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Full detox: Liver cleanse

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  • Full detox: Liver cleanse

    Hello all,

    I highly recommend doing Andreas Moritz's "Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush", you can find the instruction or the book for free online (try to read the book, it has all the small details).

    The liver is basically in charge of a lot of important functions including keeping the intestines clean and detoxing the body. With a lot of toxicity, gallstone start to form in the liver. Call intraheptic gallstones. These can disrupt the liver and cause many diseases as explained by Andreas. These gallstones are in fact a reason for a lot of other body imbalances.

    The cleanse is basically 7 days and is not hard to do....I recommend everyone read up on the cleanse and try it themselves!!

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    Has anyone tried the cleanse out? It is for real! Please share your experiences/questions/comments....