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  • Fusion

    Fusion. What various fusion processes actually do.
    What these experiments might tell us.
    What do they have in common

    Looking at what happens in the focus fusion reactor.

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    could not find the sonoluminescence/photon thread ?

    something interesting from Our friend Wesley

    I will remove this if you wish ?
    Chet K
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      Ramset thanks for the reply.
      Hopefully we can find a place for sonoluminescence/photon.
      The fusion family is of course plasma then confinement type.

      I wanted to emphasize focus because I believe it has fundamental
      relationship to some of our projects. It is my hope that someone will
      use the direct conversion aspect of this in simple form because it has
      small environmental impact that is no steam no co2, no burning our oxygen !

      a presentation that gets into more depth

      a picture of the axial coil see red arrow and the geometry, why it is a breakthrough ?
      focus fusion axial coil.JPG
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        I am concentrating on focus fusion for concept.

        There are various methods such as polywell and tri alpha, pals, emc2,
        in focus fusion is fair amount of visual imagery letting us see how it all comes together.

        about how to capture the fusion event and convert it into electricity ?

        So what happens when the gases actually fuse into ball-lightning which gives off energy.
        How is that energy harvested ?

        In this picture is the product of the ball lightning, a beam and most important the circular magnetic fields.

        direct fusion capture coil.JPG

        Keep these magnetic fields (shown in yellow) in mind during this next animation
        that shows the fusion reaction and conversion of the alpha particles given by boron and deuterium.
        This is how the magnetic field is captured.
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