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Hey Folks, This is Wes "Shrimp Po'Boy" Savage comin' at ya!

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  • Hey Folks, This is Wes "Shrimp Po'Boy" Savage comin' at ya!

    My name's Wesley Savage, I'm a mildly autistic dude from the south who's a rebel and is willing to slide into what seems like fringe, but find the grains of truth they are founded on.

    I'm from Louisiana, born on August 25th 1992, I'm intrigued by dynamic theories of the universe that can bypass the Einsteinian perspectives while explaining the effects observed in our universe and the possible multiverse that we're likely a mere speck in, complying with observational evidence, and actually getting something done.

    I've had experience in freelancing engineering by working with many shade tree mechanics on projects, did various forms of manual labor under the table, dabbled in dietetics, pharmacognosy, chemistry, electrical stuff, herbalism(the actual thing, not the goddamned homeopathic crap), and a variety of other fields.

    I'm here to expand my knowledge, provide some research I've found or pieced together whenever I find some, I'm also willing to pose some questions I'd like to see answered by everyone around when I think of them, so we can exchange what we know, what we think, in a civil discussion, and see what we can come up with.

    My hobbies are singing, entertaining people, freelance dabbling in circuitry when I have tools that ain't been stolen from me, (I sadly have a personal history of this) herbal research, messing with chemicals, internal combustion engine tech, sustainability, offering people a hand if I know what the hell I'm doing in an area, video games, anime, comics, hunting wild game for food since I don't like trophy hunting, dabbling in ancient cultures I'm descendant of, mainly Celtic, Germanic, and Native American, since that's my ancestry, and I like knowing my roots.
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