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    What can I say...took an injury to the hip a couple months back, slowing progress by making everyday life a greater chore.

    The market for Dodge Diesels is totally blown-out due to Covid, with the highest demand and highest prices ever seen. As the truck is my foundation for the solar project and more, all I can say is that I am suffering all the more for this, all the while checking craigslist several times each day and desperately making an offer when something viable comes up. Again, the market conditions are just ridiculous for this vehicle! Can't find anything 1996-2005 under 200k miles for less than 18 grand, while something like a 1998 with 250k is going for over 20 grand and getting flooded with offers. Covid is responsible in multiple ways, economically and socially, with examples in supply and demand, a corrupt and faulty stock exchange, plus, people who used to eat out, go to bars, the movies, theme parks, cruises, etc., have been saving all that money due to Covid and can't even buy themselves a fancy new vehicle. They saved a bunch of money by not going to Hawaii last year, and now they've blown-out the market on craigslist. What the heck!

    I may fall back on the Trojans (John Bedini's recommendation from the SG days), but have been looking into the Big Sur Battery made by a local company called Monterey Batteries. I hope to hear back soon, if not, I'll give them a call some time. It's all on the backburner right now for the reasons laid out above.

    Still wondering how I'm going to log the battery data.

    At least I have the Solar Tracker V, the key to it all!

    I'm not giving up!