keep on oscillating.

                        What we're trying to do is create a current oscillator that makes the most oscillating magnetic field with the least input.

                        Gotta go to bed.


                        • People!
                          it is certainly good to test the high frequency high voltage current discovered by Great Tesla. These experiments add to the knowledge base of every experimenter very useful ever new aspects. Oscillatory discharge of a capacitor into inductive circuit of low resistance was, is, and will be an object for research and discoveries for decades.
                          you are spending your efforts here in search for free energy. It is a fact, that the direction, many of us are following here, especially under the doubtful remote "supervision" of some members, is in vain, if not taking the new experience in consideration! Every Tesla Coiler knows, the resonance would be disturbed by any change in the load (value or character). No one circuit in this thread can produce FE or maintain the resonance.
                          It is not true, somebody here is powering his house with 10 kW self-running generator, based on the mentioned circuits! It is also not true, the secret parts of DS devices are so simple! (combination of waves in secondary after preliminary resonance).
                          Spend your efforts, money, and time as before just for experiencing the feeling of Great Tesla, and gathering new knowledge! But seek the FE in totally different direction, where the Resonance oscillation plays only a certain role in the circuit, but the combination of waves in a coil - the major part. Be sure, member who claims to power his house, has never seen such a generator except on videos... This fact is, at least, seen by the doubtful "teacher" behavior.
                          Am absolutely sure!


                          • Originally posted by zilano
                            well if u know so much abt fe then guide the thread.
                            take the lead and give em direction how to get it the way u know best how to get it.

                            folks plz follow abc1200d


                            • You guy's give her a hard time, do you realize the risk she's takeing
                              Half of the Answer is knowing the right Question


                              • @ Zilano,

                                Am just a Coiler. If I would be able to power my house with FE, I would certainly show photos, plans, videos... and guide the others strictly and directly to the aim.
                                You claimed, you have!! You ignored the requests to show even one picture of your claimed device!! you jump from one circuit to other, and from one idea to totally different one!! you copy and paste many non-homogeneous things and show non-working circuits, then change them, then again change your statement, then delete your posts, disappear, appear again... etc... What do you think then of us?? naive? show at least a tesla coil you have built!

                                For those who believe Zilano is in danger: cool down. Nobody is danger. All information given by Zilano in this topic are very ordinary and very known. Their publisher never been in danger.