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SEC Exciter Kills RFID's

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  • SEC Exciter Kills RFID's

    If you want to kill the RFID's in your cloths, credit card, drivers license, car registration or whatever, use a SEC Exciter. Many of the Tag's will die if you get them within an inch or two of the L3 coil (12V supply). For problem Tags just take the free end of the L3, supported with an wood or plastic section to prevent detuning and pass it over the tag surface. It will overload the receiver diodes and blow the damn things.

    Happy Excitation...

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    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing .


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      RFIDs in clothes?

      Originally posted by DrStiffler View Post
      If you want to kill the RFID's in your cloths
      Clothes?! Really?
      Alberta is under attack...

      Has anyone seen my Bedini Ceiling Fan that pushes the warm air down, and charges batteries as an added bonus? Me neither. 'Bout time I made one!!!!! :P


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        Yes really. They can be that small!


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          Originally posted by kcarring View Post
          Clothes?! Really?
          The collars of shirts, waste-bands of slacks, shoes and even underwear. Although denied that any of the tags can be updated real time do not believe all that you are told.

          When you buy with a credit card, debit card or the new coming (US Federal ID Card) wonder if your cloths will be encoded with your unique number? Would be nice and everywhere you went scanners could at once pull up who you are and our life history.


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            Ahh the freedom of the open range.....baaaaa.