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Luc Choquette Fraud Dispute 2

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  • Aaron
    Luc Choquette fraud

    This thread was started by Ash after I closed the original dispute thread. I'll make this public since it trails the original thread and is relevant. I'll close this since there is no need for anything to be posted here or I might merge it with the original later. In any case, it is for the record. TOO MANY WITNESSES TO RUN AWAY AND COVER UP WITH YOUR LIES, LUC CHOQUETTE!

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  • Joit
    Well, hum 01-30-2009, 12:12 AM - 07-02-2009, 10:24 PM
    Dunno, if i should think about that now. Coincidence?

    May its the way how few Peoples are thinking (act), maybe the Effect is the Way where we should look at. But its not nice to see, when someone thinks they can highlight herself with a Patent from the Work from other Peoples, and is actually only a fallback into our sick system.

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  • Super God
    Funny, looks just like the capacitor70 circuit from the s1r9a9m9 thread at OU? Coincidence? I think not.

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  • SuperCaviTationIstic
    Guys, please be nice, I went down the same pathway of thinking that you two are now expressing (powerme and crackahcrackah)

    That is what I was referencing when I said I doubted Aaron's motivation in the past.

    I know that there are indeed other ways of achieving the effect, but what Aaron shows works, and is easily replicable. We should all be appreciative of what he's done, and give him credit where it's deserved.

    I am one who desires to know the core effect and build based on simplicity. I still KNOW that there are other ways of doing this, and we ALL need to work as a team to get to the root cause of the effect, and realize the diodes are just a method that works.

    If anyone has knowledge that will do this, it is your responsibility to come forth with it... and YOU WILL GET YOUR RECOGNITION. It may turn out that the diodes really ARE the simplest and cheapest way to achieve this based on the availability of components and the skill required to build devices, but I don't think that's necessarily the case.

    A nice phase conjugate mirror Tesla coil will do the same thing, I really think so. Perhaps the type with an extra coil that is pumped from the center-tap of the mirror coils. I know I talk about this subject a lot, and some have decided not to listen, and I regret having given the community the image of myself that I did in the beginning, leading many to ignore me. I need to start a thread dedicated to the subject of the Phase Conjugate Mirror system, because that is used extensively in Non-Linear Optics, (for the creation of holograms) and we just have to take all the knowledge from that area and apply it to this one. If you look in the Chemtrail thread that was recently started, I mention it, and if you do your reading, you'll realize it's the same technology that's about to be used against this entire planet for the purpose of evil.

    If, and I PRAY not, the situation in this world changes drastically in a way that will prevent us or others from obtaining the diodes and such, we need to find an even simpler way of doing things, a way that can be constructed from nothing but salvaged wire. The way Tesla would do it.

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  • Aaron
    golden rule

    Originally posted by powerme
    withou having to be greedy or steal from others.
    Well, that is the EXACT point I am making by documenting that others are
    attempting to steal the method that I freely gave to everyone. But the
    nonsense as you call it is not in what I'm doing - it is by those that are
    perpetrating this fraud against the entire open source community.

    I invented the simplified method, which was common sense to me because
    I already understood the reverse diode effect such as what John Bedini
    showed in his lab notes on the Gray circuit diagrams. I have 100% rights
    to make a commercially available ignition system based on this method
    without having to pay royalties to anyone - it was my idea. If that patent
    would get granted, which is now unlikely to happen, it would block even me
    from being able to commercially make and sell the ignition system.

    ANYONE is able to commercially make them and sell them without
    having to pay royalties to anyone including me, the inventor. However,
    if someone does it, I would appreciate anyone having the courtesy to
    voluntarily pay me a percentage of the sales since it is my idea to begin

    I almost started manufacturing a PLL circuit and stopped the project
    because it became obsolete instantly by some other methods that my
    team is working on. However, we were trying to track down the inventor
    of one particular circuit that first placed it into the public domain because
    we wanted to voluntarily pay him x% of the sales just out of principle
    even though we didn't have to nor did we require his permission.

    I live by the golden rule and unfortunately I am naive sometimes to believe
    that others that proclaim they have such an altruistic life also live by the
    golden rule.

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  • powerme
    I am sorry but I must say that these are the causes of our problems today, if people understands the basic truth, then everyone will be able to fulfill their needs freely withou having to be greedy or steal from others.

    the enviroment is abundant with everything that one may need, you just need to re-gain your natural sensory so you may see.

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  • Aaron
    Public Use - ineligable for patent

    Originally posted by everyidea
    Ahh, this patent is still in application mode, I thought it was granted. Just find the patent clerk handling this application and supply them with your data, end of story.
    It is already being blocked pursuant to:
    2133.03(a) "Public Use" [R-5] - 2100 Patentability

    2133.03(a) "Public Use" [R-5] - 2100 Patentability

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  • everyidea
    Ahh, this patent is still in application mode, I thought it was granted. Just find the patent clerk handling this application and supply them with your data, end of story.

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  • Aaron
    Energy Efficient Plasma Generation - fraudulent claim of invention

    Picture is worth a thousand words - just want to post this for an easy
    at a glance view of the facts about the fraudulent patent application:

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  • ashtweth
    Aaron is a very liberal dood, AND respectful he wants to do the right thing, Luc has good intentions , however in this case if Luc makes a mends some how and learns from this then i know that we as a community can accept that, Aaron will too with some sort of balance for Aarons hard work.

    How many here can say that when an open source invention comes out they will stand their ground. I know there are a few who will- i trust them so , so should you! Enough said.

    There will never be a condition where you have to patent, just talk to the community and we can sort some thing out. Hope we all balance this out in some way. My condolences to Aaron. He is a hard worker.


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  • SuperCaviTationIstic
    I'm disappointed to read this also... but on the other hand it makes me happy to see the truth come out, and to realize this can easily be made into a very reliable, commercial working unit

    Aaron, I don't know if you realize it, but I had my doubts about you and your motivation in the past, but I don't anymore, and I REALLY appreciate everything you've done helping this community, not just with the plasma circuits, but also, and mainly, in hosting the site and all the time and effort you've spent in actually being a hard working experimenter.

    I always thought auquapuler was similar to the basic water spark plug stuff shown by you, but I never realized it was THE SAME
    that being said, I know they recommend it as an impulse source for driving a Tesla coil as an alternative to a quenched spark gap.....
    What can you tell me about this application, and have you tried it? Now that I know what's up, I realize I really don't need their over-priced product which I had considered buying, nor will I ever give them my money. I'm almost certain that something similar to the 3 point plasma circuit is what Tesla ended up using to insure his unidirectional impulses in his spark gaps.

    On a side note, I was successful in triggering a plasma burst across a crude 3 point gap with a disposable camera pumping the low voltage cap, and my plasma ball in sound activated mode as the trigger source, jumping into 3 microwave diodes when I clap or tap the circuit to trigger it via vibration. NOT perfect because the plasma ball circuit puts out a burst (which is NOT as short in duration as 1 pulse to an ignition coil) which is alternating current and I don't have enough H.V. diodes to add to that H.V. side.... My next idea is to pulse a flyback from a small t.v. that has built in diodes.

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  • ashtweth
    A general purpose license keeps every one on the same page, but the point here is, we are open source engineers every one should be on the same page. I am sorry Aaron had to find out that way. Any how. There are dates to prove this was in the public domain. It is public domain info.

    People that come in like Aquapulser and ask people to patent OPEN SOURCE INFO is not the right thing to do, its not, it takes engineers away too.ill give this some thought over the coming weeks.Aaron for what its worth, you deserve better OBVIOUSLY.


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  • everyidea
    Maybe it's time to set up a Community Product Development Agreement so when someone mass produces a tool that was created/improved in the forums then the critical players involved will be acknowledged/compensated. This way we don't have to worry about patents/fees/lawyers/lawsuits and it opens up for more open sharing the "secrets" that seem to be within all of these things. This agreement may even foster more work and sharing due to people wanting to be a critical player in its development.

    This could be done within the by-laws of this site or posted as a sticky. It could also be done in the first post of a new device that is to be researched. It could list the key players who have played crucial roles in the products development and can be edited in order to add people to it as they add worth to the project.

    These people would then be required to be added to the "inventors" list if the device was to be patented.

    But, in any case, make sure to submit your public domian inventions to the Patent Office every year so they don't have to work hard to reference it and can deny other patent applications that come after it. All it cost's is a postage stamp and printed paper to document your public domian claims with the patent office, it's known as the poor mans patent. It protects your idea from anyone wanting to limit or control it's ownership or manufacture and allows anyone to make it.


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  • Aaron


    If you want to take the conversation private, you have my email.

    I posted publicly because the entire Water Sparkplug journey has
    been public and the application is obviously public. Everything I
    posted is true and can be deduced by the historical records in this
    forum and elsewhere.

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  • Aaron

    Originally posted by gotoluc
    I'm sorry you did not PM me to ask me about the Patent before you made all the posts in the older topic and lock it.

    I agreed to sign the patent as basic inventor of the circuit.

    The understanding between us (three) was to allow all private researcher to use and develop the circuit as they wish. The patent was only to prevent large industry to capitalize on open source efforts.

    I have never received one cent from the above and I don't care to receive anything as this is not my goal or way of life. This was done to protect the circuit and open source free users and to also allow these guys to make a little money on their investments from people who want to buy a plug and play version of the circuit.

    I see nothing wrong with my actions and those of Aquapulser / EcoIgnition who have made such a large investment and the first ones to professionally market a version of the circuit.
    Well Luc, I'm sorry that you did not PM or contact me in other ways
    before claiming my invention of the simplified method for the plasma
    ignition as your own and their own. What you brought to the table was
    the plasma method using the diodes coming off the bridge of an inverter
    going directly to the top of the plug. I am the one that showed you and
    everyone else how to simplify this by connecting the diodes to the cap
    +/primary + to the HV of the coil.

    This is indisputable. Everyone would remember, who was paying attention,
    that I was even met with resistance by a few. They
    continued to claim it was the inverter output that was necessary for
    the plasma effect and I said NO, and then proceeded to prove to everyone
    that just the CDI cap and diodes were all that were necessary. There was
    a lot of discussion on this fact and it is documented here and elsewhere.

    The patent revolves around this simplified method. The other patents
    on plasma ignitions use a regular spark on the front side and a second
    power supply to charge a cap in parallel and that is the LV high current
    source. I am the one that eliminated the need for this by showing the
    simple method of using the front side cap for BOTH, the source of power
    for the primary AND the source of the LV with the diodes. Therefore,
    the patent application is fraudulently claiming to have invented that
    method when it was mine and I placed it into the open source - not you.

    I am also the one that invented the booster cap method as a way to
    amplify the plasma by having the simplified plasma method on the front
    and then adding another cap in parallel as a supplemental LV source and
    this is documented as well. I wonder if you or someone else is going to
    try to patent that and take credit for that too? I see Aquapulser /
    EcoIgnition has amplifier modules - I wonder if it is based on my booster
    cap method.

    I ALWAYS gave you credit for bringing that diode concept to the public
    awareness, which was to add a low voltage source to a high voltage
    source for ignition purposes - again, you did it with an inverter and I
    showed both can be done with the same cap on the front side.

    It is 100% irrelevant what the understanding was between you three.
    Are you kidding me? To allow private researchers to use the circuit? Even
    if it was patented by a large corporation, that does NOTHING to stop any
    private researcher from experimenting with that circuit. So that point
    you make doesn't mean anything. Nobody needs your permission, their
    permission or anyone else's permission to experiment with a public domain
    circuit I placed in the public domain. Again, that patent has nothing to do
    with feeding an inverter's power directly to the top of a plug through
    diodes, which was what YOU were doing - your patent application is all
    about the simplicity that I brought to the table in the Water Sparkplug
    thread. You cannot deny that.

    And by the way, it is an application, not a patent. But in any case, would legally prohibit anyone from building that ignition and selling
    it, which is what ANYONE should be able to do WITHOUT anyone's
    permission just like what Aquapulser did to begin with. I never
    had a problem with Aquapulser making money with the information
    presented here - I just didn't know that behind the scenes there was an
    attempt to legally block anyone else from making and selling it. That is
    just plain unethical to claim other people's innovations as their own
    and then try to block others from using it commercially.

    Unless there is some kind of legally binding document between the owner's
    of the patent that gifts or discloses to the public the right to
    create and sell these ignitions based on this circuit WITHOUT being required
    to pay any royalties, then your claim of the patent being used to protect
    us small guys is completely unbelievable. Perhaps this is your intent but
    why go about it in such a shady way? The moment the application
    was filed or published, you should have been up front in your dealings
    and posted here that what you did and why and that this was to prevent
    a major corporation from doing anything with it?

    Even if you did that, that would only be good for one side of the coin,
    but the other - it is still wrong to list any of your names as the inventor
    as none of you invented the simplified plasma method - I did.

    Using a patent to "protect" open source developers is completely
    contradictory and flies in the face of the whole community and is
    personally insulting and damaging to me and I believe to others in
    the open source energy movement, but I'll just speak for myself.

    So you see nothing wrong with your actions. It is irrelevant that they
    invested money to make the circuit based on OPEN SOURCE information.
    So money investment to you is the go ahead to take the opportunity
    away from others. And again, you see nothing wrong with claiming an
    invention as yours when I'm the one that showed you how to simplify
    the circuit as claimed in the patent. That is stealing, it is dishonest and
    is falsely representing yourselves to the federal government as inventing
    something that you did NOT!

    June 27, 2008, you posted the inverter output direct to the
    top of the plug.

    July 3, 2008 - I presented to the public the simple way that is attempting
    to get patented by you and the other two.

    July 13, 2008 - 10 days later you modify your diagram to match what I
    taught you how to do - I remember when you did that and noticed that
    you did not even give me credit on your updated post for being the one
    that showed you how to do that in the first place. I just didn't want to
    say anything.

    Your reasoning for getting a patent and the justification because
    Aquapulser invested money is completely amoral and lacks any kind of
    ethics whatsoever. That says, because someone spent money to
    make the ignition circuits, it is ok to claim someone else's invention as
    their own. That doesn't sit right with me Luc.

    I am completely appalled by this and feel like I have
    been stabbed in the back by someone that I have constantly supported
    and given credit to, whenever credit was due.

    I even named some of my Gray type circuits "Murakami-Gotoluc-Gray"
    just to honor you for first bringing the diode and LV source method to my
    mind even though I was using the simplified plasma method that I
    invented. And of course using an inductor in the booster cap circuit to run
    a motor is another one of my inventions - that someone else tried to say
    I stole their copyrighted circuit when in reality, he stole it from me!

    The right thing to do is to contact the IP attorney in Seattle and the
    USPTO to withdraw the application since all three "inventors" listed
    on the patent are misrepresenting themselves. If anyone should be
    listed as the inventor of the simplified plasma method that covers
    these points, it's me:

    1. Allows the CDI cap to be used as both the primary coil input source AND
    the LV current source without a secondary power supply.

    2. Allows the diode to be placed between the cap + or primary + directly
    to the top of the HV output. I first showed it connected to the cap
    and when the cap is connected to the primary +, it is the same thing
    as connecting the diode there. Peter suggested trying it there directly and
    connecting it to the + on the primary and going directly to the HV for
    simplicity sake and it worked the same - make it more simple.

    3. Allows for the reduction in extra unnecessary components -
    automatically implied by points #1 and #2.

    Between point 1 & 2, my innovations on the plasma circuit and Peter's
    recommendation paved the simplicity path for everyone. If it wasn't
    for that, it is possible that everyone might still be convinced that to make
    plasma, an inverter needs to be connected to the top of the plug. My
    booster cap method makes the s1r method obsolete and safer I believe
    instead of having either AC or rectified AC tied directly to the plug.

    What you do next will be all telling.

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