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  • BroMikey
    This is the correct model I bought. This one is very powerful. $1400 new.

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  • BroMikey
    I was and am sick of this swollen prostate. Cranky as freakin hell. Can't sit up straight, feels like a bloated bull frog who has been kicked in the balls. Am I clear? Can't zhit without pain, piss every 2 hours, stinks like hell.

    Feel like I am near death for weakness somedays. This was all last year. My Vivatar flash pulser broke a couple of years back and I never replaced it. It was small and burned out fast but let me know if it worked.

    I bought a 1 year old machine $850 and have lost all of the feces stuck up my a-hole I know I am crude. Sterilize your back end where the sun down shine THEY SAY. Hum, so I gave it a try since I am dying in pain, right? I mean, pain every dump is hell on earth. A person full of death can not live. Death is that stuff that is suppose to go out into the drought.

    Your organs will fail.

    1 month ago I got this and have to go slow with it or I zhit 5X a day, piles as big as king kong

    I know I am crude. Do you want to live boomers? We have been targeted you know.

    Anyway now on to the good news. Strength returning exponentially, I must take 2 showers a day or my shirt smells like it is a week old. No more pain up the poop shut, no more pain in the back of my legs, no more pain in my back, no more pain at all after using this Magnetic Pulser machine.

    All it is and does is charge up your blood so your body takes out the trash. Like ringing out a dirty mop my intestinal tract is being relieved of lbs of waste. Somehow or another the body bugs want to stay attached to your entire insides. GMO and chemicals bio accumulate, this is the plot against the boomers.

    Answer? Go slow, pulse around your neck, limp's, under your arms, in your groin, wherever it hurts and do this for 5-10 minute per setting 2-3X per day for about 3 days and then wait a couple days or you may be sorry you did it to much. Doing it to much is not like sex, where you go blind, it is more like feeling sick to your stomach from toxins going out. Drink O-Water

    Do it now and live.

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  • aljhoa
    Urinary Retention

    If the volume drained is modest ( 1-2 liters) and the patient stable and ambulatory,
    attach the Foley catheter to a leg bag and discharge him, for followup (and probably, catheter removal) the next day.

    If the volume drained is small (100-200ml), remove the catheter and search for alternate etiologies of the abdominal mass and urinary urgency.

    Urinary Retention

    What causes urinary retention?
    Urinary retention can result from

    obstruction of the urethra
    weakened bladder muscles

    How is urinary retention treated?
    A health care provider treats urinary retention with

    bladder drainage
    urethral dilation
    urethral stents
    prostate medications

    What are the complications of urinary retention and its treatments?
    Complications of urinary retention and its treatments may include

    bladder damage
    kidney damage
    urinary incontinence after prostate, tumor, or cancer surgery

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  • aljhoa
    Renal function, in nephrology, is an indication of the kidney's condition and its role in renal physiology.
    Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) describes the flow rate of filtered fluid through the kidney.

    Most doctors use the plasma concentrations of the waste substances of creatinine and urea (U), as well as electrolytes (E), to determine renal function.
    These measures are adequate to determine whether a patient is suffering from kidney disease.

    However, blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and creatinine will not be raised above the normal range until 60% of total kidney function is lost.
    Hence, the more accurate Glomerular filtration rate or its approximation of the creatinine clearance is measured
    whenever renal disease is suspected or careful dosing of nephrotoxic drugs is required.

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  • aljhoa
    Originally posted by BroMikey View Post
    Attack on fertility

    The prostate is called "The Protector" and is watching out for you so
    you don't stay toxic.

    6. Filter: Yet another prostate gland function is filtration.
    The prostate filters and removes toxins in order to protect the sperm.
    When the sperm is protected from toxins, the optimum quality of
    sperm is ensured, which enhances the chance of impregnation.

    Prostate Gland Function: 10 amazing functions for health & sex

    Sex is a natural and very beneficial function for the prostate gland because
    it moves fluids and helps to reduce toxins that can build up in the prostate gland.
    Remember one of the functions of the prostate is to remove toxins.
    One of the reasons that prostate massage is recommended is to help
    in the removal of these toxins. Sex does this automatically as long as we ejaculate.

    Monks and recluse meditators benefited from non-sexual prostate massage because
    otherwise a stagnant prostate could not eliminate toxins in celibate monks.
    Prostate massage provides stimulus to the prostate resulting
    in increased blood flow, fluid movement and improved prostate health.

    Sex And Prostate Health: What You Need To Know for Optimum Prostate Health

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  • BroMikey
    Here is what you need for locked up gut, can't eat can't drink
    I lost 5 lbs Today after 2 weeks I ate a half of roast beef sandwich
    and 10 chips

    Here is the good stuff
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  • BroMikey
    Guys here is what is happening. I go to Walgreen's and Walmart in my
    area to buy supplements and read the label to late and had to throw
    away $45 worth in the trash. You are made to think you are getting
    something good and it makes you worse. Thankfully One Mom and Pop
    full line organic store has the good stuff, you name it

    They have the Sambucus throat lozengers they have the elderberry
    concentrate they have real ginger brew. OMG it is so yummy. Any water
    or baking soda water will lock your guts right up. I took 2 garlic pills
    from Walmart and my guts locked up again vomiting for a full night just
    to get that poison out of my system. It has so many filler it is disgusting.

    For instance the spring valley brand is full of steric acid, magnesium dust
    and silica and the actual ingredient of the garlic is what they call order less.
    All chemicals and my guts will tell you that, I don't need to read the label.

    The big companies hate the people and love their money.
    Even Goldenseal vanished from the shelves and the pharmacy acts
    like you are crazy if you don't buy all their drugs. And why not their
    herbs are poison. This is not an accident.

    You go in these places and ask if they have anything good and their
    answer is, NOPE.

    Thanks Danny I'll keep you all updated concerning my heroic 2 week
    shut down. The good stuff is all coming and will be here in an hour or so.

    I thought I had something good and it was making worse.

    $50 - $60 is worth it for the pure. I've known the store personal and
    owner for 15 years. I am so gland that they are there, pure

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  • BroMikey
    Daily Battle Flu Like Symptoms

    Continued reprocessing of badder toxins, then can and did trigger
    the real flu compounding sickness. Ordered the elder syrup 8 oz
    used fennel oils externally on my tummy plus garlic tabs every so
    many 8 hrs and peppermint oils all around the mouth I can stand.

    Pulled out some hundreds moms and big boy on a mission to find
    anything elder i have such a loving wife and children

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  • BroMikey
    Remember 100% of all males will experience prostate disorder as it
    is the process of death working in mankind.

    I have found Avocado oil to be excellent in blocking the acid imbalance
    as well as raw olive oil. Be ready for anything

    If you take coconut oil alsothe same day ?
    you need to wear your life jacket.

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  • BroMikey
    I cut off the GMO potatoes and as many GMO products as possible. I drink
    twice as much water but the key to getting yourselves regular again is
    the oil. As we age our bodies do not secrete as many life giving substances
    via glandular. The body slowly dries up so you must get more oils to block
    the activity of acids. Having good acids in the body is great as long as
    it is in perfect balance with the oils. As the bodies purification systems
    break down we begin to age more rapidly.

    In the absences of the proper amounts of oils, acids cause the collection
    of toxins in the colon, thus pain during elimination. Alcohol is bad because
    it can dry out your already teetering proportion of oils.

    Also when I had my flare up of prostate enlargement the kids had GMO
    produced beer and the only beer I ever drank was back in the 90's and
    the beer was not yet modified. It is the hops in the GMO beer that can
    cause severe chemical actions in the body. In my case a 200 X increase
    of a chemical that caused the swelling in just a few hours.

    If you are going to drink beer over 50 yrs make sure it is not American,
    the German's still make the same beer as they always have. The German's
    rejected the notion of using GMO's.

    Outside of this you need to block several acids from causing you trouble
    by the use of coconut raw. Do not use corn oil it is GMO, do not take
    Soybean oil, it is GMO, do not use to much butter from hormone injected
    cows. Replace half of your butter with peanut oil when you make popcorn
    and watch how much better you feel and how much better it tastes.

    As soon as you take a TBSP twice a day of good oils you will have
    an avalanche like you would not believe. Trust me if you don't go right
    you are full of it.

    Let's face facts. Look are all the heavy set old men who can't tie their shoes.
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  • BroMikey
    Attack on fertility

    The prostate organ is placed between to elimination portions of the
    body, colon and bladder. Sensory tissue connecting them together
    so prostate may measure toxicity in excretions.

    Prostate acts accordingly if to toxic or over loaded with poisons the
    prostate will output or produce masses amounts of releases into the

    This over worked condition causes the prostate to get bigger than it
    should be and causes many other complications often ending in cancers,
    an epidemic today. Knowledge and proper steps will help you.

    The prostate is called "The Protector" and is watching out for you so
    you don't stay toxic.




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  • BroMikey
    Reading now Thanks for adding in your experiences.

    Originally posted by tswift View Post
    Dear BroMikey,

    I am also no longer as young as I used to be, as they say, and have started to have a variety of health issues in various areas. You may be interested to read about my discovery regarding radiant energy and healing applications, filed under the "earthing" thread:
    I am resurrecting this old thread because I have discovered something relevant. I have tried the "earthing" methods as described and found them generally beneficial. Those who follow the other threads on this forum are no doubt aware that I've done a considerable amount of research on "radiant energy" and the Don Smith device, and I realized a few days ago that there is a connection between the two.

    I'll explain. When you earth yourself, you allow electrons from the planet to go back and forth into or out of your body, in accordance with your body capacitance (about 100-200 pF) and the voltage around you. Given that the ionosphere is charged considerably positive with respect to the earth, the instant you make the ground connection electrons will be attracted up to you by the natural voltage gradient of the earth-ionosphere system. This is just simple charging by induction and not exotic physics. Where it goes off the beaten path is my realization that this kind of electrical "reaction" to an existing dipole "action" is a backwards-negative-reversed kind of energy. This has been called numerous different things by different researchers, but it's perhaps best known as "radiant energy" or "cold electricity", and this is how it's produced.

    Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I'll save myself considerable typing. Refer to the illustration to see the principle. The first picture is the radiant energy receiver circuit from Tesla's famous patent #685,957. The second picture shows what happens when you earth yourself, preferably down by your feet since this is what happens naturally. The high voltage source is the ionosphere and any EMF waves around you.

    I submit to you that this is the reason that earthing seems to help with health problems: not that just electrons from earth are "good for you" somehow, or directly reduce inflammation/oxidation, but that it's drawing that wonderful magic NEGENTROPIC, TIME-REVERSED radiant energy up through your body. This can in turn reduce entropy in your body and promote health, almost as if it's rewinding your body back in time to a healthier state.

    Now, don't get me wrong: earthing is a good idea and a lot of people think it seems to help with some health issues, but it isn't a cure-all. Maybe for those of us getting on up in years, you might notice a little less joint pain and stiffness or better rest. It isn't powerful enough to really cure anything by itself. However, realizing that it's just the effects of radiant energy at work suggests a method of improving it! If you're already earthed, for instance by sleeping on one of the conductive grounding sheets, then the more voltage gradient around you the more electrons will be pumped.

    Sleeping right next to an operating Tesla coil would be highly effective but poses a few "practical problems", shall we say. The thing I realized last week is that by taking another page out of Don Smith's book there is a readily accessible solution to this problem: a plasma globe! I already had a small (perhaps 6" globe) unit that I procured as part of my work replicating Don's research. Since I already had the grounding sheet, all I had to do to try this out was put the thing on my nightstand next to the bed and run it all night long. It's silent and bright enough to be a pretty good night light, or else cover it with a black cloth or plastic if the light is bothersome.

    You know what? After four nights with (and one without) I'm rapidly becoming a believer. It seems that this does indeed turbocharge the effects of the earthing alone. Again, I don't expect it to outright cure anything or start aging backwards, but given that it does no harm and it's simple, easy, and cheap to try, why not see what the results are?

    All you need to replicate this experiment are some way to earth yourself while you sleep, and an oscillating high voltage source up by your head. A medium size plasma globe works great, and so would something like a slayer exciter or a low power SSTC, as long as it wasn't making sparks or ozone. If you decide to give it a try, please let me know what your results are! For me, I have noticed that the results seem most pronounced by the area of grounding, which is down by my feet since I have the grounding half-sheet that goes on the bottom part of your bed. Since I'm also diabetic and have some foot issues this is not a bad thing, perhaps the full sheet would produce more widespread effects. Perhaps for those with health concerns in specific areas, a grounding pad of some kind covering that area would be most effective. Good health to everyone, and let me know if you try it!

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  • tswift
    Dear BroMikey,

    I am also no longer as young as I used to be, as they say, and have started to have a variety of health issues in various areas. You may be interested to read about my discovery regarding radiant energy and healing applications, filed under the "earthing" thread:

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  • BroMikey
    Results Confirmed.

    For those of you who did not understand the scientific study and result
    let me explain. Only dogs with an enlarged prostate big enough to
    obstruct the rectal canal so going number 2 hurts, could really
    tell the difference. Dog prostates parallel humans in the test.

    In my case I'll put it to you easy in the last 10 years I would run
    to the men's outhouse right at the last minute and didn't know why
    I needed to wait right up til I could not make it to the seat.

    Over the years things did happen that I recall, such as not being able
    to go after thinking I was ready. Working seem to stretch the abdominal
    muscles and help with my normal function of elimination.

    When I reached a trigger point my never before pain stayed and the
    more pain the bigger the organ grew over these last 3 months. I couldn't
    go #2 easy without pain and #1 waits for #2 to take place. This is the
    normal progression.

    I tried diet, I tried beta blockers of many types some high powered. Nothing
    no results to speak of only specualtion that maybe this or maybe that.

    After 3 days on the magnetic pulse gun as a form of anti inflammatory
    treatment my prostate has steadily gone down in size. Only people
    with an enlarged prostate big enough to make it hurt when taking
    a dump would know the difference.

    In essence this is what the clinical paper says. I don't need Doppler to
    or ultrasonic computers to see the size of my prostate to tell you that
    it has immediately gone down.

    Pulse therapy is working for me and all I used is a Vivitar camera flash
    connected to a 14awg coil that was wound around an empty VCR tape
    spool and epoxied.

    You see once your organ gets damaged then keeps sustaining more
    injury day after day, it swells way up. Taking away inflammation is
    the key.

    It works. I am here to tell you, it works.

    I have increased pulse density by taking out the flash tube which put
    a limit on deflection. My 50 amp momentary switch is taking a beating
    so I think I should put a diode across the contacts?

    With such an enlargement each thump of the pulse gun can be felt
    reminding me of the flicking sound ending in a low tone thump to check
    watermelon ripeness. It is amazing to me that no metal is present yet
    the feeling of a magnetic hammering is evident.

    I am taking pot shots at my huge water balloon size organ and all
    pain has stopped. Before using this device consistently as a daily
    treatment I had pain and lots of it. Sometimes moderately and other
    days causing both legs down to my heals to lock up with hamstrings.

    Since technology is being used against the general public to lower
    fertility thru the use of GMO and poison sprays, we must find ways
    using technology to combat.

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  • BroMikey
    Here is a paper on studies done on dog prostate that shows a
    reduction in mass, inflammation and pain.

    Effect of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

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