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BBC Radio 4 Out of the Ordinary Free Energy

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  • BBC Radio 4 Out of the Ordinary Free Energy

    Hi All

    The BBC Radio 4 today broadcast a program - Out of the ordinary - Series 6 - Free energy. Bit of a hatchet job, however....

    BBC Radio 4 - Out of the Ordinary, Series 6, Free Energy

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    The presenter came to visit/interview me back in November. He did seem to have a genuine interest in electronics to be fair, and he went to the trouble of building his own Bedini motor. We spoke on the phone a few days earlier so he knew I hadn't seen any free energy to speak of myself so he came to see what the Tesla Magnifying Transmitter was about. The only shame for context is he didn't mention that Tesla's idea of mass scale free energy was to freely distribute the electricity generated by a regular hydroelectric power station, or any other renewable source. He hadn't seen any free energy in his own build and apparently no one else was able to show him any either, so I'd say he presented it as fairly as he could based on the information he had.

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