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What a hoot! Have to tell someone...

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  • What a hoot! Have to tell someone...

    Okay - so I've been loosely practicing LOA all my life with some vague, intrinsic understanding of it but never had terminology until seeing The Secret soon after it came out. Lately, I've been listening to The Secret book on CD. I have it on "repeat", so it plays continuously through the day while I work.

    Thinking about the fellow that attracted a specific feather and the suggestion of starting small and attracting a cup of coffee, or something like that - I settled on attracting $1.57. One dollar and fifty-seven cents.

    I'd see it in my hand but find myself mentally quibbling over whether it came as a check, cash, a one and change or quarters, nickles and pennies, etc. - wanting to get specific but not wanting to limit the Universe in how to manifest. Do others do this little dance too?

    A few days ago (about two weeks after starting this) as I was walking to my car I noticed coins in the grass. I got all excited when I saw quarters, nickels and pennies which turned out totaling $1.08: four quarters, one nickel and 3 pennies. So I laughed, thanked the Universe and wondered how the other 49 cents would show up.

    The next day while working (studio artist) I felt the need for something to jumpstart ideas so I grabbed an old journal. There, in a journal from 8 years ago, I recorded a dream about a toy skeleton with a price tag of, get this - $1.57 on it.

    Gotta love it!

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    Very Cool!!!! Now just imagine the possiblities of what you can do with that???? Have fun with it! I was raised manifesting parking spaces! My mom on the way to the store of Mall would always say think parking spot, and that meant a front one! Even as an adult in the middle of Christmass season even the week before or of... I could tell my family to think or ask for a front parking spot, and I would get it... In one of the bussiest malls in the Seattle area! My now X would shake his head cause he did not believe in this... It was till just now that I have been learning to think bigger and set the intention for life transformation and get it!

    Congratulations... Would love to see some of your artwork... Have you posted it on the healing through art thread??? Please do!



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      Well Done Bobi!!

      Can't wait to hear about your next manifestations! Keep going

      SallyJane, I also remember my mum used to always ask the three of us to "Focus on a parking spot" and even when there were none, we'd usually get one - someone would leave as we'd arrive etc. I use it now too, and it is Magical!

      Love and Light and Magic xxx
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        How funny! My mom has always said, "people are so nice, they usually leave me a parking space right up front!" And, as you already know... there's the space!

        Here's to moms and magic!


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          keep it up bobi ..

          and keep telling us about it

          Love & Gratitude