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Question about Lenz law

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  • JasonVerbelli
    That is an example of a simple homopolar motor. Lorentz force.
    3 Vectors in 3 dimensions.All 90 degrees to each other.
    Axial magnetic field, electric current, motion.

    If you drop a magnet down a copper pipe... that is a display of Lenz Law. Because the magnet falls slowly in opposition to the current induced in the copper pipe.
    The magnet experiences resistance as it falls down a Solid copper pipe.
    But in the slinky example... there is also a battery connected to the magnet. To give the electrons direction which becomes an electric current.
    The potential is stored in the battery... and when the metal of the magnet touches the copper... it induces motion until the battery runs out.

    That is assistance rather than resistance. Because there is a current flowing to cause motion. Rather than motion causing a current.

    A projectile can be made to spin, tumble or without either depending on the coils and what the projectile is made of and the barrel of the gun.

    A dry pile is a capacitor. Not a battery. You need both a constant current And a capacitor bank to fire an EM gun. Need the current to drive the projectile, but the flash bang of the capacitor bank to give it enough force.

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  • LibertyWolf
    started a topic Question about Lenz law

    Question about Lenz law

    Disclaimer: i am not knowledgeable like the rest of you when it comes to electromagnet theory.

    In this video you will find a simple and fun self propelling projectile through a copper slinky (coil).

    I was under the impression that because of lenz law the permanent magnets should inhibit the movement of the magnets through the coil. But the battery seems to energize the coil, leading the ends of the magnet through the loop.

    I can imagine how this could be used to rotate a shaft. I wonder how long the projectile will travel around the loop.

    Also it occured to me, could an electrostatic dry pile be used instead of a regular battery? Would the electrostatic dry pile cause time changing electro static fields? A dry pile would likely last a lot longer than regular battery.