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Is it just me? I'm not seeing much evidence for either Suppression or FE?

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  • Original Article Still Posted

    Dear UFO Politics,

    I haven't been watching this thread very closely and just noticed you posted my entire article titled The World of Free Energy, originally published in March of 2001.

    This article is still on my website at: Free Energy | World of Free Energy

    It is also available as a PDF file here:

    In both of these versions, the list of resources have been removed at the end, because most of the links you show are out-dated.

    Thanks for keeping these ideas alive!!

    In deepest gratitude,
    Peter Lindemann, D.Sc.

    Open System Thermodynamics Perpetual Motion Reality Electric Motor Secrets
    Battery Secrets Magnet Secrets Tesla's Radiant Energy Real Rain Making
    Bedini SG: The Complete Handbook Series Magnetic Energy Secrets


    • Originally posted by Duncan View Post
      If you think I'm going to fall for that closed loop measuring rubbish think again! COP+1 systems of the type you and your ilk are referring to are not closed loop .. the power source is reactive effectively in a different mathematical dimension Just as John Bedini said loud and clear
      neither am I prepared to to start building anything for your amusement. I consider you paid opposition (as you well know) having looked at Es posts I start to view him in the same light .. Just as JB says sceptics have one job to perform on forums.
      If you really don't believe COP+1 machines exist and are not a possibility what are you doing fouling up a forum dedicated to the study of such things? Go and join E.. fishing and line dancing. And leave the people alone who are actually doing it.
      Have you ever heard about the Radio Frequency Detector? And do you know in what aspects it can be used for and where can be the best place to own one high quality and multi-functional Radio Frequency Detector? If so it is really necessary for you to come, stop your step here and know more about Radio Frequency Detector, and seize the chance of getting this high quality product from here.
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      • I'm building a QuadCopter. It doesn't take much power to run, well a bit but nothing industrial.

        Anyway, I pay for motors, small ones. They have to be light. All they do is spin a very light propeller with a mild pitch rating.

        I see motors on this forum that supposedly give out more than it takes, or that they run at almost unity, ie they are more efficient then commercial motors.

        Do you know how much I'd pay for an engine that performs twice as good as what is on the market now? I'd pay triple the cost of the average hobby motor, and I wouldn't be alone. Not by a long shot.

        If these machines worked it should be a simple matter of leasing a Chinese or Indonesian manufacturing plant, mass producing them for little more than current costs and selling them on ebay. They will be bought and a name built up.
        Who cares if a bigger company comes along to 'steal' the design and build their own, you'll have first mover advantage and the money made would set you up for life to tinker to your hearts content, in a wonderful lab with exceptional equipment.

        Yet it doesn't happen, people just try to build 'bigger' versions why jump to something bigger when small is plenty enough? Is it because the small model doesn't work, in which case surly it is folly to scale up a non-working prototype?


        • "As you said why would someone make up such an elaborate story just to play a hoax?"

          You have been on the internet right? It is full of people making up elaborate stories just for trolling..

          People build great monuments just for the sake of building, great machines, great stories, great pieces of music, why not great lies?


          • I was actually looking for something, anything, recent about Dennis Lee and his compressor and energy harvesting build. What I want to say here is building these devices and choosing which one to try and build is expensive and risky. If you have the time and money you can build several of them and prove OU and FE for yourself but the cost of entry and the cost of learning is too high for too many people. I know it is too high for me right now. If the price is right and the concept sound your device will change the world. Just look at the history of photo electrics. I remember when conventional wisdom was saying "no way". I think the members here, most of them, are scared into inaction because they are ready and willing to believe success if impossible. YOU TOO! You probably believe you can't win or will be murdered or whatever. I don't want to put a guilt trip on you but if the shoe fits you have to wear it. I think Dennis Lee may have a good idea but selecting the right compressor, hoses, radiators, generator, etc. is an engineering problem. I don't have the experience to duplicate his work. Every time I look into this it seems the cost of entry is at least $1000, probably more. Maybe I'll strike it rich but for now this simply has to wait.
            There is a reason why science has been successful and technology is widespread. Don't be afraid to do the math and apply the laws of physics.