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Biochar Charcoalab for Kids

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  • Biochar Charcoalab for Kids

    With the Charcoalab Project, you can take part in international research on charcoal and help discovering solutions to Earth's global warming issue!

    Through this website, you can learn more about the Charcoalab Project and discover how you can participate in the project. It is easy, hands on, fun... and could really help the planet! If you are ready to become a certified charcoal tester, order your Charcoalab Kit!

    Once you have received your Charcoalab Kit, you will be able to log in and enter your personal results. You should gradually update the progress of your experiments: every week, you have to perform measurements and submit your results online. You can also add comments and pictures of your trials. This is very important! Do not forget to send us your results! The project can only be successful if we can study the results from all your experiments...

    Go there now: Charcoalab
    Aaron Murakami

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