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Its the end of the world as we know it!

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  • Its the end of the world as we know it!

    REM Its the End of the World R.E.M. - YouTube
    Since the year 2000 computer “melt down” apocalypse end of the world, and the planet X/ Nibiru cobblers which I'm sure we all waited for with baited breath … I know I did .. shaking in my shoes in the local Boozer along with many others who were blissfully unaware of the “end is nigh” significance of the 21st of Dec. Well here's the next “cobblers” to consider. Seems one of the more obscure arms of the USA military some time ago formed an “elite” group of see'ers (sort of see the future clairvoyants) one or two of which it seems has turned renegade .. (if you can believe that) .. seems America goes into any country it feels like and extracts anyone it feels like on a whim .. so I cant see this guy being allowed to blab cobblers on American territory unless sanctioned to do so.
    Anyway this latest load of balls is called ….” The Kill shot”
    SOLAR FLARE to END HUMANITY in 2013 - REMOTE VIEWING with Major Ed Dames The Kill Shot - YouTube
    Certainly the you tube production isn't done with a web-cam with in some guys back bedroom .. is it? Lots of money gone into this “spoof” … I don't think I'll lose to much sleep over American “Remote viewers” They don't seem to have "viewed" much past their ring pieces .. if recent history is anything to go by.
    Perhaps its time for the “end of the world boxed set” part 0ne .. Like Rocky
    year 2000 apocalypse … planet x … Nibiru and all the other none events …. Unless you know different
    Whatever you can do,or dream you can,begin it.Boldness has genius,power and magic in it.Begin it now.

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    This belongs on a different board. This board is for Renewable Energy, not idiotic prophecies.


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      Originally posted by Dingus View Post
      This belongs on a different board. This board is for Renewable Energy, not idiotic prophecies.
      worry not Dingus .. if the general feeling is the same It'll just die a natural death very quickly and be hoofed onto the back pages.
      Whatever you can do,or dream you can,begin it.Boldness has genius,power and magic in it.Begin it now.


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        I think this belongs very much here on Renewable Energy. After all the one thing that may allow one to survive an end of the world scenario is having a 'free energy' source. With that you can stay warm, pump water, cook food etc., etc. I think it's just a good reminder of how important it can be to have an alternate energy source.

        That being said I met and talked to Ed Dames back in the late 90's at a big new age sort of expo in California. It was just a brief conversation and I didn't take anything significant away from it. Member 'Kevin' is a remote viewer on this forum who was quite active in another sub-forum. I haven't looked at much there lately but I know he was in a bad motorcycle accident and I don't believe I've heard much from him since. Remote viewing IMO is a very interesting subject and I think it may be somewhat valid for viewing 'remotely' but not so much for viewing into the future. IMO the future is altered moment by moment but actions happening every moment and every day brings a new possible future. So what might have been viewed as a kill shot at the time he viewed that future may be different now. I was aware of that video and IMO it's always good to be prepared as one possibly can for all scenarios. Thus my interest in 'free energy' as well as the obvious money savings if it ever comes about.
        There is no important work, there are only a series of moments to demonstrate your mastery and impeccability. Quote from Almine


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          Well you have certainly moved me a little bit up the ladder Ewiz if only by informing that a department of “remote viewers” actually exists (or existed) and it isn't total science fiction.
          As for on this platform or not ? Well to be honest there is a huge eclectic mix on this board and some of the subjects seemingly un related to energy at all. Still they all seem to focus on it in some way … eventually. Regardless .. if the subject takes peoples interest .. they post, & the thread lives. If not its a rapid decline to the back pages with the other “also rans” I must confess I am really quite interested in who might spend an awful lot of money on camera work and special effects to peddle the kill shot stuff. And why. In fact if you think back to the hay days of nibiru there were films and video's on various “tubes” that wouldn't have been out of place on star trek. They no doubt cost about the same in time and money to produce . But … who's money and why? Unless its the film producers of the future practising the art … Hollywood apprentices class of 2013?
          Whatever you can do,or dream you can,begin it.Boldness has genius,power and magic in it.Begin it now.


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            You might find this interesting Duncan;

            Remote Viewing - The Real Story

            Ingo Swann wrote the CIA Remote Viewing manual. Not sure, but I think he trained Ed Dames too.


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              being prepared

              I have known and still know a few remote viewers, and have tried it myself, occasionally. They can reliably predict the present but only a few can predict anything in the future. I too, joined this forum because of the possibility of becoming self sufficient. Although I have not reached that point yet, I am surely working to that end. If or when, the stock market crashes, supplies, materials and necessary services will become nonexistent very shortly. Even if it doesn't crash, there are many more catastrophies that can cause hardships if not prepared. Solar flares, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and forest fires have become rampant across the U.S. in recent years. Knowing that the sun goes through cycles, we may be in an active cycle, and the sun causes all of these things. Being prepared is what free energy and self sufficiency is all about for me. No matter what happens or when, it is best to be as prepared as one knows how. Food and water are what most are stocking up on, but what if it is a pandemic? Most are not prepared for that. Good Luck. stealth


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                Begging the group's indulgence, I'm going to address this from my own faith perspective - it's what I know best, and speaks to this issue for me. The mystics I've read have spoken of a great catastrophe of one kind or another, and it seems that war and natural disasters are involved. None of them speak of these times as the end of the world. If anything, there is the sense that evil is defeated, and the earth, water, air are restored, and people live in peace.

                I personally think (apart from any religious ideas now) that there may indeed by conflicts with natural disasters, EMPs and large-scale technology crashes. I believe certain simple technologies involving magnet motor and magnet motor generator type devices would be good to have on hand. The possible prospect of a grid crash or EMPs is why I believe the magamp would be a good rugged piece of equipment to develop. Like many here, I feel a change is coming, and would like to be prepared with a bugout bag, food, clothing, water purifying equipment, maybe seeds, fire starting equipment and a few possibilities for powering my home or perhaps freezer, should the grid go down.

                If this does happen, I don't think it's the end. I believe it'll get worse, then better than anyone imagined if the corruption, greed and power-hungry madness are defeated.

                Like others here, the sense of tough times keeps me engaged in this field.
                Still-kicking Bob


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                  It depends on which semantic you want to believe in ....

                  End Times

                  End of the Times

                  End the Times

                  also this thread should be moved to .... Psychic & Paranormal forum
                  Last edited by MonsieurM; 10-09-2013, 10:41 PM.
                  Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.


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                    I see what you're saying, and if we stay on the "times", I'd say your case is a strong one. What's more, we'll never get anywhere.

                    I'd prefer to call these times "Tough Times."

                    Being but one voice among many, I'd like to offer a suggestion:
                    What if we move on from the "End" issue, and focus this thread on "Technology for Tough Times" or something like that?

                    Bob who's still bobbing


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                      The little bit I did read seemed to pertain to a “Viewer” who had placed thermometers outside and had seen the temperatures rising to phenomenal levels. Quite how a time line is attached to that I really wouldn't know but the writing was certainly in the terms of the “end is nigh” as in starting before the end of the year. But then it would be … wouldn't it.
                      Whatever you can do,or dream you can,begin it.Boldness has genius,power and magic in it.Begin it now.


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                        To me,

                        the key phrase is 'as we know it'. I don't see the 'end of the world', and if it IS 'the end of the world', no alternative energy, or seeds are going to 'svae' you.
                        What I DO see is an end to CIVILISATION, and alternative energy etc. COULD be helpful, then.

                        Archeologists tell us 'modern man' has been on the earth for 100,000-200,000 years. And, they also tell us that the EARLIEST signs of 'civilisation' (as THEY define it) are about 14,000-10,000 years ago. THEY define civilisation as when humans stopped being hunter gatherers, and settled down in one place.

                        If you don't HAVE a bunch of long supply chains, supplying you with food, shelter, energy, employment, you eiher have to make or grow your own, or 'hunt and gather', to survive. What we call 'homeless people' may just be people who are 'ahead of their time'; they only own what they can carry, they have no employment, but no bills, either. In the winter months, they travel (it they are smart) to warmer climes, and in the summer to cooler ones.
                        Much as Hunter/gatherers did in the past.

                        I'm visualising something; start with a shopping cart; extend the bottom frame, so the front wheels are out there, about 5-6 feet. Replace the back wheels with bycycle wheels and tires. Extend back a little platform, for the operator sto stand, and put bycycle brakes on these rear tires, with the handles to engage them on the 'handlebar' of the cart. May revamp the 'cart' portion, making it lower and longer; could put 'stuff' in it, (tents, sleeping bags, food, etc.)and a passenger could also sit there, with legs extended; in other words, like a dog sled, but with wheels. Then you just need a harness, and a bunch of dogs!
                        After 'the end of civilisation', there will be lots of 'stray dogs', shopping carts, bycycle wheels, ...probaly need to get a book on traing sled dogs, and maybe do some reserch on harnesses, and dogsledding.
                        So, what ya think?,.....Jim


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                          Shopping cart may work, but I would rather have something larger, maybe that I could sleep in, or get in out of the weather. Something like a 12' aluminum boat with wheels attached, and a cover like a tent. A couple of foldable seats would also be nice. Or, It could even be made to look like a conastoga wagon ( the first real RV). I also would want solar panels attached to charge batteries to power an electric motor, and some lights. You could also use the front part of it for storage. Using zero turn technology, you wouldn't even need steering on the front wheels, they could be solid swivel casters. Attaching sled runners beside the wheels would give you the ability to go over snow, ice or rough terrain, and then it would also work on the water. A totally self contained vehicle. Just my vision of a near perfect bug out or getaway vehicle. Good Luck. stealth


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                            Bear in mind, this is, at its most basic, a DOG powered vehicle. I'll have to do some research, to see how much weight dog teams normally pull, on a typical loaded dog sled. Also, they make the sleds as light as possible, using woood and wicker/rattan, I believe. But your right, aluminum would also be lightweight.
                            I visualise myself tooling along down (mostly) empty streets, in a 'Mad-Max' kind of after the apocolypse world. Like a dog sled, could have tent and sleeping bags, a small camp stove, food, water, and ammo.Some tools, etc.
                            Will also have to look at dog 'shoes', to protect the dogs feet from the pavement.With good bearings, I bet a dog team could pull a fair amount of weight, on a nice surface like a street. After all, got to be easier to pull than a sled on runners,in the snow, and they do that, fine.
                            Might make the breaks, for the 2 back wheels foot operated; that way I can have at least one hand free, for using the whip. You crack it to the Left of the dogs, and yell "HAW" when you want them to turn right, and crack it to the Right of them, and yell "Hee" when you want them to turn Left. And, when you want them to stop you crack it in front of them, so they 'draw up short', and yell "HO". At least, I think thats how it works. You don't touch the dogs with the whip, its called a 'signal' whip for a reason; cause your signalling to the dogs what you want them to do, especially when training.And, they can all hear it and respond at the same time. A little breaking on 1 of the back wheels, and the dogs pulling the other way, out to steer just fine! Jim


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                              I would recommend buying up raw materials to make your own car size batteries.
                              Then you can build your own electric powered cart that runs for life. Hook up generators to charge the batteries from wind/solar/ and even an exercise bike. That way you also wouldnt have to worry about anyone shooting your dogs for meat.

                              Honestly if we are talking mad max end of the world, I'd build an aromor plated "tank" cart.

                              Although global natural disasters can happen the odds of them are astronomically small.
                              You probably have a much higher risk of dying in your sleep than by a natural disaster.
                              I havent watched the video yet but this sounds like something out of the movie "knowing" lol.
                              These movies are only made to produce money. They capitalize on the drama and relevance disasters have on all of us.

                              I think we will soon hit the biggest depression we've ever seen. That is the collapse I expect to see. An Economic one.

                              The Roman Empire fell largely due to economic collapse.
                              Their currency was inflated to a point that it was only worth .02% of its original value.
                              Their Bullion was hoarded (just as our price of gold has skyrocketed)
                              Their treasury was looted (just as our gold is gone from Ft. Knox)
                              and their trade deficit was bad (just as our budget deficit is currently in a death spiral)
                              America is a consurmer country, our greatest export is hollywood movies. Needless to say...collapse is comming.

                              In 1850 there was 20 million people in America, now over 300 million.
                              Since 1950, every 20 years, the population has Grown by 50 million people.
                              A growth of 2.5 million people every year. That 7,000 new people, Every Day.

                              Population growth has been great for the economy. Why? Because, like a ponzi scheme, new people are the new investors paying to take care of all the old people exiting the work force system. Social Securty and Medicare would be BROKE without all the young workers paying into the government programs.
                              Obamacare wont survive without all the young workers paying for health insurance...(because they are the only ones who wont use it)

                              Here is the scary part...What happens when the population stops growing?...Who will take care of a super majority of elderly people?