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What about Aladdin’s lamp

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  • What about Aladdin’s lamp

    3 long story short. I was sanding the rim of my singing bowl, just the littlest, and it was zinging the metal in my teeth and some hits up the arm as well. I guess that was radio.

    Jinnie in the bottle, I wonder if I sand an Aladdin ghee lamp with the same 220 grit Aluminum oxide paper, will it light? I’m guessing the frequency same as you would rub two sticks together, but that’s just my hypothesis. But if it only works in dry late summer nights, or sitting on a Persian rug idk.

    And three, side effect of zinging my teeth or not I don’t know. I bit a blackberry seed and held it in my teeth. And I tasted coyote poop and the taste of the coyote that howled at the moon on the hill, and that’s as much as it can remember is what the seed tasted like.

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    Aha! If the lamp were like a bell, you’d play it with a curved sharpened knife. And maybe there’s a reason rubies would adorn them.