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  • I recently launched the Nikola Tesla Research & Development Centre via Patreon.

    Some of the content is available now.

    The project is still open source but patrons get it early to thank them for their financial contribution to enable the technology to be supported.

    As time goes on and more patrons join I would like to significantly reduce the monthly cost.


    • "Crystal commenced the 1st session of the 79th FESIG Meeting on the 5th August 2020 Paul starts by showing the history of where Tesla got his inspiration from and he shares a number of Tesla’s patents on the screen.

      Paul is such a meticulous historian of Tesla’s work sharing so much of Tesla’s documented collection. He shows diagrams of Tesla’s turbine, rotary engine, pump, compressor and dynamo as he went through the British and US Patents in his amazing presentation. Please watch it all. Such a lot of resource materials for learning about Tesla’s work! Then we had our Q&A session to adjourn to the next session of the 79th FESIG Meeting.

      Hosted and produced by Crystal and the FESIG Team."



        We launched the Kickstarter on 1st October and by 5th October we had hit the target.

        There are still a number of functional models available and we are still taking orders.

        The supersonic capable 2" x 2 " x 2" functional models will be dispatched in November 2020.

        Supersonic speed is 234,000rpm and the bearings are rated at 373,000rpm.

        The parts are CNC machined from aircraft grade 7075-T6 aluminium and anodised to the colours in the pictures.

        The rotors are balanced to a very high gyroscopic tolerance 0.0001g to ensure long life of the bearings.

        The money generated from the sales will go towards developing contact free bearings, which is the only item that will need servicing.

        These models will allow you to quickly learn what has taken me 2 years of experiments, tens of thousands of pounds and countless hours of study.

        I hope you enjoy the latest information on the Kickstarter page.


        • Tesla Turbine / Pump Rotor

          Tesla Rotary Engine / Compressor Rotor

          Tesla Turbine / Pump Rotor & 373,000rpm Rated Ball Bearings

          Tesla's Hidden Message AC/DC

          Twin Volute Design

          Four Rotor Rotary Engine or Compressor Design

          Teaser shot of the 4 rotor rotary engine or compressor I'm working on.

          Could also be a 2 rotor twin turbo with no shaft coupling or 2 rotor twin supercharger with shaft coupling.

          The shafts can be joined by off the shelf flexible couplings.

          What is interesting is no one seems to have figured out what this volute shape casing is capable of when run the opposite way to when it's a pump.

          I have also included a picture of the 31.5" compressor rotor I built around 16 months ago.

          It took me a while to understand all the experimental evidence I had collected.

          This is why the model will be significant because it will teach a decent amount of knowledge that took me 2 years to understand.

          US Patent 1,061,142

          "It may also be pointed out that such a pump can be made without openings and spokes in the runner, as by using one or more solid disks, each in its own casing,"

          Flexible Couplings For Joining Rotors


          • Paul,

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            Thanks, Yaro