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    low frequency pumpwave

    Originally posted by marathonman View Post
    Yes, i do understand it and have collected all i can and i am telling you the output needs to be hooked up to an amp.
    there is no 8 hz wave and no the others are not carried on it.

    the audio wave modulated the 3.1, 3.3 or 3.8 carrier wave that caused upper and lower side bands.

    Rife machine's output 75 watts and was left there.

    audio signals can barely penetrate the skin let alone the cells that is why the high frequency carrier wave is necessary .

    read the part on skin penetration and you will understand.

    if you watch Bedini's video you will see a MOPA RF Amp he designed and used not the RPX because it has to little output to do anything.

    the number 5 Rife was designed by Hoiland to hide the original frequencies put out 75 watts RMS and 150 peak.
    You are incorrect.

    It is all carried on a 8 cycle per second square wave and is why low power is all that is needed. You are misinformed.

    John shows and explains it in no uncertain terms here: Bedini RPX - Book & DVD Set
    Aaron Murakami

    Books & Videos
    RPX & MWO


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      marathonman banned

      Originally posted by marathonman
      At no time did Rife use a few watts of low power. even in the video of him using his machine did he not use low power. his bulbs he used would not even light with the power you are talking about let alone kick a virus butt.
      I laugh at the gullibility of people as his video's of him using his machine says the RPX won't work. not enough power.
      Marathonman is here for disinformation and will be banned. His attitude, mouth and lies are simply not going to be tolerated. There are no more chances for trolls.

      You obviously haven't the slightest clue as to what the technology is or how it works. You're a parrot chirping away what you think you know based on what you think you comprehended of what you've read.

      You're ignorant of the fact that almost all the power going into a tube setup is lost in the plasma creating heat. Only a fraction of that is transmitted RF.

      After the LOW FREQUENCY carrier is explained AFTER it is shown to him on the scope, he continues the deception that low power is ineffective without understanding how it works.
      Aaron Murakami

      Books & Videos
      RPX & MWO


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        I’m thinking this is the right place to post RPX testimonials.
        I know there are a lot of you out there who own and use this device.

        I know John Bedini was very passionate about finishing this technology during his lifetime.
        I also know that one of the things that motivated him was the death by cancer of his mother who he felt could have benefitted greatly if she would have had access to an RPX type device.
        In memory of John Bedini and the legacy of amazing devices he created during his lifetime. And since Aaron can’t post any anecdotes he has heard that tell actual stories of how wonderful the RPX device acts to heal the human body.

        I would like to challenges all owners of this device to tell their stories here for the good of all.

        I’ll start with mine:

        I have had my RPX for more than two years.
        In that time I have used it to reduce and minimize my outbreaks of herpes simplex. Occasionally sunlight and stress cause me to get cold sores.
        The RPX has reduced the duration of these outbreaks substantially.
        They used to take a week to build the lesion and two to three weeks to resolve.
        At the first sign of the outbreak I begin using the machine.
        Zoster is very difficult to get rid of, but I believe that my immune system is dealing with this pathogen better with every passing treatment.

        I recently delivered the RPX to my brother in law who had been suffering from fever, cold sweats and nausea and had no appetite for three weeks on and off.
        His symptoms had come and gone two times and had returned so strongly that his wife was afraid he would soon have to be hospitalized.
        He knew nothing about the workings or history of the machine when I delivered it to him.
        After using the machine once, he slept soundly through the night and woke up feeling much better, his appetite and energy had returned.
        He continued to improve very quickly and has now completely recovered.

        My wife’s first experience with the RPX sold her completely.
        She had a cough and headache which had been plaguing her for two days.
        She sat down with the machine for 15 minutes and arose from the treatment symptom free.
        She told me it felt like magic.

        My stories aren’t offered as anything but anecdotes. I don’t have any oncologist reports of miraculous healings. But my stories are proof enough for me.
        And I will certainly continue to use this wonderful machine.

        I have heard stories from many others that own an RPX of truly remarkable healings.
        I would like to hear your stories. Please share if you would.
        I believe frequency medicine is the future healing.
        Thank you John and Aaron for your work to make the RPX more broadly available to the public.
        Toward love and health.

        Potential, is a terrible thing to waste.