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    I'm not sure what you mean by "fruitless."

    There were lots of different versions we put forth over several years of working with that setup. Some of the early stuff was EXTREMELY difficult to get working, and needed constant supervision and adjustment to keep it up and running. NONE of it was OU. NOT EVER. It only showed that you can get extended run times out of a set of three batteries far beyond what you could get if you ran a load connected to them in parallel. So the battery rotation circuit is well worth building. Several versions of it have been posted at various times. So if by "fruitless, you are wondering if it achieved OU, then I would have to say it was "fruitless" because, by itself, it will NEVER be OU.

    FACT: (1.) The majority of energy put through the load in a proper circuit can be recovered. That, along with other things we discovered, are the principles behind building a WORKING free energy device. Once you understand that, believe it, and then PROVE IT on your bench, you are on the right road to building working free energy devices. You won't do that with old worn out batteries, or makeshift stuff. It takes proper equipment so don't bother throwing junk together because you won't be successful. What you MIGHT want to do is pay attention to the testing of A VERSION of this system that is occurring on the forum right NOW to see what results someone who spends the time and money is going to get.

    If you look at the Tesla Switch, and the "Use for the Tesla Switch" thread, Matt Jones showed everyone three different versions of the Tesla Switch. I replicated all three. Those taught A SECOND CONCEPT that is necessary for building a free energy device. The Tesla Switch also ran the loads on the potential difference between batteries in series and batteries in parallel.

    Matt built a LARGE working COMMERCIAL Tesla Switch setup, and was under an NDA (which has since expired) for several years. The thing about the Tesla Switch I will state right here, right now: It ABSOLUTELY WORKS. I even considered building a large setup to power my home. What you have to understand about it is that when you take a look at how many BATTERIES you have to have to move USABLE POWER back and forth between them. Solar is MUCH CHEAPER per kilowatt hour. And there are MANY more batteries needed than for solar, which have to eventually be replaced. So solar is a more cost effective alternative.

    A THIRD CONCEPT was taught in the Basic Free Energy Device thread.

    So three Concepts or "3 Rules of Free Energy" At least for THIS version of a free energy device. I'm sure there is more than one way to skin this cart. But the "FACT" I included above is CRITICAL TO SUCCESS in any system I understand, so until YOU understand it, believe it, and have it running on your bench and PROVE it to yourself, there is NO NEXT STEP as far as I'm concerned.

    I pretty much abandoned those threads because I am tired of arguing with people. I have research to do and am working on prototypes in my spare time. I won't say anything more on this forum. If you want, is my email. I can give you more info there or answer questions you may have.

  • wantomake
    Hey Dave, Thanks for the great responce. Of course I typed wrong word "fruitless".
    My bad.
    I've been reading thru all the post of "use for the Tesla switch". Most of that is out of my range of electronic skills. I am not sure if I will try the solid state but the relay or mechanical may last a while before it burns up or such.
    I am buying and assembling lithium ion 18650 battery packs with bms on each pack to use as solar storage in my shop.
    Take care. Been watching your YouTube vids. Hope you the best.
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