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    As many of you know, after the 2013 conference, I was literally attacked for simply asking attendees at my own conference to donate money directly to Eric Dollard.

    One of the primary troublemakers involved in this is "Techzombie." He was born as Rayam Azab Youssef then legally changed his name to Ray Savant around 2010 and then later changed his name to Mohamed Youssef. However, you will see that Techzombie or Techz will never use any of his real names anywhere. The reason for this is that if anyone searches out his name, especially Ray Savant, they will find someone that has a very violent past, has a history of trying to destroy the reputation of anyone that pushes him away, etc...

    All of his claims against me are 100% false and I can prove it. All of his claims against me are nothing more than hot air - he has zero evidence to substantiate any of his degenerate tirades and that applies equally to Thomas Joseph Brown, Jerry Volland and Edward Mitchell who are rallying around Mohamed Youssef.

    Eric Dollard and I have ignored these trouble makers for a long time but recently, they are up to their wicked ways again...

    Union Features is a British film company - the founders fly around the world interviewing interesting people and they turn it into a film and later published articles. Recently, they posted an interview where Eric Dollard called a few of them out and Techzombie and his gang of trouble makers are claiming that we are attacking them. They seem to be incapable of understanding that that video was actually filmed in November 2013 shortly after the conference! And it was Union Features that posted it on YouTube in the last couple months - yet we're being accused of initiating some attacks on them when in fact, Eric and I have simply ignored those trouble makers.

    Due to their recent attacks, Mohamed Youssef's ongoing copyright infringements against Eric Dollard's material, etc. I am going to use this Aether Force forum to simply post the documentation about him based on FACTS, INTERNET ARCHIVES, GOOGLE CACHCE RECORDS, etc...

    The only type of evidence that Mohamed Youssef has in regards to his phony allegations against me is that he takes a short video clip of me, puts it in slow motion, makes my face purple and suddenly, that is evidence. As ludicrous as it is, some people do not have enough sense to understand that it is not evidence, it is an amateur attempt to make a low quality wannabe propaganda film and there is nothing more to it than that.

    Mohamed Youssef is a textbook psychopath who is a pathological liar. This is not slander or libel because it is true and I can prove it with indisputable evidence.

    Again, Eric Dollard and I have ignored these trouble makers but they continue their defamation campaign against us so I am now put in a position to expose the fraud with a lot of material that nobody has seen and that Mohamed Youssef thinks has disappeared years ago. The greatest fear that any psychopath has is the fear of being exposed... wait until you see what is coming!
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